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I'm currently learning to draw, but I am also an aspiring writer, and have several projects planned. I am also a YouTuber, and plan on uploading animation reviews, as well as vlogs, top whatever lists, and hopefully more creative things one day.

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I have now seen another movie that I have been meaning to see for a long time, and I enjoyed it. :) Balto was the movie, for those who are interested.
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I'd love for at least one of my projects to have an opening sequence with continuity in it - I don't know if there's a correct term, but I mean the end of one scene in the opening leads to or creates the beginning of the next one in some way. Like (some of) this opening, basically;
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The Simpsons is to air (or has aired, if I've got the time difference wrong) it's 700th episode! This show has been part of my life since childhood, and while my opinion may vary depending on the episode showing (of course), I still enjoy watching
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Hey mjnseifer. To be honest, I found Starlight Glimmer's redemption to be very bad, and at first, I ish she wasn't redeemed, but I think it could've been better the more I think about it.

I decided that I'm not against Starlight being redeemed, but I thought it was kind of stupid when she was fully reformed all of a sudden. 
This is what I wish the writers of The show did differently with Starlight Glimmer:

1. Starlight can still alter time with her spell but show that it is incredibly difficult for her to even perform the basic one. There might be an entire episode just montaging her trying to figure it out. It was established in the first episode of season 5 that Starlight was not on the same level of magic as Twilight. Keep that consistent.

2. Show that Starlight has tricks up her sleeves when it comes to magic, not raw power, and show Twilight starting to adapt to her tricks. Twilight should be the most powerful unicorn in all of Equestria, full stop. At the alicorn level, no one short of Starswirl should be able to come close to her power. Starlight would need to keep Twilight on their feet with various different types of magic. She should not be fighting the princess of friendship on an even playing field.

3. Different backstory: Have something bad happen to Starlight due to cutie marks, but don't make it something as simple as losing a friend. Let's say Starlight was bullied for being a blank flank her whole life and she really didn't like other ponies were being better than her, this resulted in Starlight studying dark magic and learning how to use her magic to remove Cutie Marks and replacing them with a different mark.

4. Starlight wouldn't be completely reformed, but she still starts her down a path of redemption. When Starlight sees the damage she causes to the future, she should realize that going to such an extreme solution is not the way to go, but she's still not convinced that cutie marks are a good thing. Starlight lets go of her grudge against Twilight and decide to seek a less extreme solution to see Twilight's point. This way, she can eventually become a force of good and we get to see her journey to it.

5. Finally, Some ponies would forgive Starlight, maybe a few can forgive her like Twilight And Spike. However, A Huge majority of Everypony In Ponyville and Equestria wouldn't. Starlight did terrible things on a massive scale After all, So she should receive Massive social consequences by Equestria for all of her wrongdoings.

This means that Twilight's friends Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack wouldn't forgive her ever and they won't hesitate to take her down if she does anything to hurt their friends again. 
So what do you think of it?

And which version of Rewriting Starlight do you like better? The one where she remains A Villain by MelRoseSpy or My version of her redemption? I do love MelSpyRose's version though, you should see it.

MLP:FiM Season 5 Alternate EndingYeah...what if, uh, what if MLP: Friendship is Magic - Season 5 had a much better ending?
I've come up with my version of the Season 5 finale, where instead of Starlight Glimmer using one of Starswirl's spells to travel back in time to stop the Sonic Rainboom, she breaks into the Castle of Friendship where she holds Twilight's friends hostage before she threatens Twilight Sparkle that if she doesn't give her her Cutie Mark, then she will destroy her friends.
(In fact, I always thought that Starlight's goal was not to rid the world of Cutie Marks, but rather try to claim Twilight Sparkle's Cutie Mark for herself so that she can become an Alicorn.)
Twilight surrenders her Cutie Mark to save her friends and Starlight Glimmer uses her magic to make her original Cutie Mark disappear before replacing it with Twilight's Cutie Mark after ripping it off her flank of course. This resulted in some dark magical transformation that turned Starlight Glimmer into a demonic Alicorn entity.
(I know thi
  Starlight Glimmer in Tartarus by MelSpyRose  
Last Tuesday was Janyse’s 50th Birthday.
That's awesome, and thanks for telling me.  However, I'm afraid I already found out on the day, when someone tweeted about it.

I tweeted a pony-related comment, and... this happened; twitter.com/MJN_SEIFER/status/…

Janyse /)?
That is...

A W E S O M E!!!!

Happy birthday!
Sorry I'm late, but thanks.  :)
Thanks for the fave :)