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Korock and the Love Potion

  Korock, too, had also found a magical potion that he discovered from Alrond's divinations had the ability of making anyone who drank it to fall madly in love with the first person they gazed upon. He approached the slightly wounded Joanna and offered the potion to her, saying that it was in actuality a potion of healing. She drank it and fell madly in love with Korock. Not wasting any time, Korock took Joanna into one of the rooms away from the rest of the party and tried to seduce her. Because of the potion, Joanna was so in love with Korock that she ignored her moral teachings and let Korock ravish her. Unbeknownst to either of them the healing potion Joanna had drunk earlier had mixed together with the love potion to cause the love potion to be twice as powerful as normal and Joanna was virtually a slave to Korock's will. This would prove to become problematic for her in the future. Although he was not an unskilled sex partner, he could never last that long with her, her great beauty and the supernatural euphoria whenever someone has sex with Joanna being more than he could handle. He was embarrassed about this shortcoming, and they both agreed to keep it a secret between them. Even though she knew that a proper woman, especially one of noble station such as herself, should never have sex outside of marriage, but at the same time couldn't deny it gave her more pleasure than anything else in the world, and she hated herself for admitting it to herself. She struggled with this dilemma during her entire relationship with Korock, but whenever he came calling, her will seemed to melt away due to the Love Potion.  
  The party was trapped in Lassivirin's citadel until the next full moon which wasn't for another two weeks, and so they spent their time looting the place and exploring. Korock had no shame in flaunting the fact that Joanna was now his woman and over the next 6 months the two were lovers. AS for the rest of their companions, they were quite confused as to what had evolved between Joanna and Korock. Joanna was quite a vocal lover, her squeals of delight, enthusiastic moaning and groaning echoed throughout the citadel whenever she and Korock had sex, and everyone grew jealous except for Faynor. Faynor was a priest of Heironeous, and his order decried sexual relations outside of marriage, much like Joanna's grandmother, the Duchess Sheela of Falsridge. He thought their trysts were shameful, and their indulgences obscene. Alrond was suspicious, for he knew how difficult she was to seduce and how devoted she had been to remaining chaste, and yet she and Korock seemed insatiable lovers. Hawkmoon and Kayen stewed in a silent rage, wanting Joanna for themselves, yet couldn't act upon it, fearing Korock's wrath. They both made several attempts at seducing Joanna's beautiful daughters, but Faynor had appointed himself their guardian, and continuously warned them away when Joanna wasn't there to watch over them. On Fireseek 11th, 586 CY the citadel re-materialized on the Prime Material Plane again and the party left the citadel and had traveled out of the Celedon Forest with Joanna's daughters in tow. They traveled westward, eventually reaching the port city Leukish, the capitol of the Duchy of Urnst, where Joanna, tired of Hawkmoon and Kayen's constant complaining, suggested everyone go their separate ways, with the exception, of course of Korock, whom she wanted to marry. Hawkmoon and Kayen demanded more payment for their part in defeating the lich. Jealous of Korock's relationship with Joanna, they insisted that he and Kayen be allowed to have the promise of one of Joanna's daughters in marriage. Joanna of course refused and a heated argument arose, ending with the two men being asked to leave the party without pay or the rest of the party would kill them. They left, Hawkmoon spouting threats of revenge as they went. Duke Karll Lorinar once again invited Joanna to stay with him as a royal guest, although her companions weren't invited. Because of the love potion, Joanna couldn't bear the thought of being apart from Korock, and persuaded the Duke to at least have the barbarian stay in the castle as well. They languished in the castle for another day, resting from their harrowing quest, and it was inevitable that the Duke discovered that Joanna and Korock were lovers, a horrible scandal he did his best to repress so that he could save her reputation. but Joanna's vocalizations whenever she and Korock had sex was hard to cover up, and sordid rumors of the princess of Falsridge began to spread. Remarkably, few believed it.

