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Nipples --
By mjranum   |   Watch
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Published: December 20, 2006
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I post photos at a number of photo-sites and art-sites like DeviantArt. Most sites have some kind of 18+ designation, for pictures that contain 'mature' content. Like women's nipples.

What is it that is so nasty about a woman's nipples? Men's nipples are fine. Dog's nipples are fine. Cows' nipples are fine. But women's nipples? Horrifying. The entire United States recoiled in terror at the sight of Janet Jackson's nipple on the superbowl halftime show last year. But if it had been Justin Timberlake's nipple, everyone would have thought he was just taking his shirt off because it was hot.

So, this image mixes things up a bit. It's NOT 'mature content' because the nipples in the picture are a man's. Specifically, they're the models' husband's. With the magic of photoshop I replaced her (very nice!) nipples with his (well, they look about the same, really, kind of, um, nipply!) hairy manly nipples. The photoshopped-on male nipples actually cover about as much as a nano-bikini would. I was careful to leave some of the hair around them, because if I had just done the nipple-swap nobody would have noticed it. Why? Because male nipples (which are OK for everyone to see) look almost EXACTLY like female nipples (which can cause your eyeballs to explode if you look at them when you're under the age of 18)!!

Now, if you all are VERY nice to me, I won't explore the obvious follow-on topic: why a dog's anus is not obscene, but...


(PS - The model [link] would like me to emphasize that her nipples are NOT furry.)
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Comments (284)
burningmonk's avatar
burningmonk|Professional Photographer
Brilliant!! Pure genius!! :D
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Edwardv17's avatar
Edwardv17|Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful portrait :)
Reply  ·  
zum0spielen's avatar
political correct
Reply  ·  
BuckeyeDan's avatar
looks great to me ... she is a beauty 
Reply  ·  
apfelsaftschorle's avatar
Hairy nipples is this true? Never seen before, but some kind of sexy I think
Reply  ·  
anxova's avatar
anxova|Professional Traditional Artist
I like your explanation, idea and artistic results! BRAVISSIMO.
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MonkeyDLuffy321's avatar
MonkeyDLuffy321|Student Filmographer
Preach! it! #FREETHENIPPLE lol, have a nice dya, and just know when the older generation is done, it will be a lot more easier for us to understand and help the others understand, it was more the older generations fault giving society a nasty and sexist view on women lol
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Loki7z's avatar
Loki7z|Hobbyist Artist
Very beautifull!
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spyrofuckingcynder's avatar
Beautiful.   I wanna nurse from her.  
Reply  ·  
ambient-avalancher's avatar
Whew! I LOVE these hairy nipples!!!!!!!! You gotta post more like that!!! :love:
Reply  ·  
Son69's avatar
Son69|Hobbyist General Artist
Well... that's american logic...
In europe, nudity is not really an issue.
Reply  ·  
Jhonthestampede's avatar
Jhonthestampede|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm Brasilian, but I agree with the european.
the more a society is hypocritical to the nudity, more "pornzed" it became
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Son69's avatar
Son69|Hobbyist General Artist
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Grovyle's avatar
These nipples are moldy :D
Reply  ·  
worldofexpression's avatar
worldofexpression|Professional Photographer
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focuzzx's avatar
focuzzx|Hobbyist Photographer

Lol, And I thought she was from Europe w/ those hairy nipples haha! I know what u mean by mature

content! flicker's got that block w/ the b/w where u gotta click a few times to get to one picture,and not knowing, if the picture was even worth it!

I'm new here,and so far,so good!

Btw,I didn't like what I saw on her either lol 

Reply  ·  
techgi19's avatar
eww hair around the nipples
Reply  ·  
RemusSirion's avatar
RemusSirion|Hobbyist Photographer
the funny thing is that it is declared as mature content 
Reply  ·  
zzzzz00000's avatar
let me ask one thing, do you wear lipstick or blush on in your activities such as go to a mall ? there's a lot thing to discuss before woman's nipple equally treated with man's nipple.
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Maryes47's avatar
Maryes47|Student Photographer
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VehementDesire's avatar
VehementDesire|Professional Interface Designer
Women's breasts are secondary gender recognition, while men's are not. The nipples of women are on their breasts (obviously!) and the fact that men get turnеd on by the view of women's breasts and nipples is the answer of your question why women's nipples are 'mature' content.
I have more interesting question. Why society and mainly men are so embarrassed by male nudity while they don't mind female nudity at all?
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jaynarco's avatar
Hairy nips lol nice
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aconformistsheep's avatar
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Nairazak's avatar
Nairazak|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Great idea
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