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This was shot with an Edgertronic high speed camera using a couple of light-banks of big CFLs. Music added later.

Don't worry, I'm not back. I figure I'll post something every now and then to keep my account active.
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Wow, stunning work !~

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It's beautiful!
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Of course cool! How many times did you try this scene before all gone good? :D
very cool the veil at the end when it goes out from the scene like it was ethereal
Somptuous ballet...
Congratulations to you both!
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Good, as always, to see and enjoy your fine work. Stay well you magnificent artist. ;)
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Quite beautiful...
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Who do we have to kill to get you back?
But he said, “Don’t worry...” :shrug:
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Diplomat's Code for "busy".
The Dude don't dabble. Not a dilettant; rather,
one serious motherfucker with a serious sense of humor.
So, I took a shot at an unlikely possibility; his return.
His absence (and other monsters') diminishes this site.
So it's more like:
Don't get your hopes up, nor your panties in a bunch, but...
I merely addressed the elephant in the room,
the class on the court,
and the guy who doesn't intend to get caught up in this particular
timesink now.  Maybe later.
:happycry: Scott, you’re a poet and you didn’t kn—
Exquisite . Exceptionally well done !
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beautiful! so graceful, well done! cheers, rob
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That is amazing. I love how you can see all those lines and curves as they both unfurl. Simply beautiful.
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