The Cult of Lassivirin

  Joanna attempted to enter the Guild of Wizardry so that she could use their teleportaton arch that would transport them to Verbobonc, but because she wasn't a recognized member of the Guild, and because of the questionable company she kept in Korock, an uncouth barbarian, she was turned away. Even the Duke couldn't impress upon the Guild to let her inside their citadel, but the Duke did buy her passage on a boat headed to Dyvers, a nearly 3 week journey eastward on the Nyr Dyv, Oerth's infamous inland sea. Joanna desired to return home to Falsridge as soon as possible so that her beautiful daughters would be safe. Faynor and Alrond offered to escort Joanna there, and since she had come to call them friends she happily agreed. her girls needed more than what Joanna could offer since they were mentally still just 4 years old but in the bodies of girls over twice that age.
  While staying in the city of Dyvers Joanna herself was drugged and kidnapped from her room at an inn the party was staying at by agents of the Cult of Lassivirin. She was taken to the cult's underground lair and presented to the Head Priest, who originally planned on using her as a lure for the rest of her companions so that they coul enact revenge for slaying their patron, but upon seeing her he was filled with lust for her and ordered Bain, the Captain of the Guard, a large Tuov (the Oerth version of African Negros) man, to take her to his bedchambers and lock her inside. While she was being escorted there, she tried to escape by hitting Bain by surprise. Bain became furious with her, recaptured her and dragged her into the Priests chambers. She continued to struggle, hitting and kicking Bain, and since he didn't want to incur the wrath of the Head Priest he didn't abuse her in return, but he was a thoroughly evil man and by the time he got her to the Head Priests bedchamber he was filled with both hatred and lust for Joanna. He punched her across the face, stunning Joanna not only physically, but mentally, since no one had ever dared to strike her before. The blow was so severe she was drifting in and out of consciousness while Bain bent her over a dresser, hoisted up her dress and began fumbling with his trousers. The next thing Joanna knew Bain was furiously raping her from behind, traumatizing her even more than she was before. Once again, her body began to respond to the assault with a mind all its own, and despite Joanna's earnest wishes, she began to receive pleasure from having sex despite that it was against her will, and she hated herself for it. Like Korock, the intense euphoria of having sex with Joanna proved to be too much for Bain, and he climaxed quickly. Once Bain finished, he left her alone in the Head Priest's bedchamber, and she began to weep. Her mental anguish from yet another sexual assault consumed her, made worse that she believed herself to be a horrible human being for having actually begun to receive pleasure from it. She wanted to kill herself, but fortunately there were no weapons or means to follow through with her desires.  
  The rest of the party followed the clues left by the cult's agents and found the Cults underground lair, where Alrond, Faynor and Korock were forced to fight lions and soldiers in chariots in a huge underground gladitorial arena. They managed to escape and chose to split up in order to search the complex for Joanna. Joanna herself was still kept in the bedchamber of the Cults head priest who did his best to seduce Joanna, but she resisted his advances, too consumed with sadness to be influenced by his charms. As Alrond sneaked through a maze of air vents he overheard the head priest talking to a holographic image of the High Priest of the whole Cult, Sojan Valethor. Sojan was a mighty warrior and Priest second only to Lassivirin himself and, as Alrond realized by listening to their conversation, was quite obsessed with retrieving the Armaments of Acturos from the party and to avenge the destruction of his lich lord. Alrond discovered that the three items he, Korock, and Faynor had stolen from Lassivirin's treasury were in fact powerful magical artifacts, but at present were only partially powered. Three magical gems were needed to activate them and they all were scattered across the face of the civilized world, protected by the most terrible of monsters and the most insidious of traps. Their locations were also a secret, but as Alrond listened, it seemed that Sojan knew the locations of all three. But he wasn't the only one. Deep in the Dim Forest, the Cult of Lassivirin kept captive another individual who knew the locations of all three Acturos Gems. Alrond knew he that whoever this person was, he and his companions needed to find him and rescue him so that he could help them find the Gems that powered the Armament of Acturos.
  Meanwhile Faynor had reunited with Korock and stormed the inner sanctum of the Cults underground complex. They slew the high priest and many acolytes and discovered a map hidden in a secret vault. The map showed the location of another one of the Cults underground lairs. In it supposedly was held a prisoner who knew of the location of at least one of the Arcturos gems needed to activate the artifacts they had obtained from Lassivirin's vault. Retrieving this, they continued on to try to find Alrond and Joanna. By this time Alrond had fought his way through the complex by himself and managed to find the bedchamber that Joanna was imprisoned in. He freed her and as they left they reunited with Korock and Faynor. As they raced to escape the complex, the holographic image of Sojan Valethor confronted them telling them that the Acturos artifacts were never meant to be wielded by anyone ever again and insisted that the party leave them be, but they all ignored his warning. Sojan also warned them that he intended to send assassins after them all in retaliation for slaying his mentor, Lassivirin. The party pressed on, and they became lost in the winding mazes of the complex and in so doing found an area used as a prison block for enemies of the Cult. In the cells they found six men. One of them was a half-elf named Rajak and a human named Dahmu. The four others were elves who claimed to be soldiers that served under Rajak and were loyal to him. Dahmu was Rajak's second in command. The party freed the captives and Rajak showed the way out of the compound. They agreed to stay with the party to help them fight agents of the Cult, for Rajak claimed the Cult and its agents destroyed his entire colony, of which he was the last member of the clan left alive. The news of the destruction of the cult as well as the death of the man who had raped her eased Joanna's sorrow somewhat, but what really brought Joanna back from the brink was being united with her 3 daughters, who were healthy and safe. Joanna soon resolved to shove the traumatic memories of being raped into the back of her mind and instead chose to focus on the blessings of her life, like having her daughters alive and well.
  After escaping from the Cult, Joanna, her daughters and her companions traveled to Verbobonc via a riverboat they chartered out of Dyvers. The boat captain and some of the crewman made numerous attempts to seduce Joanna when Korock wasn't around, but she refused their advances. Once in Verbobonc, Joanna went to the city's Guild of Wizardry, and although not a recognized member of the Guild, she made use of her charm and beauty to persuade them to grant her access to their teleportation arch, and with it they all materialized in Falsridge, cutting their travel time by nearly 2 weeks. Joanna made the difficult decision to have her three daughters adopted out to some of the commoners in the land so that they wouldn't be targets for further trouble, hoping for them a semblance of a normal life. So, with the utmost secrecy Joanna gave her three daughters to three different families that lived in different parts of Veluna and she never saw them again. Afterwards Joanna arranged for Alrond, Rajak, Dahmu, and Faynor to be trained by the best in the city while she herself studied under her old mentor. However, Joanna couldn't find anyone to train Korock because he was an "uncouth barbarian".
   During her free time Joanna kept her mind preoccupied from the horrors she had endured since she had left the palace walls by investigating the Acturos artifacts in the royal library and found that Acturos was in fact a mad warrior that lived over 800 years ago. He was obsessed with driving the gods and all extra-planar creatures from Oerth and had created three magical artifacts to help him in his quest. These items had the ability to drive agents from another plane of existence off of his world or to utterly destroy them. Acturos was defeated as the deity's avatars from the outer planes joined forces to defeat him. The items were scattered across the globe and guarded by the most powerful creatures and traps.

Logray, Korock Barbarian Tutor

  While her other companions were being trained, Joanna agreed to help Korock find someone to train him. They traveled to Veluna City, the home of Logray, a venerated and much sought after teacher of warriors of all kinds. He had a large complex located in the heart of the city and Korock, accompanied by Joanna, went in to ask to train him. Logray was already far too busy to accept any new students and so he refused Korock. Logray, however, instantly recognized the legendary Joanna Del Zoltan standing behind Korock, and as with all men, her unearthly beauty stirred intense lust for her the likes he never felt for anyone. Overcome with awe, he invited Joanna to dinner with him, but Korock made it clear that she "belonged" to him. This irritated Logray so he slammed the door in their faces. Korock, a very chauvinistic and selfish man, chose to make an indecent proposal to essentially prostitute Joanna out to Logray in exchange for him teaching Korock new fighting techniques. Logray was stunned the magnificent Joanna of Falsridge would agree to such an obscene bargain, but due to the powerful effects of the love potion, Joanna was essentially a slave to Korock's will and was willing to oblige to make her lover happy. But secretly Joanna planned to sweet talk her way out of actually having sex with Logray when the time came.
  That night Joanna met with Logray as promised. Joanna tried to stall him as long as possible,  planning to use her charm to sweet talk Logray out of his immoral bargain, and she was confident she could do so. However, Joanna knew she couldn't get away without so much as kissing him, so she allowed him to. Once Logray kissed Joanna on her lips the love potion mysteriously reactivated and Joanna fell in love with him as well, another unforeseen side effect of having mixed two magical potions together. Logray and Joanna made love that night, and unknown to Korock the two would secretly meet three more times during the next two weeks while Korock trained.

