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Modern Bride

Alternate title: "Till death do us..."

Model is Zinn.
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dadacco's avatar
Don't shoot me・・・・ー、-;
Erik-Unruh's avatar
never trust a woman.... E-Unruh
mjranum's avatar
Awww, you can trust 'em. :D
bubblesri20's avatar
I had a bit of a giggle, love it.
BioshockMari's avatar
Very appealing. :)
Nitrea's avatar
Great idea. It made my day ;)

But tle alternate title sounds better and way funnier. ;)
DanyValente's avatar
Great!!! :boogie:

Brazilian greetings:blowkiss:
TwilightsIllusion's avatar
Beautiful You have got to be the freakist guy ever xD In a good way...Can that be taken in a good way? Eh anyway I love your work
mjranum's avatar
I'll take it in a good way. :)
TwilightsIllusion's avatar
I should hope so ^^ Have a nice when ever your reading this! <3 Much love to you and your strangeness
Shamonan's avatar
You sure this should be under Fetish? :+fav: Anyway, the flowing wedding dress juxtaposed with the cruel-looking handgun really makes an impact. I don't think I've seen a gun that looks that dangerous before.
Stigmartyr762's avatar
Uh Oh, looks like we got us a black widow.
SomarGraphicsStudio's avatar
I know probably someone has mentioned this before, but for some reason I think you are a fan of Kill Bill... an I right? Great work by the way very inspirational :D
mjranum's avatar
Actually, I hated kill bill!! I've been a fan of the violent schoolgirl genre for a long time (Ranma 1/2, for example) and I was pretty happy when I heard Tarantino was making K.B. But I was very disappointed in the movie. I felt it sucked on so many levels that I was really really annoyed by it. And NOW whenever I post a "cheerleader with sword" image or something like that, everyone assumes I like that awful hack job movie. :( My idea of cool in the genere is something like Full Metal Panic: fumoffu
SomarGraphicsStudio's avatar
I can tell you're not really A fan of the movie, I was being a little sarcastic (kinda), but yeah I do see the difference... it was more of one of those things... "UGH! I have to say it" you know? I love your work for many reasons; 1) Your lightning and shadowing are flawless. 2) Clean, Sexy & Original Concepts (Not just "Oh a naked chic"). and of course 3) The obvious. Naked Chics!!!
gervain's avatar
i dont know. i think its a pity marriage is turned evil... but nice shot, though...
Abrimaal's avatar
Have you seen the clip "Beauty in Black" by Therion? The concept is similar.
BTW great lighting as usually.
gervain's avatar
i am sorry to say i havent seen anything but the concept is not unknown to me... hey this shouldnt sound like id blame anyone anyway. great shot. i agree^^
Abrimaal's avatar
Sorry, this comment was not to be a reply to yours. However i recommend everybody this video clip.
CathyBrookes's avatar
Very good - love the irony!
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