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crilleb50Hobbyist Digital Artist
I used your beautiful stock here: [link]

Thanks for sharing :rose: :heart:
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williansbHobbyist General Artist
your stock here: [link]
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a true killer , totally faceless , and so is this image
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Hi, you've been featured here [link] !
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Used this stock photo for my piece. Hope it's acceptable.


P.S. Can I post my piece on my other blogs as long as I link the original stock photo back to you and give you credit?
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it is still a work in progress, but i used the pose from this image here: [link];page=3
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Gothic141Hobbyist General Artist
Very aston warrior robot one of doctor who's underused opponents [link]
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kaze9thHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hii, that stock is awesome!
I used it here: [link]

Thanx u!
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Hey, fantastic stock (:
I udes it for this piece: [link]
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Thank you! :heart:

I used this as a reference here: [link]
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Of course I understand :)

I'm trying to take pics of my wife like that. Not enough experience in that kind of pics for the moment.

The chrome is not difficult to create.

Thanx anyway for your last "warbots" shoots.

here is the second WIP.


a SciFi style , sure. But not finished , and the suit is trully intersting. I'll make some other kind of graphism on it.
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mjranum-stockHobbyist Photographer
That is some EXTREMELY bad-ass!!! post it! Post it!
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In my opinion, you should take a pic of a man with this suit. You are the only one with this quality of pics about this kind of suit.

Personnaly , I'll wait for that ^^
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mjranum-stockHobbyist Photographer
I don't photograph guys. I like girls better! :)
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Nice shoot. I borrowed this pics for a little work. I'm working on a comic book project with my brother. So I surf on deviant , and when I see a character who could be "modififed" , I do.

Thanks a lot for this mics anyway , and don't worry , I used it non for a commercial use. Just for tries about one of my character.
here is a W.I.P. about this character , named "Antalya".


I will erase the seams of the suit, and give it a chrome aspect.
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mjranum-stockHobbyist Photographer
I have a chrome one of these, too. Hm. But the poses are all sexy not action.
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GisteroseHobbyist Traditional Artist
How did she get into it? lol And can she breathe?! :O hehehe nice pic
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mjranum-stockHobbyist Photographer
zipper in the back. and it's just spandex cloth.
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surgioProfessional Digital Artist
i'm impressed. Stock that's worth using.
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CutterozProfessional Digital Artist
hey. i used this pic here [link] thank you:hug:
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mjranum-stockHobbyist Photographer
I love it!
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oibyrdHobbyist Digital Artist
those fullface masks always freaked me out - my clausterphobia kicks in just looking at it LOL! :faint:
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I know the feeling :D
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