Wandering in Veluna City

   During the day Joanna tried to find things to keep herself preoccupied while Logray tutored Korock. She would either go walking about the city, study her magical tomes, or would go to the training grounds to watch Korock practice. She even attended a theater in Veluna City's Artisans District where she got to see dancers from all over the world perform for a large audience. This put in her mind the desire to take up dancing again, and so she approached some of them, and asked them to teach her some of their dances. In a single afternoon she learned and mastered a variety of dances, impressing her teachers so much she was invited to become part of their traveling dancing troupe, Harlan's Minstrels. She reluctantly had to decline; her desire and love for Korock required her to stay by his side.
  Joanna's excursions in the city quickly attracted the attentions of dozens of amorous men who began to stalk Joanna everywhere she went. Thoroughly engrossed with sightseeing Veluna City, she didn't notice she was being followed until some of them made their attempt to seduce her in various locations throughout the day. After politely rebuffing their advances numerous times, her excursions into the city began to grow more dangerous as the lustful men she encountered became agitated and more sexually frustrated until finally a few days later a group of them conspired to ambush her. Later that day they saw Joanna strolling through the city and they advanced on her. Joanna noticed them and could sense something nefarious about their intent and she began to walk in the opposite direction away from them. They began to follow her, and as they did Joanna began to fear for her safety and began to run from them and they gave chase. Joanna turned down between two rows of buildings in the hopes of eluding them but instead ran into another group of men who had been laying in wait for her. Surrounded with both directions blocked by a group of lust hungry men, Joanna prepared to defend herself. Joanna exchanged some terse words with her assailants and when they began to close in on her menacingly, Joanna cast a series of spells that surprised and stunned most of them with fear because they didn't know she was a sorceress. There were two of their number, however, that were veterans and suspected Joanna was indeed capable of throwing magic, and were not taken by surprise by her sudden aptitude in defending herself. A brief struggle ensued between her and the two men, as they tore at her clothes and tried to grapple her to the ground. She let out an emphatic scream for help, and several townsfolk came to her rescue, and just in time to save her from being cruelly raped by the two men. She was escorted back to Logray's training compound and she concluded it was no longer safe for her to wander the city unprotected. She falsely assumed her reputation as the princess of Falsridge would protect her, but quickly learned this was not so, even in such a morally pious city like Veluna City. So she spent the rest of her time at the compound watching Korock train, but still began to grow restless and bored as the days wore on.


One day, one of Logray's other students, a barbarian by the name of Myrmidikis, spotted Joanna on the steps as she lazily watched Korock practice. Logray was tutoring Myrmidikis prior to Korock's arrival but his training was put aside so that Logray could squeeze Korock into his already busy schedule. He now was spending his days roaming the halls of the coliseum and, like Joanna, was trying to find something with which to preoccupy himself. Joanna and Myrmidikis struck up a conversation and the two seemed to enjoy each others company a great deal. Myrmidikis offered to give Joanna a tour of Logray's complex and she agreed, relieved that someone was willing to save her from another boring afternoon. They toured the training compound and talked about their personal histories, and Joanna was fast becoming friends with the blonde haired barbarian. Myrmidikis, however, had ulterior motives and once the two were alone he surprised her by abruptly grabbing her and kissing her on the lips. Unfortunately for her the Love potion once again activated and Joanna was quickly overwhelmed with lust for Myrmidikis, as both raced to Myrmidikis' quarters and hurriedly shed their clothes and made love. She was now very confused for she was in love with three different men at the same time. She retreated back to the main training arena and met with Korock who had begun to wonder where she had gone. She tried to fight her feelings for Myrmidikis and had managed to avoid him for many days but finally she couldn't fight it any longer and, while watching Korock train, she left the arena and searched desperately for Myrmidikis. She found him and the two retreated back to his bedchamber and once again began to make love. Meanwhile Korock had grown suspicious and abruptly cancelled the lessons for the day and began to search the complex for Joanna. While passing Myrmidikis' quarters he overheard the familiar moaning and groaning of two people having sex. He recognized Joanna's voice and immediately smashed open the door. His eyes fell on Myrmidikis having sex with Joanna from behind, and she was so thoroughly enjoying it, bucking her hips enthusiastically as she squealed with pleasure, that she hardly noticed they had been caught in the act. Infuriated, Korock attacked Myrmidikis and severely wounded him as Joanna, filled with guilt and fear, silently watched them fight. Korock had beaten Myrmidikis into submission and Korock threw his half-conscious body out of the window and into the street. Myrmidikis landed on his head, killing him instantly. Joanna and Korock argued for a long time and after Joanna was thoroughly cowed by Korock, she apologized, dressed herself, and scampered back to their quarters. Joanna and Korock didn't talk to each other for some time afterwards.

The Quest Begins

  Logray acted quickly and hid Myrmidikis's body before it was discovered, quietly disposing of it for Joanna's sake. Although he wasn't overly fond of Korock and had no compunctions about turning him over to the authorities, Joanna had begged for him to help. Logray was smitten with her, and so for her sake he did his best at covering up the murder. Before any suspicions were raised, Joanna and Korock headed back to Falsridge to reunite with the rest of their companions and once there spend the next few days in the city gathering supplies and creating a strategy to assault the Cult of Lassivirin's underground compound to rescue the one who knew the location of all three of the Acturos Gems. Using the telportation arch, they transported to the Guild of Wizardry in Verbobonc, and using her charms persuaded the Guildmaster to allow them to use their arch to transport them to Hookhill, cutting their travel time by nearly two weeks.


 According to the map the Cults secret base was located somewhere deep within the Dim Forest. Unfortunately, neither Joanna nor any of her companions knew much about the Dim Forest or where to begin looking for the base and so it was fortunate that Joanna's arrival to Hookhill reached the ears of Hookhill's liege lord, Commandant of the Gran March Magnus Vrianian, and invited her to have dinner with him and stay in his keep as an honored guest. Joanna told Magnus about her quest, and he was so smitten by her beauty and charm that he ordered a writ that commanded his best scout Anmar to assist them in finding the underground complex where the one who knew the location of all three Acturos Gems was being kept. The next day they traveled to Forest Watch, a keep on the outskirts of the Dim Forest and met with Anmar, an elf ranger, and he joined with them.
 After an arduous journey they found the entrance to the lair. However, it wasn't one of the Cults lairs but was instead a laboratory where they did weird experiments on the undead. They fought their way through the masses of undead abominations until they reached the cell of the man reportedly known to have the knowledge of the location of all three Arcturos Gems. He was a drow elf, dark skinned evil relatives to normal elves. The party freed the Drow from his prison, but he refused to tell them where to find the three gems, warning them that no one should come into their possession. The party was not deterred and persuaded him, using violence and various manipulating magic to get the information they sought. They brought him along with them out of the citadel and he reluctantly traveled with the group for a few days until one day he fought back in revenge. He managed to severely wound three of their number before he finally fell under Faynor's sword.
 Armed with new information on the location of the three Arcturos Gems they traveled southward towards the Duchy of Geoff where the first Gem was to be found. The party traveled through the forest and came across a small lumberjack community. They were welcomed into their village and gave them food and lodgings for the night. However, the village was actually a community of werewolves and after nightfall the party was ambushed. The leader of the pack attacked Joanna but she managed to use her magic skill to defeat him. The rest of the party defeated their attackers, but not without some losses. The guide who directed their way was slain by one of the werewolves. The party was now lost within the Dim Forest. Undaunted, they left the village and attempted to find their way out of the forest by themselves. Fortunately, Faynor had some experience in navigating north and south and they made their way out of the Dim Forest.

