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Daily Deviation
November 19, 2009
Slow Motion Fig Ref: by *mjranum-stock

"An amazing idea in my opinion. The enormous number of poses offered, the beautiful model, the great lighting and the fact that it is freely offered work makes this video highly appreciable..."

I want to add, the slow motion in both, the model and the clothes and the lights and shadows make this video an amazing piece for study of lighting and movement. It is magical. This deviant is also offering this video: Slow Motion Fig Ref: 2 where you can study the body structure, the proportions and the movement of the muscles.
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Suggested by ANDROBETA
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Slow Motion Fig Ref:

I have the ability to produce slow-motion reference/video like this but it's pretty hard. To say the least, the lighting is tricky. I'm not sure if it's worth making this kind of material available as stock; what can you do with it?

Model is :iconthe-hoax:
Shot with a Casio EX-F1 prosumer still/high speed camera.

Several of you have commented that the footage is dark. Sorry about that, but there were 5,000 watts worth of hot lights shining on her to make it this bright. High speed footage uses a LOT of light and it's a tough problem if you want the image to be neither blown out or too dark. I have a bit of other footage that isn't so dark but it isn't as sharp, either.
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PhoenixDraco714's avatar

Thank You for making it.. As its helps me see life in addition to pics. Plz do make more if U can they are also really helpful for me as I'm a visual learner and so seeing the light/shadows play out on the body help me see how my character should look in different settings - in real time.

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I-Love-Dina's avatar
Wonderful video! Thanks for sharing
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Very good Job. this is what most artist need to see for an understanding of light and movement of their model.
For someone like myself it is an absolute feast for the eyes! I am grateful for people like yourself that have the skill sets to get past "tricky" and capture the fine details of movement.

What can I do with it? My work revolves around the subtle ways people can/do move and fixing it (not quite physical therapy but close). Images/clips like these can grab the viewers attention so much better than the clinical crap we're use to. Once someone can see how "x" works they will be much more receptive to working on it. I'm going to go watch each one of these 800 times (in pure joy!) and I'll happily get back to you if I can find a creative use.
WillWorks's avatar
Looks beautiful.  I used some of the images for this.…

Thanks for posting :)
MichelleHermes's avatar
the shadows are PERFECT!
Designdivala's avatar
why can't I download  :( link is there. Wanted to experiment with motion animation
BTW your work is amazing and you are so generous to offer to the community (as I ahve told you many times before :)
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I really love to watch slow movement, it's like art come alive! A nude woman in the dark gives that old sex appeal a twinkle when her body appears in the light. Very Good!
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silvergabetha834's avatar
Holy cow that is so 1. useful 2. beautiful 3. amazing!
wantedbysun's avatar
This express a beauty of women. Very impressive :-)
AspiredWriter's avatar
beautiful motion of the fabric
Carpincho-ZC's avatar
Why i cant upload my shortfilms in DEVIANT ART? How do you do it?
mjranum-stock's avatar
You have to have an invitation from someone who is already authorized to load film.
Holy crap!
I totally HAVE to do something out of this, sooner or later!

This is awesome work, in every sense, and very useful to sketch some drawing scenes!

And last but not least: she's just too freakin' hot! :crazy:
pablofurrutian's avatar
Sexy and Romantic.

I would play The Fountain (Ottorino Respighi), you know, feeling a gentle breeze at your head.
mjranum-stock's avatar
Respighi would work well..
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fun, eye catching, and
just capital B Beauty
I think
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Wow, I love it! What a beautifull video. Her body looks amazing with those shadows changing when she's moving. Marvelous!
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