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Pripyat - 10

Main lobby of the hotel, Pripyat

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I am no longer reading all my DA notes and comments they are overwhelming me! Thank you so much for caring, and using my stock, but it would be a full-time job just to keep up with you. If you want to leave a comment on the image, with a link to your work, please do so - I will check comments randomly from time to time.
If you need to get hold of me urgently, Email me (google me to find my Email address)

I support :icongrow-the-fck-up:
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how is this mature content?

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i use it here[link]. thanks a lot.. great stock
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Hi, Mr.Marcus J. Ranum,
Thanks for using 3 of your stock to do this emotional concept photography :
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I used this stock here: [link]
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I used this stock here [link]
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Did you take this with a wide angle lens, or is that the 24-105?
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My standard 24-105. It's the only lens I own for the Canon....
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I would love to get that lens, but there's no point since I have a cropped sensor.
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It must be odd to walk and go wherever you please entering everything you see thorn appart..
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Very odd... I felt guilty on and off the whole time...
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