The Ruins of Torinvale

  Once they exited the forest, they found themselves in the Duchy of Geoff, now occupied by giants and humanoids, and towards the Crystalmist Mountains, a huge mountain range that spanned the length of the continent separating East from West. They found the ruins of Torinvale where, according to the Drow, there lays an old dwarven fortress laid heavily with traps that protected the gem that was to fit into the Shield. They searched around the mountain for many days until they finally came across a pair of huge doors made of solid iron with a sword and shield decorating both of them. They used magic to gain entrance and once inside the massive swords that adorned the doors came to life and attacked them as though it were held by someone invisible. They managed to destroy the swords and found the inside foyer to the dwarven fortress was littered with centuries old dead bodies, some human, others elves, but most of them were dwarves. They made their way through the carnage and as they did the armor and weapons also came to life and attacked the party. Too many to defend against they fled deeper into the underground complex, suffered through a series of traps and came to a room that held the first Acturos Gem. They soon learned that it was not in fact the real gem but a fake that triggered another trap that nearly killed all of them, but fortunately no one died. They found the real gem was completely invisible and was sitting on a pedestal in the same room. With Joanna's help they dispelled the invisibility, and took it from its resting place, thus causing yet another trap to be sprung. The door to the room sealed shut with no means to escape. The party, though, had an ace up their sleeve and used a magic item they had acquired in their travels that allowed them to teleport out of the room to safety with the first gem in hand. They tried to fit the gem into the Shield but it would pop out, magically rejecting the gem until all three gems were found. Encouraged by their success with their first acquisition they returned to Hochoch, to discover any more clues as to where they could find the 2nd Acturos Gem.
  While resting at an inn in Hochoch, an assassin under the employ of the Cult of Lassivirin sneaked into Faynor's room in an attempt to kill him, but Rajak came to his aid and saved him from being killed. The assassin managed to escape, however.

The Fire Giant, the Gnome, and His Hidden Lair

  With no more clues from which to draw upon the group decided to enlist the aid of a sage who reportedly lived in the Lortmil Mountains far to the east. They depart Hochoch, wary of the elusive assassin who surely was tracking their movements, and headed out to find the sage located somewhere along the treacherous Ulek Pass from the Duchy of Ulek to the elven kingdom of Celene. It was an arduous trip, taking roughly 2 weeks to reach the Lortmils. While winding their way through the rugged terrain they were stopped by a Fire Giant who tried to extort from them of their possessions in exchange for their passage through the narrow gorge. They of course, did not relent and a fight ensued. The giant was surprisingly impervious to damage while he seemed to be hurting them with discouraging ease. Alrond cleverly deduced the giant's true nature and informed the rest of them that he wasn't real, that he was a magical illusion. Joanna cast Dispel Magic and the Fire Giant disappeared. They searched for the person responsible for the illusion and found a gnome hiding in a secret cave, the entrance hidden by another illusion that made it look like the surrounding rock walls of the gorge. The gnome set off a series of traps to halt the progress of the adventurers but they pressed on, eventually cornering the gnome. He surrendered and begged for his life and in return gave them the location where they could find the sage they sought. While the party discussed among themselves what to do next, the gnome sneaked over to his secret stash of magical items and used his Wand of Wonder to expel the ones who invaded his home. The wand, unfortunately, often had unexpected results and he inadvertently turned himself into a rabbit, only to be eaten by a hawk when he hopped outside to escape. The party helped themselves to the gnome's considerable horde that he had acquired through his extortion of travelers over the years and Joanna took claim a very unique and powerful Ring of Regeneration, the magical item that would save her life repeatedly over the years.  
  Once the spoils were divided among them they rested for the night, and when morning came they set out to find the sage using the gnome's directions he had given them. They found the sage eventually and he told them a series of riddles that were cryptic and confusing, even giving clues to the rest of the party what Korock had really done to make Joanna fall in love with him. The sage informed them that the next clue to finding the 2nd Acturos Gem was kept by a "man who is, but is not". He told them to help the people of the village of Brede, south west of Niole Dra. A mystery was there and when they solve it, they shall have the clue they need to find the second Acturos Gem.

The Love Potion Dispelled

  They traveled by riverboat down the Sheldomar River, landing in Niole Dra. Once again, Joanna's fame preceded her and King Kimbertos Skotti invited Joanna to stay at the palace as his guest. Bathed and pampered for the first time since leaving Hookhill 7 weeks earlier, Joanna felt refreshed and like a princess again. The king was of course greatly attracted to Joanna, and lavished her with compliments and gifts. But Joanna politely explained she wasn't interested in him. Meanwhile at an inn in Niole Dra, the party members debated among each other in secret about what to do with Korock's apparent use of magic that made Joanna his virtual love slave. They did notice her change in behavior since their assault on Lassivirin's citadel; especially Alrond, who knew Joanna's former reservations about having sex since it took so long for him to seduce her, even despite the fact she believed she was doomed to die. They speculated Korock had charmed her somehow, but until the sage revealed to them the truth, albeit through riddles, they had no proof. They confronted Korock and demanded he free her from the potions power over Joanna but he scoffed at them.
 The following morning Joanna reunited with her teammates and headed south to Brede. When they arrived there they schemed to get Joanna alone from Korock to inform her what Korock had done to her. She didn't believe them, of course, for she was fully under the power of the love potion. So on Planting 27th, the rest of the group, led by Faynor, cast a spell on her that destroyed the effects of the love potion, and she regained her freewill once more. Free from the love potion for the first time in over 4 months she and Korock got into a heated argument when she confronted him about what he had done.  She stormed out of the room they had been sharing and proceeded on drinking herself into a stupor in the tavern downstairs in an attempt to drown her shame. She was quickly surrounded by a group of men, and they plied her with drinks and soon she was quite inebriated. They took advantage of her dulled wits and led her into one of the communal sleeping rooms the men had been staying in and tried to seduce her. She resisted their charms but they were all mad with lust and began to force themselves on her, grabbing at her clothes, kissing her and suckling on her breasts. Her pleas for them to stop and let her go were ignored, but the innkeeper, sensing trouble, went to investigate what the men were doing with her, and listened intently from the other side of the door. Meanwhile, one of the men had dropped his pants, and when he attempted to mount her she let out a scream for help, which was clearly heard by the innkeeper outside. He raced downstairs and retrieved one his strongmen and kicked down the door to the private room where they witnessed one of the men ravishing Joanna on one of the bunks. They rescued her, and had the men promptly arrested, while dressing and comforting Joanna, who was crying from the awful experience. The innkeeper knew that Joanna and Korock had a room together, and so he led her back to her room, where Korock thanked them for helping her back. Once alone, Korock proceeded on forcing himself on her one last time. Because she was drunk, her struggle against him proved useless and he succeeded in taking advantage of her.

