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Get Yer Kicks -J-5

First foot, then knife!

Model: Jazmine
Costume: black zentai with lingerie overlay, pistol belt and boots, cheap knives from ebay, lots of attitude.
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ChrisBjors's avatar
Most Dynamic model you've had yet. Love the energy.
mjranum-stock's avatar
She wears me out!
Fering's avatar
What would knifes like that be used for?
mjranum-stock's avatar
Spreading peanut butter. Duh.
santia90's avatar
okay...this is a pretty bad ass set.
vieug's avatar
Oderado's avatar
Nice shots, but I cannot understand: what clothes is she wearing?
mjranum-stock's avatar
She's wearing a cyanoballistic impact nanosuit. Duh.
Lilith-the-Giraffe's avatar
NeoKal's avatar
wildpegasus13's avatar
morganaxash's avatar
These are all freaking fantastic. Thank you for sharing!
Heartion's avatar
Where can I get those weapons?!?!?!
mjranum-stock's avatar
ebay search "fantasy knife"
Heartion's avatar
K. Thought maybe you had a more specific link. I was looking to find those exact ones.
Sigma-Echo-Seven's avatar
Incredible dynamism in her pose!
unholycookie's avatar
This shoot looks like Agent 355 from the comic book Y the Last Man. Which is to say I like it.
Twatcher's avatar
Totally thought the same.
Trutze's avatar
wow great shot !
serget2's avatar
Ok, shouldn't have used the "nice shoes, wanna f..."-line on her either. I never learn.
Writer4Commissions's avatar
Man, that will get you whooped every time!
serget2's avatar
I know but, "Fuck me if I'm wrong, but don't you want to kiss me?" Doesn't work either. time to pick a new one from the list.
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