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Saree - 5

Model is :iconrubiacaea:
Saree by Utsav
New Stock Usage Rules - see:

If I list a model's icon on DA, it'd be kind of you to drop them a tag or a note letting them know you've used them, so they can see!

I am no longer reading my DA notes they are overwhelming me! Thank you so much for caring, and using my stock, but it would be a full-time job just to keep up with you. If you want to leave a comment on the image, with a link to your work, please do so - I will check comments randomly from time to time.

I support :icongrow-the-fck-up: - my stocks are marked "mature" because doubtless any photo that someone takes is going to offend someone somehow. Therefore my stocks are only for people who are willing to risk being offended.
Image details
Image size
2769x3414px 1.46 MB
Canon EOS 5D
Shutter Speed
1/125 second
Focal Length
60 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 7, 2009, 6:19:40 AM
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used your amazing stock here  I Am Alive by Jassy2012  thanks for sharing  :hug:
farenellphoto's avatar
Lovely, even if intended as a stock image.
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used here Orientdream and here :) Thanks a lot!
Adipose620's avatar
Used here:[link]
Thank you!:love:
Ironmountain01's avatar
Hi! I used your wonderful stock here: [link]
Thank you!!! :D
prairiekittin's avatar
I used this here:
Thank you!!
prairiekittin's avatar
I used this to illustrate a dream I had last night:
Thank you!
mujahidaub's avatar
I love it thank you to Upload this photo.
TheAJDeviant's avatar
I use your stock here: [link]
Phenixia's avatar
WickedPrince's avatar
AeliaNaqwiDesigns's avatar
Work titled Culture Dance
Aythli's avatar
Wonderful pic, and exactly what I was looking for. Used it here: [link]
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Heart-of-the-Sun's avatar
Very pretty woman, very nice costume, some awesome stock in general.

However, the skulls are a little creepy. They kind of give the image a feeling of concealed darkness or witchcraft (fantasy evil-witch-type witchcraft, not wicca type).
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Well... you have to think of the culture that this image is representing.

Kali, the Indian goddess of death and destruction, wears skulls on her neck. Most Indian gods are gods of opposites. Though she is known to bring havoc and destruction, she also has the properties of time and change. So whereas some people tend to see death as an end, it can have serve the dual purpose of starting anew. In a culture that believes in re-incarnation, death is just a second chance to make your time on earth even better so that they can ascend to Nirvana. =3
Heart-of-the-Sun's avatar
Thanks for the info.
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brokenlizard2's avatar
yes!!! just what I needed for my Indian pinups!! :D
mjranum-stock's avatar
Haha! Indian pinups? Srysly?
brokenlizard2's avatar
seriously! :D
they're beautiful women(I hope to visit the country sometime b/f I have kids) and the only time I've seen even a hint of so-called "Indian women" in pinup art are the white women in bellydancers costumes!
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You know what's interesting, I was going to stop commenting because the amount of good work you put out far surpasses my ability to communicate my appreciation for your work...And besides, I wind up repeating myself and that's just annoying to you.
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