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I've got some stuff in the archives I figure I ought to put out.

There are 23,563 comments and 2,440 notes in my inbox. I won't be reading them. If you need to reach me, you can figure out how.
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(Update August 2012)

"I hereby grant all DeviantArtists permission to use my stock in any and all Deviant Prints without restriction."
Since I no longer have time to track and +fav every use of my stock, you are encouraged to post a link to your use of the stock on the comment area of each image, so others can see your work.

Email is the best/only way to reach me. Do not email me unless you are sure it's important! I am mjr@ranum.com

MY RULES ("'Do as thou will't shall be the whole of the law")

You are required to give me appropriate credit as photographer where and however possible. My stock is free; the way you 'pay' to use it is by crediting me. It doesn't need to be in big letters on the image, it can be in text or a link or in liner notes, or whatever - but it's your responsibility to acknowledge if my work contributes significantly to yours. If you post a link, I prefer it to be to my personal website ( www.ranum.com )  My real name is Marcus Ranum please use that instead of "mjranum" because I occasionally amuse myself for google image-searching for my name. :)

If you violate any of these rules or violate any of my copyrights you are prohibited entirely, forever, from using any of my stock in any way, shape, or form - commercially or otherwise. No appeals and no amount of begging will help; decisions are final.

You may use these images as you see fit except as follows:
1) If you can't read my rules, or can't be bothered to read my rules, or can't be bothered to find and read my rules, you are too lazy or illiterate to use my stock and are permanently banned from doing so. If you email me asking 'what are your rules' you are permanently banned from using my stock, unless I tell you otherwise.
2) You are required to give me appropriate credit as photographer where and however possible.
3) You are allowed to post works based on my stock in other places (RedBubble, Renderosity, Facebook, personal websites, contests, whatever) but please maintain a credit to me where appropriate and possible.
4) Do not simply upload my stock to a pay site; if you do that, you'll get a DMCA request from me and possibly I'll sue you for damages. These images are for photocompositors and artists; they are not to be used as content in and of themselves.
5) If you want to do something commercial with my stock, go ahead. Please don't tell me "I am thinking of doing something with your stock, what do you think?" because I can't tell you what I think of what you're going to do until you've done it. Go ahead and use the stock; unless you manage to do something shockingly awful I won't have a problem with it - and it takes a lot to shock me.
6) The models in my images are real human beings with real feelings. Please be considerate of how the models might see themselves and be thoughtful of their feelings. I consider comments like "she's too skinny" or "she's too fat" to be rude and you may be banned from using my stock if you make such remarks.
7) These images are mostly un-retouched - though they may be color-corrected - and are at high resolution. I did not go and remove dust-spots, skin blemishes, etc. Please clean that stuff up in post-work and make the models look good! Also: I do know how to produce a good photo; these are intended as raw stock.
8) I often forward copies of pictures to the models if they aren't on DA and have expressed an interest in seeing what you do with them. Some of the models may choose to repost your images noncommercially in their personal portfolios.
9) If you use my stock as a reference for a hand gesture or a fabric-fold or something like that, you do not need to credit me. Use your own judgement as to how important my stock's contribution was to your work.

If you have any questions; ask via Email.
If you ask me a question that is already answered here, I will not answer unless it's "See Rule #1"

Update History:
(Update of Aug 2012)
- Removed the request to be notified of commercial use. New rule: "just go ahead"
- Added explanation at #9 regarding use as reference material
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3 min read

Q: "Why do you mark everything you do as 'mature content'?"

A: Because I do not support censorship or self-censorship in any form. It is, of course, DA's right to require that some images be flagged 'mature' or not, it's their site and they can make the rules for it. In the past, I had problems where people would complain to DA admins that an image was inappropriate -- at one point someone apparently complained about an abstract fiberglass mannequin being "nude":
Mannequin - 2 by mjranum-stock
and it was at that moment that I realized that there is someone out there who will take offense at anything. That was when I decided to flag everything I do as 'mature' with all the options. Because, that way only someone who is willing to see anything, will ever see my work.  I don't want people who support censorship to see or use my stock; they don't deserve to. The 'mature' flag is there to protect my stock from the prudish, easily offended, and immature.

Q: "Why do you say please do not give me DA subscriptions??"

A: Because DA supports (and thereby encourages) censorship. If you're thinking of giving me a subscription, please donate the money to the EFF's blue ribbon campaign:
supporting freedom of self-expression.

Q: "Isn't it hypocritical of you to use DA's resources and then speak out against them?"

A: No; I have a site of my own and could host my stuff there, or in a variety of other places. I feel that my making stock available is a benefit to the DA community and DA's users, not the other way around. It is contributors that add whatever value DA has; without contributors this site would be empty and pointless. In return for my contributing artwork to the community, I feel free to express my views about how that community is run and I reserve the right to leave at any time.

Q: "Isn't 'censorship' when someone prevents expression? DA does not prevent expression by requiring a 'mature' flag - artists on DA still have a wide range of expression, don't they?"

A: What DA and other sites do is called "self censorship" - forcing the artist to decide whether to become part of a regime of censorship, or to not express themself at all. The fact is that the 'mature' flag is a filter that is put in place to separate "good, clean" art from "naughty, icky, offensive, obscene, or erotic" art - the value judgement is implicit within the system. It forces an artist to flag their own self-expression as less good, or offensive, compared to another artist's. It also insults the viewer's intelligence by implying that they are not 'mature' enough to make up their own minds. In many ways, a regime of self censorship is a greater attack on artistic creativity than totalitarian control would be; it forces the artist to victimize themself.
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1 min read
mingled at last
the ashes of faiths
flutter like the feathers
dropped by a concrete
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I've replaced this with a linkable version here: How to shoot stock tutorial by mjranum-stock

The "shoot stock" tutorial has a number of illustrations of the kind of set-ups I use for lighting, as well as pictures of my studio.

Today I posted another tutorial on "photographic lighting". It's a workthrough of experiments with lights ranging my my expensive pro studio flash pack to some $55 light heads I bought on Ebay. In it, I try to demonstrate the way I like to think about photography; a synthesis of intuitive play and methodical trial-and-error by varying a single parameter.

It is here: Photographic Lighting by mjranum-stock
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