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Noah's Ark and the Dinos

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This is another scene from our home-built "Creation Museum" inspired by the retards at Answers in Genesis. One of the frequent questions people ask is "what happened to the dinosaurs?" Well, if you didn't grow up under a rock, you know they went extinct due to climate changes resulting from an asteroid impact millions of years ago (although descendants of dinosaurs still live on in the form of - chicken) But if you're a redneck creationist country bumpkin you might believe that whole Noah's Ark story and how the dinosaurs didn't make it (but the serpents and pigs did!)

Here's our artistic rendering of the actual event. Once Mrs Noah got the ark sea-worthy again and got rid of the dinosaurs, everything was OK for the surviving 2 (plus or minus) of all the species.

Ken Ham and Answers In Genesis spent $28 million or so building their monument to stupid, the Creation Museum. :iconrubiacaea: and I spent about $30 and an hour, and came up with something that's as scientifically accurate and has googly eyed monkeys, besides.
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Hurray for inbreeding
This story was made before we found out about genetics
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Care to disprove the Creation museum's statements, you little prick?
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Its dinosaurs are modeled directly on those of Jurassic Park.
jeffroell8's avatar
No, I mean this kid was talking shit about the creation museum
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
The creation museum isn't a museum.
nothing in it is remotely accurate or scientific.
jeffroell8's avatar
Museum: a place where objects of historical, scientific, artistic or CULTURAL importance are kept. And yes, there are many scientific exhibits there. Its clear you've never gone.
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
I'm not even going to bother debating you. I've done it a million frickin times, and despite destroying their arguments every time, they just ignore the evidence. You don't expect that you are absolutely wrong about absolutely everything. 

debating a creationist is like playing chess with a pigeon,
they nock over all the pieces, crap all over the board, and fly away to claim their victory.

explain what evidence you have for creation. 
jeffroell8's avatar
That's the same exact thing that has been said about atheists as well.
We are not wrong about "absolutely everything". That's an arrogant statement.
And What "evidence" are you even talking about? I've been through this a million times as well, and have destroyed their arguments as well.
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
I wish this was a face to face conversation.

what are your arguments for creation?
jeffroell8's avatar
It teaches people the Bible and about common sense/rational thought processing.
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
No it doesn't. It teaches children to deny reality.
Brainwashing them to believe unsupported nonsense that only an idiot would believe on their own.
scientifically, the bible is wrong about absolutely everything it claims.
they thought that the earth is flat. Are you going to trust them, or the actual scientist who study this stuff for a living.
jeffroell8's avatar
Well, somebody's a bigot, aren't they? You've been brainwashed to hate anybody that doesn't believe everything a textbook says.
And no, the Bible is not wrong about anything it claims. Have you even read the Bible? I know but he's brainwashing anybody, we just tell them what we believe, but their belief is up to them. And there is plenty of historical and scientific evidence that supports the Bible.
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
What scientific evidence do you have to support the bible?
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jeffroell8's avatar
Have you even been there?
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
No. and I won't. I don't want to give this place money to brainwash children. 
jeffroell8's avatar
Bigot. Nobody's brainwashing children. No to brainwash somebody, you force them to believe something. How can you call yourself logical when you won't even hear the other side of the argument? You are an absolute fool.
IThinkOfaNameLater's avatar
I've heard your sides arguments. They're all invalid.

a fool is someone who deceives people into believing things that are not evidently true. That is religions job, not the scientist.

Pristichampsus's avatar
jeffroell8's avatar
I apologize, I deal with a lot of assholes when it comes to this stuff, so I turn hostile at the slightest sign of disrespect
henrywjohnson's avatar
their wood be more animals but its vary good!
KeeganTheAwesome's avatar
The googly eyes and the mating lions are the best part, but if you want criticism, a top hat on the T. Rex would have completed the entire diagram!
mjranum's avatar
If we'd had you there to suggest a top hat (and a bow tie) for t-rex we surely would have done it.
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