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An ode to Cyberpunk.
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DarrenDetraux1818's avatar
Looks like a Cyberpunk version of Gotham
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Theres a game called cyberpunk check it out on YouTube
DarrenDetraux1818's avatar

Yup already know about it.

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My gosh that comment was long ago but thanks for replying i guss hehe😅
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Great peace of work, there is no problem with balance and those black buildings are so awesome. Did you hand draw the buildings or did you use a tool for them?
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I tip my cyberjacks in your general direction. Good work. 
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I just found my new wallpaper xD Great work!
Coffins-a-Plenty's avatar
I really like the mix of colors and textures, but also the portion of clear black so you can see the buildings. When I look at it, I see a REAL Cyberpunk city, a city with an underground community with computers and life.
Hi, nice art, can I use it on my web page, its an project for univerciti. 
Sure. Send me a link when your webpage is done. I'd like to see it. 
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Yo theres a game called cyberpunk go check it out on youtube
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deadmau5's next cover art.
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