The Haunting of Brede

  The next morning Joanna awoke and couldn't remember the events of the previous evening at all, having been so drunk she suffered from alcohol-induced amnesia. She was naked and in bed with Korock, so it was more than obvious what had transpired between them that night and she was disgusted with herself for bedding someone who had essentially enslaved her as his personal sex toy for the past 4 months. After getting dressed and cleaning herself up, she met the others outside and made a point to avoid Korock, whom she now hated with a passion. Her relationship with Korock ended on bad terms because of what he had done to her, but for the sake of everyone she chose to restrain her hostility towards him.
 Just as the sage had foretold. strange happenings had been plaguing the place. Magical items, heirlooms to some of the villagers, were disappearing, a caravan carrying gold coins, the taxes due by the villagers to their lord, disappeared, and tales of hellish hounds prowling the woods to the east. At night their strange howling could be heard echoing in the darkness. The group made some inquiries into the strange goings on in the area and found one man, a gravedigger, who claimed a vampire had taken residence in the cemetery to the east, where the strange howling came from, and was too scared to return to his work. With a solid lead where to begin their search, the party traveled to the graveyard during the day, but found nothing except for dog tracks and the footprints of, they assumed, the gravedigger before he left. They decided to return to the cemetery at night, when the hauntings manifested themselves.
  When night fell they returned and noticed that a thin layer of fog drifted over the landscape, and seemed to be magical in nature because it flowed against the wind. As they searched the place the party was attacked by a pack of dogs that were horrific in appearance. They had no hair, their skin was jet black and covered in scars, and their eyes glowed a devilish red. Each of them wore a gold collar that glowed with a magical hue. They dispatched the dogs after a hard won battle, and they inspected the beasts and the collars they wore. Joanna was intrigued by the collars, suspecting that the magic that enchanted them might in some way lead them to the one behind all of weirdness they had encountered. They continued searching the cemetery for many hours but found nothing. Their searching was hindered by the fog which had gotten so thick they couldn't see 10 feet in front of them. Joanna believed that the place this "vampire" was hiding was concealed by a powerful illusion and that anyone wearing the collars could somehow see through it. Against the advice of her companions she put the collar around her neck and immediately came under the powerful mind control of some unknown creature, and obeying his telepathic commands she ran as fast as she could towards the source of the summons. The others lost her in the thick fog, and as they searched for her they were again ambushed, this time by ghouls who also wore versions of the golden collars found on the dogs. Meanwhile, Joanna eventually came to a guard tower and went inside where she was greeted by Vorzan, a Pseudo-Vampire, who was himself a skilled magician who sought to create an undead army controlled by the collars he created.
  Pseudo-Undead were creatures that resembled physically undead creatures like zombies, ghouls, and vampires, but possessed none of the vulnerabilities that undead possessed (like vampires aversion to garlic and holy water, for example).
  Vorzan was quite surprised to see Joanna appear at his doorstep with one of the collars around her neck, a slave to his every command. He wasted no time in taking advantage of this gift and ordered her to follow him upstairs to his bedchamber. There he ordered her to remove her clothes and make love to him, and Joanna, helpless to resist, obeyed his command. Joanna found Vorzan to have amazing stamina, so much so that they barely managed to finish when her companions entered the lower levels of the tower, which they found by using the other collars as a makeshift divining rod. He ordered her to put her clothes back on and to help him kill the invaders. Joanna obeyed and fought against her companions and friends when they made it to Vorzan's bedchamber. Korock fell into a deadly trap set by Vorzan and he suffocated to death in Vorzan's magical Rug of Welcome before anyone could free him. Still, the others barely managed to defeat Vorzan and Joanna after a terrible battle. Vorzan was put to the sword while Joanna was freed from the collar that controlled her. Once free Joanna couldn't remember what happened after she first donned the collar, but because she felt that familiar sensation she always had after making love she knew she must have done it while under the collars influence, but with whom exactly she could only suspect. As Joanna recuperated from the battle the others searched Vorzan's possessions, finding not only the villagers lost coins but a sealed box with a magical amulet inside along with a sealed note that contained a riddle that hinted that the next Acturos gem was hidden in Celene, the kingdom of the elves. Also among the items found in Vorzan's treasure vault was a magical amulet, which they later learned to be an Amulet of Etherealness, able to make an individual not only invisible but able to pass through walls intangibly.

The Priests of Nerull

  The group, after informing the villagers they were free from the hauntings, traveled back to Niole Dra. Joanna stayed at the palace once again while the others stayed at an inn. The others began looking for a temple who was willing to resurrect Korock, but as they searched, priests of the evil god Nerull stole Korock's body and took it to their secret underground lair. Joanna was informed of what happened and she joined her companions to retrieve Korock's body, although a part of her didn't want to see him brought back to life, for she truly hated Korock for violating her. They found the evil religion's lair and were set upon by horrid beasts, and spells cast by the priests that were terrifying in their power. They battled their way into the temple room where they were conducting some ritual rite on Korock's body. Joanna and her companions attacked the priests, who fought back angrily, and Joanna's party defeated them, if only barely. But just when they thought the nightmare was over, Korock's body came to life. No one was sure what to do or think, but when Korock mindlessly attacked the group they were forced to defend themselves. Whatever the evil priests were doing to Korock reanimated his body, and also made him incredibly powerful. Even Joanna's magic didn't seem to affect him, but somehow they all managed to avoid being killed by Korock's dead body. Despite several of the party members being gravely injured in fighting Korock, they still somehow managed to defeat him, forced to utterly destroy his physical form in order to simply stay alive. With his body chopped into tiny pieces, there was no hope of resurrecting Korock back to live. The Helm of Acturos, formerly owned by Korock, was passed on to Rajak who had remained a faithful and worthy companion in their travels together. A couple of days later, they left for Celene, stopping in Tringlee for supplies before heading through the Lortmil Mountains along the Celene Pass.

