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Venus Costume, 2nd Version by mjarrett1000 Venus Costume, 2nd Version by mjarrett1000
Here is the 2nd version of Joanna's Venus costume. After she returned home from space, she decided to make the "V" symbol to be a little more stylized. After she was done fiddling with it, it hardly looked like a "V" at all, not that anyone minds. She still looks sexy.
silverray42 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012
In the 90's spandex was the typical super hero attire. The outfit seems to draw a lot of attention to the jewel on her neck. Is she also trying to draw antention to her breast or is that subconscious? Also does she have any magical items on her?
mjarrett1000 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2012   Traditional Artist
It wasn't intentional. To her, it just looked good.
mjarrett1000 Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2012   Traditional Artist
As far as magical items go, yeah. Just about everything on her is magical. The brooch, the cape and the bracelets provide magical protection (she needs it to survive in a world where the bad guys can lift over 100 tons or can shoot energy blasts that can turn an armored tank into slag). The boots increase her reaction time (Boots of Speed). She also has a Ring of Regeneration that keeps her from getting killed. The only thing on her that isn't magical is her bodysuit, which I envisioned as being made up of the same material as most metallic-colored bikinis, like this one [link] . (not the design or the model, just the color and material of the swimsuit). In fact, the color and texture of the bikini in that link is exactly what I envisioned for her costume to look like. Her brooch also protected her from injected poisons (Proof vs. Poison). When in her normal ID all of her possessions stay safely hidden in a dimensional pocket, and with all she has to do is utter a quick incantation to have them adorn her.
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