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Pripyat - 13

Radioactive pedobear in kindergarten classroom, Pripyat

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Thank you for the use of your inspirational resources.

I used this here: "Good Night Halloween"

Be Blessed. Be Well. Be Happy.

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I used here Dark Cinderella by MagicAngel8773 thank you!
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Love your stock, used it here:
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I used your stock here [link].
Thanks for sharing.
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i used youre stock here [link]
thanks for nice and free stock! :wave:
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Thank you for your stock! I used this image here: [link] :D
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This is great a image. I felt like its telling me so much memories..
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merci beaucoup pour l'image
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Used here [link]

Thank you!
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I used your stock here:


Thanks :)
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Oh man, as hot as it is, it would be the trip of a life time to see Chernobyl! I am fascinated with the abandoned relics of human life. I had a gleeful week exploring some of the tucked away ghost towns of the Mojave Desert, but that would be nothing like seeing Chernobyl. It must be fascinating for the scientists over there to watch the city progress back to nature or to follow the progress of organic radioactive material spreading out from Chernobyl.
Used Here. Thank you! Very good stock.
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I used your stock here:


Thanks :)
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Hi! i used your stock here [link] hope you like it
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Again, in Stalker game, in the main menu, we can see a pedobear exactly like this one. Could be the same? How big prypiat is? And how about the safety of this trip? Any special clothes? Thanks for posting these pics. How I said before, they are beautiful and tragic at the same time.
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Pripyat had 30,000 inhabitants. A fair-size city.

The radiation level is 10 times higher than normal in most of the area, with a few spots (like: near the reactor) 100 times or more. Since I was only there a few days it wasn't enough to affect me.
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