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Great great grandpa (to the n-th) elizabethan Rorschach

Just farting around in the studio while spring cleaning.

(self portrait)
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I checked your profile out and it looks like you haven't posted in awhile... I see you are a senior member and that you have a lot of contributions to the art world... I also see you are bent out of shape about people using your art... My Suggestion... Get over it! The one photo I downloaded... I checked it out in Photoshop 2017---You seriously need to work on your .xmp files ----Just trying to help you out with copyright laws---Stan Wetmore:) (Smile) 
mjranum's avatar
My suggestion: don't lecture other people about getting over things, when you clearly need to get over yourself.
Stan-Wetmore's avatar
I could care less, Good Day Sir.
KostyaVarenye's avatar
Amazing farts you have Mr. Ranum!
Muskeg's avatar
Incredible work, Mr. Ranum!
Yosbe's avatar
honey, I dont find your email and I want to know how much is for commercial use
33M's avatar
i love you man.....thanx so much
avivfjk's avatar
hey, i know you have been and probably are frustrated by the internet, and i think that whatever you decide to do about it (from not uploading, to spending the obnoxious amount of time that is needed to take it all down), i just want to say that i think your art is fantastic. i think that you have a mind that allows you to choose models, lighting, environment and clothing, and the skill and dedication to make such decisions and ideas into art that can be shared and can easily affect people. you are amazing, and i thank you for sharing your passion and work. 
IsThisAsDeepAsThisIs's avatar
Thank you for creating this thing of beauty
Xilstudio's avatar
MelGama's avatar
Miss you my dear friend! :glomp: :hug:
Dr-Whom's avatar
That made my day
GrakusArt's avatar
That painting is so realistic !! :D (Big Grin) 
Satanasko's avatar
I literally just logged in after a loooong loooong time. Glad to see your works! :)
InTheWings's avatar
Hey! I've missed seeing your photography. Good to see you again, and as magnificent as ever.
Rossum's avatar
If I could hack iambic pentameter, I'd have a Shakespearean parody of his opening monologue. 
M4IAN's avatar
Guess who's back!!!
Pelicanh's avatar
"elizabethan Rorschach"!!!!????
jambe's avatar
He's referencing the character from the Alan Moore comic Watchmen, I believe:…
Pelicanh's avatar
could be. Marcus is probably the most intelligent person I have ever met. And funny as hell!
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