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This is my office Mod, V1.0. The desk lights are patched into the desktop computer (which is a dual-boot OpenBSD/Windows XP system). The red computer by the floor is my image-server; an OpenBSD box with pull-out bays that allow me to rotate hard drives of photos in and out quickly. The big rack in the near field is my equipment rack containing printer, scanner, mp3 server, audio mixing deck, amplifiers, and an old Roland MC-505 groovebox.
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Nice setup. Did you build the computers or did you buy them ready made?
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I built them, too.
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Thats friggin awe inspiring...
nice desk do u have a job on the computer
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NICEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE setup, very envious
kaicastle's avatar
your office feels cozy.. :) i love it that you're near the window..
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Per la peppa! What a office!!!!! Lovely, but very lovely, the blue light, so relax! Good idea!!!! I will do the same in mine! Great ideas from USA artist! Ahhhh! America!!!!
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Compliments and thanks for the wondwerful idea! :D
lightingarts's avatar
ops... wrote wrong... wonderful...! :D
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That is my dream office, right down to the soft blue lights. Although I'd probably use a dual-boot Arch/XP system on my box.
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Ahhh the warming glow of geekness I am drawn to it like a moth to a flame :)
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Nerdy nerdy nerdy goodness. :)
WarpedToilet's avatar
Yes it is but at least you didn't put Spinner Rims on it :)
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This shit is cool. Seriously, I'm jealous.
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The chair scares me!! hehe!
mjranum's avatar
It's really comfy!
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awesome setup mate!

btw, that floor mat, where can i buy it, please? thx!
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The floor mat came from globalindustrial supply.
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