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May 8, 2011
Welcome to Resources Week for Project Educate! ~mjranum-stock is a well respected photographer at deviantART that has provided this community with a massive gallery of uniquely creative model stock images for over 4 years. How to shoot stock tutorial is packed full of this deviant's insights for anyone thinking about using their photographic skills for stock photography.
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How to shoot stock tutorial

This is a linkable version of my "how to shoot stock for DA" journal entry.

(Version 2.0)
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Thank you very much!! :frail:
Yupechka's avatar
Thank you for the info!
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I enjoyed reading that, though was looking for how to get stock for a project I'm working on. But I'm guessing best bet is ask the artists and work out a deal. You are wrong about having low expectations of others when it comes to copyright. If you don't want your image used you have the right to tell them to remove it, if they don't listen you can take them to court. You can also get royalities on any profit made from your image, this can be backdated.

The point of copyright was set up to encourage us all to be more creative, rather than just be a copy/paste generation. Though I love how we use each others work in creating more art.
What you have to remember is why copyright is there, and just be respectful of the artists and the world will be more colourful
ANDREXITO's avatar
Interesting info
thank you
AWESOME tutorial mate!!

Since you shoot with Jpeg. Can you tell me how you colour manage?

I use a canon 5d mk2 and shoot in adobe 1998 with a picture style of Faithful. I use a photovison digital target to expose test and white balance in camera then use the target again in Camera RAW. (I'm a RAW shooter)

My main interest is your picture style setting you use?

Thanks for any help.

Cheers :)
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DUDE, this is a great tutorial! very informative, thanks
Thysania's avatar
Really interesting and helpful. Great tutorial, read the whole thing. Liked how there were photo examples and diagrams of set ups and how it is very new-comer friendly.
FelipeMaker-BR's avatar
Great tuto. Help to all amateur photographers, loke me!
DreamShardMedia's avatar
This is a fantastic read! Thank you! I have been considering getting into stock photography and this helped answer a lot of my questions. Thanks again. Also, I love your work, hence I was cruising through your stocks and saw this lol
neryl86's avatar
Excellent thanks for sharing.
Basike-Crowolf's avatar
I´m very thankfull for this :D
kreyzana's avatar
I love your tutorial :D thanks for sharing :)
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:iconcongratsddplz: Congratulations on this Daily Deviation! You're been featured in the following article: May 2011 Resources DD Summary

mjranum-stock's avatar
Always an honor...
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Amazing tutorial!
cythux's avatar
Great and nice Tutorial, i read often from Phototuts+
kay-sama's avatar
Very informitive. ^^ Thanks for making this.
FrozenFirePhoto's avatar
Very, very useful. Thanks for putting so much time into explaining every singe detail of this :D
SkarValidus's avatar
Nice tips. These look very helpful indeed.
bluenova25's avatar
interesting tips:D i dont take pitures but this has added some ideas and new ways of making art happen^^
AdorkaStock's avatar
Like you need more messages right? :P Of course this is great! :la:
mjranum-stock's avatar
Yeah.. I have 12,000 unread comments and 900 unread notes - but: I appreciate yours.
AdorkaStock's avatar
I think someday I'm going to be like you :faint:
OneFreeInternet's avatar
It's a heartwarming thing to know that you put this amount of work into supplying stock just for us. It's appreciated!
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