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You may have noticed that I am now marking all my images as mature, ideologically sensitive, violent, toxic, infected, and otherwise unfit for anyone...

...who isn't a grown-up with enough sense to be able to decide what they want to look at.

I am utterly, totally, thorougly sick and tired of people who seem to think that the world should be free of anything that offends them. In case anyone hadn't noticed, it's impossible to live your life in this world without something annoying you; it's either going to be a jackhammer breaking cement at 7:00am, or chewing gum on a sidewalk, or a couple of pixels of nipple-JPEG on a thumbnail that you had to click and look at closely to verify that those might be nipple-pixels before clicking on the "report deviation" button.

So, I've decided that, from now on, my art is not available to anyone who isn't willing to say, right up front, "I'm willing to see gore, violence, ideologically sensitive, nude, etc" content. If you're willing to see that, you'll have your preferences set so that you can see my art. If you're not? One of two things:
1) too bad for you.
2) you're too young according to the stupid 18+ rules.

18+ is another topic I should not go into right now, but - simply put - it's really fucking stupid to not let an 17-year-old girl see pictures of a 20-year-old girl with her shirt off. Can we get real for just a second?

Anyone who is blocked by the age filter from seeing any of my photos, just email me and tell me what you wanted and I'll email it to you. If you're grown-up enough to email me and ask, you're grown-up enough to take a look at naked boobs. Period.


I've ranted about this topic before because stupidity in all its forms offends me deeply. What set me off this time is that some idiot complained that these two images:

Mature Content

SinnedAngel - 3 by mjranum-stock

Mature Content

Dancer Wench - 3 by mjranum-stock

are mature content. And some gutless DA drone went and sent me a "violation notice" and put a mature flag on them. Yes, a "violation" occurred - but it was only a violation of common sense. Anyone who is old enough to walk down a street in a big city, or go to a bookstore or magazine stand, or turn on a television - is going to see more "mature" content than is in those pictures.

In fact, Disney's(tm) Little Mermaid(tm) is showing more "thigh" than Sinned-Angel is in my oh-so-mature image of her. Reality check:

(avert your eyes!)

Yes, it's DA's rules and I am going to follow them scrupulously. As I said, from now on my images are all mature, violent, gory, ideologically sensitive images. I.e: they're only for cool people who can cope with the real world.

I need someone who's got a really cute little blue-eyed blond child they can lend me for a photo concept. I want to shoot a photo of a pair of proud parents gouging that child's eyes out with a spoon so that it can walk down the street safely without seeing anything "offensive."  Because, to me, the real offense is there - that people are willing to make weird intellectually inconsistent steps to "protect" someone from the real world. You're also protecting them from beauty, knowledge, elegance, and - in the long run, which is worse?

A couple weeks ago I mailed a package of :omg: porno magazines to a friend's 13-year old son. At the very least it'll save him having to shoplift a copy of Playboy, like I did when I was his age. I sent him two things: a couple copies of Perfect-10, and a couple of "men's adventure" magazines from the late 1950s. Guess which one was full of violent imagery, Nazi prison guards, gangsters, and ladies in their underwear? And guess which one was full of pretty ripe girls with bare boobs? Guess which one he liked better?  Hellloooo, america? This is a normal teen-ager we're talking about. Mask the "mature content" from him and feed him Arnold Schwartznegger movies instead of cheerfully bare boobs and maybe he'll want a machine-gun instead of a girlfriend. (the little voice in the back of my mind says: "why choose? I'll get 'em both!")

Anyway... I am thinking of starting a "get the chickenshits off the internet" campaign. Maybe if the folks who provide good content mark everything as all the mature content flags turned on, then all the cool people will look at it anyway and the idiots will be left with nothing but pictures of puppies and flowers and chubby little angels. Not mind you that I have anything against puppies, flowers, or pedophilic angel porn - being a person who's unafraid of any content, I see those, too.

I support :icongrow-the-fck-up:

I am going to change my stock usage rules to read "you are not allowed to use any of this stock if you use the mature content filter." Because if you support this nonsense? My art is not for you. I am also going to create a deny list and if you're on it, you can't use my stock. If you do not support my position on this? You can't use my stock. My art is not for you.


I guess my journal entry must have pissed off one of the complainers 'cuz now I am getting more images re-tagged. Like this one:

Mature Content

I Quit by mjranum-stock

Oh, yeah, that's violent and ideologically sensitive and - what-evurrrrrr....

And today's "violation report":

Mature Content

Cyber Gun Girl by mjranum-stock

needs a mature content tag.  I guess I tweaked the prudes' noses and I'm in for a big spate of revenge taggings. People really make me want to puke, sometimes.

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I really feel bad for you :(

