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Hotel Cismigiu - Bucharest

Cool door of a shut down hotel in Bucharest, Roumania.

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2480x3584px 2.16 MB
Canon EOS 5D
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1/83 second
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24 mm
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Date Taken
Feb 28, 2008, 11:34:19 PM
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Deathpen's avatar
There are even songs about this hotel, it's quite famous... well, used to be anywayz :lol:
lorylinn's avatar
interesting... you visited romania.... bucharest it's not the best option here.... :)
msweetamber's avatar
:) amazing, u were here :) well I hope you had a nice trip!
onechristina's avatar
i've been watching your gallery for a long time and now, looking at this picture, i've realized that i've seen you on the streets of Bucharest...a tall man, dressed in brown leather , with a hat (cowboy style i think)...this is you, isn't it? i've seen you twice actually...the second time you had your camera with you and you were in University Square D
mjranum-stock's avatar
Mmmm... No, probably not me. I was only in town for 2 days and didn't do much walking around (except along the main road by the Intercontinental Hotel) the first. And I leave my cowboy hat at home when I am in Europe, usually. Americans aren't as popular as we once were.
onechristina's avatar
Oh, i see..Sorry then, i thought it was you.
Camaz's avatar
Damn, you visited? That's a huge surprise!

Too bad you didn't enter. Here are some shots I found on dA, made by nocs-army.

How long did you visit? You should have posted a journal that you were traveling again [and visiting Romania]. You have a lot of watchers here. We would have given you some suggestions on places to visit. :)

Hope you come again some time. And maybe we'll hold a small gathering of deviants for you. Have some fun. ;)

Godspeed! :thumbsup:
mjranum-stock's avatar
The building was pretty well barriered-up and I didn't want to break any local laws. Besides I was with 2 other deviants and had my camera kit with me, which is not something I want to risk losing.

I was only there for 2 days. I did have a thing on my art account about where I was going but I didn't think to make any entries here. My bad....
Camaz's avatar
I did not realize that... So... My bad!

Either way, hope you come again sometime!
fripturici's avatar
OMG you were in Bucharest??? :D
mjranum-stock's avatar
Yep. Just for 2 days, tho.
fripturici's avatar
i think that must have been enaugh ;)
Ansheen's avatar
aww you visited Romania! :aww:
anyway.. try not to limit your visits to Bucharest, though.. it's overaglomerated and poluted and has nothing to do with the romanian specific.
so, if you want to see something else, here are some teasers: [link]
rommelISalreadyTAKEN's avatar
hmmmm how interesting to see this in your gallery. wouldn't have expected that. :) Yap...that's hotel cismigiu. btw if your in Romania again I suggest Timisoara as a city to visit.
TalyrasMirror's avatar
What a beautiful doorway. What a sorry state to se it in.
Cutteroz's avatar
:giggle: it's "cismigiu". you can't really tell the name but it's cismigiu :nod:
mjranum-stock's avatar
oop! I will fix that!

hey :poke: check my journal. :)
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