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Letter Opener - 1

Recent work. 1095/15N20 60 layer-count damascus with planar grind. Bolster is synthetic ivory. Handle is 5,000 year old bog oak.
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Patterning on the metal looks very cool. :)

microUgly's avatar
I'm so happy to see you back and posting. This looks like an impressive piece of craft. I can't imagine what is involved in making it.
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After 2 years...let me write..welcome back Ranum Mithological creature of DeviantArt :D

your art is missing from this place.

wow letter opener! It looks you can use that also in some battle!

Cool for sure....I remember some other your creation...If i don't remember bad you had created also the following piece..

Jacki's Claymore

While your famous Katana was of bugei

Samurai Schoolgirl

Did you ever created or attempt to create a samurai sword in the past? :ninjanoid:

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What a piece!!!

33M's avatar

Now this is a really fine looking blade great job

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