soonly now before Easter a staff member from Deviantart Police taged one of my nude artworks only because of the nipples :/ I mean seriously now, even those great ancient Greek statues are nude and doesn't have mature content.
DragaoNegro's avatar
"...he'll want a machine-gun instead of a girlfriend." I think they make more money this way...
I have two things to say about this- your work shows the beauty of the human body, and that nudity can be beautiful, natural and not pervert, wrong, etc. I think it's important to make the difference. The other thing is, what everyone with basic psychology knowledge would say- perversion comes from repression. Masking nudity like there is something wrong about it, that children or teenagers can't look at it is harming more. But I cant blame why people think that way. Have you ever wondered why nudity and sex and not something else sells so well?
NetherStray's avatar
I just like a fair warning before I get someone's gross asshole/stanky vag/saggy tits in my face. I wouldn't report you for otherwise, but there are good uses for the mature content filter. Not to mention that gore does, even if someone feels they're desensitized to it, give some people nightmares.
There are good uses for this and there are stupid nanny uses for it. It's a shame that you can't differentiate between the two anymore just because of a few people overreacting. As far as I can tell, all you're doing is improperly marking all your stuff. I won't have any idea what I'm clicking on when I click on one of your images unless I have some in-depth memorization of what all you've posted. Some might just avoid your stock completely because they'll think "Yep, don't need that. I don't need anything gory or nude for this piece."
Oh, and just because you're over 18 doesn't mean you're immune to the above.
Now quit being bullied into doing something that doesn't make sense by people who don't actually think and mark your images accordingly based on what's actually in them. As far as I'm concerned, this is not a fix to a problem but rather a shameful ragequit by someone who ought to know better. (Meaning you, if that wasn't clear enough.)
Zillaan's avatar
If those first 2 images you posted here are considered "mature and offensive", then perhaps a beaches where people wear swimsuits should be labeled "For over 18 only".
I have seen much more skin at a regular family beach!!!
KhaoKhao's avatar
I don't know who you are, but I agree with you 100%. If you see an image as a thumbnail and you know it's something you don't like and you fricken click on it and get pissed off you're an idiot. We have that stupid mature content crap specifically for the retarded people who dislike those images, but no, they want it to be completely banned from there eyes as if the gray blocked symbol isn't good enough of a sign. They have the fricken cake and they want to eat it.

Any who I'm done ranting about retards so have a nice day, and thank you for writing this entry. : )
NixTigris's avatar
Used one of your images here [link]
Hope you like.
Thanks you for sharing.
tafelrand's avatar
happy for me, i live in the netherlands. not that everything is possible here, but we are not as prude as the US.
Eternal-Salvation's avatar
I got sent the link to your journal before as ive just myself posted a journal on the exact same topic.
Someone reported one of my photomanipulations for containing 'nudity'
ironically, the 'nude' girl in said manipulation is in fact one of your stock images
The stupidity of it all is that i even took the time to edit the so 'insulting' nipples out of the picture so as to appease any clearly self loathing prudes (im still confused as to why it seems just to be the nipple that is rude, and not the entire breast?) and yet still someone reported me for a violation!
I found it funny reading your journal as it has such a close resemblance to my own rant.
I agree, people need to grow the hell up. I suggest a mass campaigne of bubble bursting.
mjranum-stock's avatar
I suggest a mass campaigne of bubble bursting.

I'd love to do that, I just don't know how. Americans need to get the hell over their foolish hatred of nudity and their love of violence.
Eternal-Salvation's avatar
I suggest very big, very sharp pins.

and ironic isnt it, that america is where pornography was first mass produced and publicised.
Is there no happy median?
estelsil's avatar
I thinks it's because there are those who say: "If it's nude it's porn because some perv is looking at it that way." I'm from the US and even I think our views of nudity are ridiculous. If someone has a problem with nudity or ideology in a pic then they shouldn't look.

(Sorry if that was a bit of a rant, i'm very frustrated because someone said i'm a horrible girl due to the fact that I don't cover up my body with modest clothing.)
WillWorks's avatar
DA has their definition to Porn and they should stay with them.
cocacolagirlie's avatar
[link] This is my latest piece made with your beautifull poppins. I made a doll of her and well she still has her clothes someone of my watchers asked me if it isn't mature content??? Well is it?? Is barbie then also only for mature people? WTF, i guess that dude is going to tell on me, i hoped i would be spared of this nonsens :no: What is this world turning to?
mjranum-stock's avatar
All the "mature content" stuff is for sissies. Just hang in there.
cocacolagirlie's avatar
Thanks for the support...:hug:
The one that bothered it, well he is a believer.
He said to me he could "fall into sin", just weird :nod:
Aeltari's avatar
I am waiting to get flagged for my piece I just did with your stock: [link]
Its beautiful and tasteful but some old biddy will have a problem with it.
The web is filled with all sorts of people, bad and good and unfortunately the anonimity of the entire thing lends itself to more cowards and complainers then you might see on the street on a given day.
mjranum-stock's avatar
Yes - people complain anonymously about things they'd never dare complain about to someone's face.
Aeltari's avatar
It might be unkind to say but the web gives a voice to people that probably shouldn't have one.
furvert101's avatar
hahaha!!! if they dont like it, why are they looking at it... move on and find something you do like, idiotic assholes (and by that i mean, the ones that actually take the time to confront you on this catastrophic offensiveness... like you said "what-evurrrrrr....") hahaha!!! like, seriously if you dont like it, move on. some people cant see beauty in some things, and i think they forget these are stock images, and most likely going to be manipulated in such ways that they will no longer look like the original anyway. sheesh! like what-evurrrrrr!

mjranum-stock's avatar
Because some people are not content to control themselves; they feel they must also control others.
furvert101's avatar
of course, that too... its silly.
misterwackydoodle's avatar
People who are squeamish don't want to think about the reality of the world. It's not just this that or the other type of image that's disturbing, ultimately, it's anything. We hide the disgusting truth of our innards away under our beautiful skins. Now somebody says those skins are disgusting and we must hide those away too.

Think, every single one of us is intimately connected with a uterus. We spent nine months living in one. Now we cant look at vaginas? It's because people don't really want to know where they came from. They don't want to know what they're made of. What they are.


Reality is icky, but I kind of like it.
mjranum-stock's avatar
That's a really interesting perspective.

Personally, I'm not so charmed by uteruses. :) But I like the packaging a lot.
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