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Q: "Why do you mark everything you do as 'mature content'?"

A: Because I do not support censorship or self-censorship in any form. It is, of course, DA's right to require that some images be flagged 'mature' or not, it's their site and they can make the rules for it. In the past, I had problems where people would complain to DA admins that an image was inappropriate -- at one point someone apparently complained about an abstract fiberglass mannequin being "nude":
Mannequin - 2 by mjranum-stock
and it was at that moment that I realized that there is someone out there who will take offense at anything. That was when I decided to flag everything I do as 'mature' with all the options. Because, that way only someone who is willing to see anything, will ever see my work.  I don't want people who support censorship to see or use my stock; they don't deserve to. The 'mature' flag is there to protect my stock from the prudish, easily offended, and immature.

Q: "Why do you say please do not give me DA subscriptions??"

A: Because DA supports (and thereby encourages) censorship. If you're thinking of giving me a subscription, please donate the money to the EFF's blue ribbon campaign:
supporting freedom of self-expression.

Q: "Isn't it hypocritical of you to use DA's resources and then speak out against them?"

A: No; I have a site of my own and could host my stuff there, or in a variety of other places. I feel that my making stock available is a benefit to the DA community and DA's users, not the other way around. It is contributors that add whatever value DA has; without contributors this site would be empty and pointless. In return for my contributing artwork to the community, I feel free to express my views about how that community is run and I reserve the right to leave at any time.

Q: "Isn't 'censorship' when someone prevents expression? DA does not prevent expression by requiring a 'mature' flag - artists on DA still have a wide range of expression, don't they?"

A: What DA and other sites do is called "self censorship" - forcing the artist to decide whether to become part of a regime of censorship, or to not express themself at all. The fact is that the 'mature' flag is a filter that is put in place to separate "good, clean" art from "naughty, icky, offensive, obscene, or erotic" art - the value judgement is implicit within the system. It forces an artist to flag their own self-expression as less good, or offensive, compared to another artist's. It also insults the viewer's intelligence by implying that they are not 'mature' enough to make up their own minds. In many ways, a regime of self censorship is a greater attack on artistic creativity than totalitarian control would be; it forces the artist to victimize themself.
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Je trouve que la censure reste toujours un problème pour les artiste pro ou pas. Les images de personnes nues sont encore très tabou. Quand je cite personnes, je dis hommes et femmes. Il suffit pour cela de chercher des modèles nus sur Internet. Déviant art donne accès à ce type d'image, et c'est super.