Captured by the Elves of Celene

The inhabitants of the elven kingdom of Celene did not like outsiders and the party was captured soon after entering their borders when the light from their campfire alerted the elven patrols of their presence. Alrond escaped using the Amulet of Etherealness. The patrol that captured the party searched for him but to no avail, and Alrond shadowed the group, plotting a means to rescue his companions. They were taken to Enstad and were imprisoned there. The elves knew of Joanna through songs that had been sung about her and so she was allowed to have an audience before Queen Yolande, if for no other reason than to satisfy Yolande's curiosity whether or not the tales about her beauty were true. Joanna pleaded her case to Yolande, keeping secret their plans on stealing the second Acturos gem that they suspected Yolande kept hidden. Yolande was impressed by Joanna's charm and beauty, but her disdain of outsiders could not be swayed. She rejected Joanna's request to have them freed, but instead decided to let Joanna go free for fear of incurring a political backlash of imprisoning a much-loved member of Velunese aristocracy. While Joanna was escorted to the northern border of Celene, Alrond searched for the other captives. The amulet allowed him to walk through walls like a ghost and during his searches he found a secret chamber deep in the bowels of the royal dwellings. There lay the second Acturos gem, and on the floor of the chamber was engraved a map of the Rift Canyon where the last and final gem was hidden. Alrond scribbled a draft of the map onto some parchment he had with him and stole the gem from the chamber as he proceeded on finding a way to free Rajak, Dahmu, and his soldiers. He eventually managed to find the group's possessions taken from them when they were captured and stole away with them. He traveled north and rendezvoused with Joanna at Castle Hagthar, where she was busy marshaling forces to help her rescue her companions. There they hatched a scheme to rescue the rest of them. Alrond traveled back to Enstad while Joanna stayed at the castle. Using illusions and misdirection, Alrond managed to free Faynor, Rajak, Dahmu, and the other four men from their cells and they escaped north with an elvish platoon of the Queens most dangerous soldiers hot on their heels. Rajak's soldiers sacrificed their lives in slowing down the patrol, intercepting them so their master could escape. The others made it to the border just as the patrol overtook them, but were stopped by a small army gathered at the border by Joanna. The elves were turned back and everyone was free except for the unfortunate fact that it cost the lives of Rajak's men.
  Using the teleportation arch in Verbobonc once again, they transported to Falsridge, and there they rested for a few days as royal guests to Princess Joanna. Duke O'Rion took quite an interest in the adventurer's tales of daring during their banquets, although they kept hidden from him the true nature of the items they were hoping to empower, as well as protecting Joanna's honor, tarnished from the events that befell her over the past year. Joanna and some of the best scholars in the palace studied Alrond's scribbled map he transcribed earlier, and had a modified, more accurate map drawn up for the party, and with it they expected to have no problem finding the hiding place for the last Acturos gem.

The Journey to the Rift Canyon

   A week of rest in Falsridge empowered the group to continue on with their quest and they set out towards the Rift Canyon to the east, where the last Acturos Gem was to be found. Using the teleportation arch they arrived in Verbobonc in the hopes of finding a warrior to replace Korock and Rajak's men. They commissioned a town crier to advertise for them and the first one to respond was a huge Touv man (a human dark-skinned people resembling Earth's Africans) named Wez. Standing 6 ½ feet tall, every inch of his dark body was covered with massive muscles and his impressive physique seemed to be carved out of stone. He was friendly but somewhat intimidating, and the others immediately recognized he was more than what they were looking for. They hired him on the spot, and returned to the Guild of Wizardry to have them teleport Joanna and her companions to Radigast City, the closest arch they could get to the Rift Canyon. Joanna's frequent unannounced use of the arch had begun to annoy the senior guildmaster, especially since Joanna wasn't a member of the Guild, but because the elderly man greatly lusted after Joanna, he refrained from saying anything.
 The lands where the Rift Canyon was located was deep in the territory claimed by Iuz the evil during the Greyhawk Wars, and it was crawling with evil humanoids, undead, evil priests and mages, and even demons. To avoid hostile encounters as much as possible, they took a boat along the Artonsomay River, disembarking shortly before reaching Rowyna so as to avoid rumors from leaking into the lands held by Iuz, for Joanna would be a great prize for the evil demi-god. As they traveled across land, Wez was not discreet in his obvious attraction to Joanna, and they flirted with each other incessantly. She, in turn, was visibly very attracted to the huge man, his bulging muscles and incredibly handsome face sending her heart aflutter whenever she looked at him, but her flirtations were intended to be harmless and innocent. Wez's flirtations began to be more serious and he began to make advances on her, but even though she was quite taken with him, she politely turned him down every time, trying to remain celibate in order to restore her honor that she had lost over the past year. This frustrated Wez enormously because he knew she was attracted to him and all of their flirting was just wasted pretense.
  Then one day Wez secretly spied on Joanna as she bathed in a creek. The sight of her inhumanly beautiful body naked inflamed Wez beyond his ability to resist, and prompted him to act rashly. When Joanna finished cleaning herself she discovered her clothes were missing, and as she searched, Wez revealed his presence wearing nothing himself except for Joanna's missing loincloth he humorously donned. She tried to hide her nakedness modestly, demanding Wez to give her back her clothes, but he shocked her by removing her loincloth and offering it back to her while standing completely naked. She was stunned not only by his incredible muscular physique, but also by the massive size of his quickly stiffening erection, which was larger than even she imagined a man could be. Spinning to face the other way and hide her obvious arousal, she feigned being offended and demand he leave before she screamed and alert the rest of their companions. Wez, however, saw through her façade and relentlessly badgered her about her duplicity, and the two argued back and forth, both growing increasingly frustrated with each other with each passing moment. Finally Wez was driven so mad with lust that he abruptly ended their fight by grabbing her from behind, lifting her as though she weighed nothing and pushed her face down onto a huge boulder that lay beside the creek. Joanna made a half-hearted effort to escape his grasp, but a perverse part of her lusted for Wez, a fact that became abundantly clear to Wez when he bent her over and saw that her womanhood was wet with desire despite her struggles and protests. The sight emboldened Wez, and when he impaled her from behind she reciprocated him with a squeal of pleasure, her "chaste and demure" act gradually dissolving away with each of his mighty thrusts. Wez's erection was massively huge, the largest she ever had, and after a few moments struggling to accommodate his size, she grew accustomed to his girth and was instantly rewarded by a powerful orgasm, the first she had since her unfortunate experience with Hawkmoon nearly a year prior. Her orgasmic screams alerted Rajak who rushed to her rescue only to discover Wez ontop of her on the grass, with Joanna arms and legs clamped tightly around his broad and muscular body. Her shrill vocalizations made it clear to him that she was in fact an enthusiastic participant instead of a damsel in distress, urging her dark-skinned lover on as Rajak spied on them from a distance. The sight was hypnotizing, but eventually he managed to pull himself together and return to camp without alerting either Joanna or Wez of his presence. Wez managed to bring Joanna to another orgasm before he finished their coupling with a series of loud grunts and determined thrusts, leaving both reeling in utter euphoria. it was several minutes before either of them had the strength to move. After meekly clothing themselves, Joanna put on her noble princess act again and tried to pretend nothing happened as they returned to camp, and Wez chose to go along with the charade. She kept what happened between them a secret because she was trying to prove to everyone she was indeed a moral and chaste princess trying to redeem her past, but she was unaware that her tryst with Wez was witnessed by Rajak. Fortunately he was chivalrous and told no one of what he saw that day on the side of the creek. Joanna, for her part, found it difficult to forget the experience, and from that day onward nearly every time she gazed at Wez it stirred within her feelings of desire as she remembered having sex with him and how he brought her to climax. She of course was ashamed she had such immoral longings and did her best to repress them. When she bathed each morning, a part of her hoped that Wez would visit her once again, but when he didn't show, Joanna felt ashamed for desiring something so wicked.

