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Agent 42X (pronounced forty-two X), has been my most popular character. I've created over 12 issues and 5 books as well as a new web series. While he has his own story line with numerous supporting characters and villains, it's sometimes nice to have him team-up with other OC's on DeviantArt.

PERSONALITY: A level-headed agent who cares about those close to him. Since he has been working for the government for some time, he's used to accepting missions and following orders. However, he tends to rebel when he disagrees with his higher-ups. 42X (pronounced forty-two ex, and also known as Jonathan Slade) is not a slacker and will go to any lengths in accomplishing his goal. Slade is a natural leader when needed, and has proven to be a trustworthy ally who will put himself in harms way before letting others be harmed. While he is mostly serious during missions, Slade can be sarcastic and possesses a wry sense of humor.

NOTE: It's important to note that his face plate and glider are part of his uniform, and cannot be used when out of uniform. His wrist gauntlets however are always a part of him, due to his metallic alloy casings on his arms. Also, his metallic alloy casings are permanently covered over his arms due to a serious burning incident - he is NOT robotic.

HISTORY: Jonathon Slade began working for the Havoc Unit, a government agency that specializes in covert operations. During a retrieval mission, Slade was severely wounded and became part of the Genesis program; enhancing parts of his body with metallic alloys.

Shortly after his remedies, Slade lost his fiancee during an assassination attempt meant for him. With a guilt too strong to handle, Slade attempts to come to grips with his past, while uncovering a conspiracy behind the truth of his fiancee's "death," and the men responsible for it.

During the Sigma Project operation, Slade finally located his fiance, Jennifer, who had been taken by the Shadow Society for testing using alien technology. As Slade was releasing her from her cryopod chamber, Reeves (Syndicate) attacked Slade and then shot Jennifer through the cryopod glass, giving him time to escape as Jennifer died in Slade's arms. With his fiance dead, Slade left the unit to mourn her loss, but it was only a matter of time before the unit requested his aid. Slade rejoined the unit knowing that members of the society were still a threat, and that Reeves was still active.

A short time later, the Government asked Slade to help them oversee a meta-human team to combat threats that couldn't be handled by the militaries of the world. Slade agreed and became the leader of Thunder Force.

Slade led the Thunder Force team for a few months until the infamous 'Freedom War' event. This event forced a new doctrine that placed heroes against heroes, which led to many of the Thunder Force members to become divided. Slade quit as leader of the team after the Thunder Force disassembled following the 'Freedom War'. A short time later, the Government organization known as RAPTOR asked Slade join their cause in detaining meta-human threats. Slade agreed and became the governments covert meta-human hunter.

However, following the events of 'Omega Rising', Slade and Christina Rogers (head of RAPTOR) got into a disagreement over the use of Vigil's powers, who had been captured by RAPTOR and used for their own deeds in order to rid meta-human threats. The plan backfired when Vigil's powers were magnified and not only removed Omega from power, but also every meta-human in the world, including Slade.

Three months later, Slade awoke in the middle of the arctic, unsure of how he got there, but aware that it had something to do with the Wave that resulted from Vigil's awakening. In the months to come, Slade tried to get a grasp of his life in this new world. As he walked home from a local bar, Slade was attacked by a rogue Teknoid and injected with an unknown formula. He later learned that the mysterious formula was a virus that attacks his immune system. With the help of Grace Winters, Slade found that the source of the virus was produced by Orbeta, the same company that Reeves is associated with. Slade set out to locate Reeves at Orbeta and question him about the virus. But while there, both Slade and Reeves were attacked by an army of Teknoids, During the battle, they learned that the leader of the Teknoids was Malik Rigg, who was alive but transformed by Reeves after his "death." Rigg eventually escaped after being outnumbered by Slade and Reeves, but vowed to return with a vengeance. Reeves then told Slade that he can cure him of the virus, but only if he worked for him. Knowing that without a cure, Slade would eventually die, so he agreed to work for Reeves until he can remove the virus and be free of his control.

Shortly after, Mighty American contacted Slade about expanding the Thunder Force team. Knowing that Slade was once the leader of the original team, he asked him to once again lead the Beta portion of the team. Slade accepted. The Thunder Force Beta team went through many missions, including containing the threat of Titus, as well as putting a stop to Veladius Redd and his A.R.E.S. forces. At the end of Heroes United, Veladius Redd was captured and held in a government run prison cell until he could be tried for his crimes. Slade, knowing that Redd might be aware of Christina Rogers' secret while using the vigilante helmet, questioned him of what he truly knew. Redd offered Slade a bargaining chip during the interrogation: free him from his cell and work for him, knowing that Rogers' secret will remain safe, or leave him to rot in the cell, but risk Redd sharing the secret with everyone during his trial and putting Rogers career in jeopardy. Tired of being used, Slade chose instead to remove Redd altogether, and shot him in the head, killing Veladius Redd. We later learn that Slade was able to hack into the governments security systems through unknown channels, and has since been ordered by the President to head the search for Redd's 'killer.'

During this time, Slade breaks into Thunder Force headquarters to locate the final component needed for his cure, but learns that Syndrome tricked him after he realizes that the location of the cure is empty. Some of the Thunder Force members become aware of Slade's break-in and confront him, leading to a battle where Slade temporarily immobilizes them so he can escape. Slade heads to Orbeta to face Syndrome of his deception. Syndrome informs Slade of his sinister plans, and the two battle each other one final time. Slade eventually overcomes Syndrome and uses the last remaining antidote to heal himself. Before Syndrome goes offline, he initaites a self destruct order to blow Orbeta while Slade is still inside. The building explodes, but not until Slade makes a close getaway. Just when all seems resolved, the remaining members of Thunder Force surround him, and Slade finally surrenders. With the knowledge of Slade's criminal activity now released to the President, he detains Slade and places him in the Fortress, a prison for Deviants...

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Agent 42 is awesome indeed!