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Death Rides a Pale Trike

This image is a promotional image for, "Presence", a horror novel by :iconoptycalillusion: - NOW Available here: [link] She asked me if I could do "death on a tricycle" and, by a quirk of fate, the local store had just marked this beautiful trike down to $30...

Concept by :iconoptycalillusion:
Model :iconmjranum-stock:
Lighting and setup by :iconmjranum:
Photo by Paul Robertson
Robe by Moresca ([link])

See also:
War: [link]
I have comments enabled on these images but can not respond to all comments; I hope you understand - I get too many messages to handle already. I am typically about two weeks behind in checking notes.

For usage see [link]
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2693x2658px 690.72 KB
Shutter Speed
10/2500 second
Focal Length
40 mm
ISO Speed
Date Taken
May 24, 2008, 2:42:05 PM
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Thank you very much for your hard work. Used it here.

Used your killer reference for Inktober here:  Inktober day 28: Ride by llawrencebispo  Thanks!
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I love this!
Thanks for sharing, used again:
The Meaning of Life, Part VII: Death by JackieCrossley

Some of my favourite artwork I upload to my instagram:
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kkkkk adorei a foto ! ficou show 
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*trying to keep straight face* this is such an accurate depiction of what death is, capturing every horrifying detail... Truly riveting.
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This made me chuckle when I was it, and so I knew I had to use it for something.  I tried to keep it simple, to keep "Death"  as the main focus.
Hold On, I'm Comin' by JackieCrossley

I also loaded this up to my flickr:
Some of my favourite artwork I upload to my instagram:

Thank you for sharing this great stock!
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I used your stock here:  Dealth's Reality by MoraTain  Thanks!
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A friend told me of your gallery and this image... he was right, it's hilarious!

Definitely going to be my first favorite!
Nice shot. I used your stock here  WarEx by andersonguerino
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Used here: Taking Five by Rowdy-Dawg thank you
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what the heck?! oO
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Love it :heart:
Used here: Lone Survivor by ReneeMmix
Thank you!
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It's like being back in 2008.
Nobody does these. Don't spam artists' pages with nonsense.
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Hallo :wave:

I used your wonderful stock in my work here
  Rec(h)ess Time by Cold-Tommy-Gin

hope you like it , thank you very much :handshake:
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Haha nice concept! :D
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that made my day <3
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He goes everywhere no Matter how fast!!
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