The Return of Hawkmoon and Kayen Telva

   A few days later as they traveled in the Rift Canyon they encountered two men everyone thought they would never see again; Hawkmoon and Kayen Telva. Despite the bad blood between them the two ingratiated themselves to everyone, apologizing for the misdeeds of their past. The others were skeptical, and watched them both closely. They offered their services, claiming to know the Rift Canyon better than anyone alive, and could help them avoid the many bandit ambushes the party had already encountered. They were true to their word, and led them all to the entrance of the last lair of the Acturos gem, behaving respectably and kindly the whole time. Hawkmoon and Kayen even offered to help them through the trap-laden lair, in exchange of course for a share of any loot they might find. The rest agreed and they entered the dungeon.

The Last Acturos Gem

   As was expected, traps both mundane and magical filled the place. They pressed on past them, defeating some while suffering through others, until they came to a room where on the opposite wall was a huge stone relief of a Suloise warrior holding a sword set into the wall, it's legs forming the archway of a door leading into the next room. A statue resembling the relief on the wall stood in the middle of the room and immediately came to life when the group entered, warning them the dangers of activating the Acturos artifacts. He informed them he couldn't allow any to pass and a battle ensued with the animated statue. They defeated the golem, and went into the next room through the carved archway where they found the last of the Acturos gems sitting on a pedestal. But standing between them and the gem were 2 creatures, both not from this plane of existence. The first resembled a lion with a human head and wings, the other a demonic monstrosity that resembled a four armed bat. They both warned the group that the Acturos artifacts were not to be reactivated, and they would stop them by any means necessary. The group ignored them and attacked the creatures. It was the fiercest battle any of them ever experienced, and if it wasn't for Joanna's Ring of Regeneration she most surely would have perished from her wounds. But the group, with the help of Hawkmoon and Kayen, managed to defeat them. During the battle Hawkmoon was witnessed to have thrown himself in front of Joanna to stop a blow that would have killed her, and so the rest of the party was convinced of his benevolence.
   The party rested for some time until everyone was healed from their wounds and able to travel once again before attempting to take the last Acturos gem off of the pedestal. But once Joanna did the entire lair began to shake and rumble, the walls and ceiling collapsing all around them. They began to run for the exit and as they passed through the archway, the relief of the Suloise warrior came to life, pulling itself out of the wall. The wall collapsed as it did so, momentarily trapping Rajak and Wez inside while the rest ran as fast as they could to escape from the gargantuan golem that chased after the gem. Hawkmoon and Joanna ran ahead while the others struggled to keep up. They eventually made it outdoors, and Hawkmoon unrolled his magical flying carpet so they could escape. Without wasting any time he violently grabbed Joanna, threw her onto the carpet, and flew high into the sky with her before she or anyone else could stop him. As they climbed she accidentally lost her grip on the gem and it fell to the ground where the rest of the party was busy defending themselves from the giant statue. The party wondered why Hawkmoon didn't wait for the rest of them until Kayen screamed up at Hawkmoon, calling him a backstabber. They recovered the gem and as they fled from the golem they suddenly began to realize that Hawkmoon had in fact kidnapped Joanna, leaving Kayen behind. During the escape, Dahmu, Rajak's second in command, perished at the hands of the golem while freeing Rajak and Wez. The others retrieved the gem and fled with it out of the Rift Canyon, taking Kayen as their prisoner. He revealed that their endearment towards them all was just a ruse planned methodically by Hawkmoon to kidnap Joanna. After that, they intended to share her between them as a sex slave.

