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Death Poem - II

By mjranum
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The blade
divides solitude
and duty.
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© 2007 - 2021 mjranum
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nice, you even got the hamon and yokote!
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Yeah, that was the hard part of the shot.
Devianarterix's avatar
Too much shadows on legs :(
mjranum's avatar
Maybe depends on your monitor gamma.
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God, my fav theme in my own artwork ... girls with swords :). And yr lighting is great :)
KIDgraFX's avatar
Hope you don't mind. This photo inspired me and a made this [link]

Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work!
mjranum's avatar
Is this an original artwork or did you photoshop on my artwork? If you photoshopped on my image - take it down immediately. It is not stock, it is not for use in photocomposites. My policy on using my finished artworks for stock is here:

Please respect my creative decisions.
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well ... depends what you understand by "photoshop on my artwork" ...
I didn't modify your image if that's what you mean! I inspired from it! My image is created in PS using 'smoke brushes ' arranged in a shape resembling your model! If that's an offense I will take it down! But i don't think that is the case! Hope you understand it the other way: your work is simply inspiring for me ... I do not modify others' artwork and place it as mine! My design is created from scratch (transparent background and smoke brushes)!
Hope you understand and agree! Keep up the Good Work!
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I'm OK with original art as long as it's not an alteration of my work. Re-painting something new, with my work as a guideline, I am fine with.
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OK! Thanks for understanding!
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Great image, a classic I think. Sets a new standard for nude model with sword between the lighting, pose and composition.
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Ethereal-Divinity's avatar
Very ethereal-like. I love how the lights shine from above. Beautiful!
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CoryCow-aka-Genesis's avatar
That is just SWEET! Great concept.
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very nice work, the light is perfectly controlled... i just wish i could reach this level!!!
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fantastic lighting, well shot indeed!
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Very nice subject ...
I really like the lighting,can you gimme some more information about it ? Maybe a Softbox on scene top front ?
mjranum's avatar
It's a single small pan softbox on a boom arm overhead.
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Katana !!! and a great model! yumm! This made my day perfect! Great picture I love it! :+fav:
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Beautiful lighting!
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*Jaw drops through floor*

My haw hu han oh a bih! I am huin yhou ahh!
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