Kidnapped By Hawkmoon
  Rajak and Wez eventually met up again with the others and were told what Hawkmoon had done with Joanna. Rajak used his Crystal Ball to magically see her current location and to see if she was alright. What he saw shocked him. Somewhere high in the sky on a magical carpet he saw Hawkmoon furiously raping Joanna dog-style. Although ashamed of witnessing such a sight, Joanna's naked beauty captivated him and he couldn't pull himself away from spying on them. He was surprised to see her pleas for him to stop soon dissolve into cries of pleasure and eventually screams of orgasmic rapture as he brought her to climax. After that Joanna seemingly went mad, bucking her hips and emphatically urging Hawkmoon onward. She was clearly loving the experience, and her complete transformation from a hapless victim into a wildly enthusiastic partner left Rajak a little bewildered, and not a little aroused. After witnessing the entire ordeal he put away the Crystal Ball and informed the party he couldn't tell exactly where they were or where they were heading, but she was not dead. He chose not to tell them what Hawkmoon was doing to her, partly because he wasn't quite sure if she was any longer an unwilling participant, but also to protect her reputation. Still, the images of Joanna naked and having sex with Wez and now Hawkmoon had been etched indelibly in his mind, and he had difficulty concentrating on anything else. The others noticed he was distracted and knew he was hiding something, but exactly what no one could guess.
  Meanwhile nearly two miles above the ground, Hawkmoon steered his flying carpet south to Radigast City to escape Joanna's friends that surely were trying to find them. Hawkmoon intimidated Joanna into telling him where they could hide from her teammates, and the only place Joanna could think of was the hidden lair that belonged to the gnome that used illusions they encountered 2 months ago or so. It took Hawkmoon and Joanna 4 days to fly there and he forced himself upon her repeatedly during that time. Although she tried to fight it with all her will and might, Hawkmoon's rather large manhood, coupled with his astonishing skill, long stamina, and the kind of vigorous sex she loved, always managed to bring her to orgasm quickly, and once that happened she would transform into a sex-craved vixen that matched Hawkmoon's lustful enthusiasm. Afterwards, she would hate herself for being so "weak" in receiving pleasure from such a horrendous act committed upon her, and was even further ashamed by knowing that a part of her was so wicked that she began to look forward to him ravishing her. Each time he had sex with her, that guilt and shame became less and less until, after just a few days of her captivity, she became Hawkmoon's more-than-willing lover, frequently begging him to make love to her. Sex with Hawkmoon was the most amazingly explosive and pleasurable experience she ever had with anyone, able to bring her to heights of ecstasy the likes of which she never imagined possible. She had never met a man who was even close to his equal in bed. And he was, at least in her mind, the perfect physical specimen of manhood, rippling with muscles and gifted with a very large penis that seemed tailor-made for Joanna so as to maximize her pleasure without being too big that it would cause her any measure of discomfort. Hawkmoon was the by far the best lover she ever had, and it seemed to Joanna as if they were perfectly made for each other. Each of their lovemaking sessions were a new and wild experience of raw unadulterated lust, and frequently Hawkmoon would get her to such a state that she feared her sanity were about to crack from the intense pleasure he gave her, and sometimes her orgasms were so powerful she would pass out, her brain unable to handle so much ecstasy. It was inevitable that she soon became quite obsessed with Hawkmoon, as well as being obsessed with sex. They became wild and energetic lovers over the course of the next 2 months, having sex frequently and earnestly. For Joanna, Hawkmoon made her the happiest she had ever been, as depraved as their relationship was. She believed she had fallen head over heels in love with him.
  During their time together Joanna's personality drastically changed. Their debauched relationship of unhinged sex molded her from a proper noble-born princess into a wanton sex-crazed vixen that could make the most lascivious barmaid blush. She thought about sex constantly. She abandoned the moralities expected of an upright princess taught to her by her grandmother, the Duchess of Falsridge, and instead learned to embrace her lust with enthusiasm. Thus was born her duplicitous nature she would have to struggle against for the rest of her life, as the sensuous and very sexual facet of her personality warred against her moral and noble side. Hawkmoon fired a carnal passion in her she didn't realize even existed, and introduced to her a world she hadn't dreamed of. Joanna became quite the thrill-seeker as well, and one of the things she found exciting was having sex with Hawkmoon while on his flying carpet thousands of feet in the air. On two occasions, Hawkmoon mentally commanded the magic carpet to descend into the village of Barleytown, the closest settlement to their secret hideaway, and flew through the streets while having sex with Joanna, shocking the villagers at the spectacle but being completely unable to put a stop to it or even to really see who the naked couple was because they were flying too fast.
  Meanwhile, the rest of the party continued to pursue Hawkmoon and Joanna using Rajak's Crystal Ball as a sort of diving rod, which also meant that Rajak was forced to spy on them with somewhat regular frequency. He would sometimes catch them in the act of making love, and although he tried his best to look away, something about them compelled him to watch their visually stunning antics. It was obvious Joanna was completely enthralled with Hawkmoon, and Rajak attempted to convey that, in his opinion, Joanna didn't want or need to be rescued by them anymore and that they should leave them be. However, he couldn't explain exactly why he felt that way without revealing Joanna's sexual conduct, something he was sure she would hate him for should they ever meet again. Without any convincing proof, the party chose to ignore Rajak's opinion and continued onward in their quest to free Joanna from Hawkmoon.
In this chapter she and her companions begin a new quest. And she discovers that sometimes the people you think you can trust aren't trustworthy at all. 
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silverray42 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2011
What was that thing following Vassa anyways?
mjarrett1000 Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2011   Traditional Artist
It was a part of a curse from a mage who had a thing for summoning Earth elementals. Vassa once betrayed the mage, and the mage summoned the elemental (granted, it doesn't look like an Earth elemental, its something else) which was instructed to hound Vassa wherever he went, never allowing him to rest or stay in one place for long. I was going to reintroduce them later, but never got the chance.
Evil-Doppelganger Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
I've been REALLY enjoying reading Joanna's history. What's really impressed me is that so often you read erotica stories where the heroine just happens to be so stunningly beautiful that everyone wants to bed her, and she just happens to fall into bed with them at the drop of a hat, but that's not really her personality. It's so cliched and silly. But you've taken those tropes and turned them on their head in such a way that they actually make sense! It's very clever, and I can't wait to read more (or to see more of your wonderful artwork of Johanna).

BTW, are Johanna and Princess Aerline in the same world? If might be interesting to see what happened if these two went off adventuring together...
mjarrett1000 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011   Traditional Artist
naw. Princess Aerline was just a way for me to draw an erotic picture that didn't have Joanna in it. On Oerth (where Joanna lives) there isn't any human kingdom that borders a forest with a lot of fairy type creatures. The only one I can think of Axewood, and the kingdoms capitol city is about 80 miles away, too far for Aeriline to just walk or even ride there on a whim. I have no history on Aerline. She was a one shot deal. I mainly drew her thinking people were sick of Joanna.
Evil-Doppelganger Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
I can't imagine anyone getting sick of Joanna!

Just thought I'd ask about Aerline because I know next to nothing about Greyhawk/Oerth (back when I played D&D, we never bothered with any of the established settings).
mjarrett1000 Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011   Traditional Artist
fyi, Joanna's History part 3 and 4 are up.
Evil-Doppelganger Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2011
Thanks for the head's up ... guess I know what I'll be reading tonight!
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