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Wolken-Maschine = cloud machine
And another work for the terraspace-contest from me.I had this idea a vey long time ago already in my mind, first only with a world over the clouds and later with the machine, which creates the clouds.
I never found the time or the inspiration to start with it, but now I finally got it :D
Hmm, yes, I don’t have much to say about. At least I can say that I put much effort and heart into it and that I like and love it how it is and I hope that you like it too ;)

[Original size (2050x6050) ]
Print will come soon ;)

[Edit] Ok, I knew that many people would think that the bottom part is water, but it is meant to be sky, so there is no reflection. I don't now would I could have done to amke it more clear.
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The warm colours make this very peaceful-like, and different to the traditional blues that are used in sky-related peices. and its seems you did the smoke in "burn" mode, which yeilds the same effect as pollution in real life.
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Love the tones of the orange, as well as the planets :)
Nice work :thumbsup:
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Fantastic work!
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also ich sehe eine echte verbesserung. obwohl es noch ein paar stellen gibt wo du was ändern könntest.. kriegst du ein schönen fav von nem alten freund.
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way too bright, needs more negative space
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Wow, das sieht mal richtig gut aus.
Die 2 Planeten sind echt gut detailliert, der Rauch aus den beiden Schornsteinen auch und die Wolken sowieso ^^.
Mist.....schon wieder ein :+fav: !
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This is so great, really good peace. I'm stunned, love the cloud machine.
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Erinnert mich an ein Buch, dass ich vor kurzem gelesen habe, da kommt so etwas Ähnliches vor! ^^
Das Bild gefällt mir sehr gut! =)
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wow thats B.A!!!
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colors are refreshing and original.. love the atmo of the biggest planet, you know what: love the planets :D but where is the sun that reflects in the water? And I dont get the clouds in the lower part of the piece.. just some question marks there for me.. but pretty good work:)
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I see, you are not the only one, who didn't got it right.
the terragen-part is meant to be like a, hmm, maybe I call it a flying island. it should be over the clouds, so the reflection is the real sun and the clouds are, yes, clouds :D :D
thanks for the comment ;)
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hehe I thought it would be something like that! but its just not clear enough so thats why I got confused.. but now that I take a second look its clear to me.. that explains it all;)
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sieht ganz nett aus ;)
könnte vll paar mehr wolken im vordergrund vertragen
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I'm a bit skeptic on this piece here. I think you shoulden't have used that tone so much overal, especially not with the manipulated clouds in the upper part of the image, some different tones and colours ( you could still have used red/yellow/orange for it ) could really have lifted this piece up more.

It's an ok piece I think =). What's up with the suns reflection in the water, where is it in the sky?
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hmm, maybe I try something different with the colors sometime later...
oh and with the sun:
no water, no reflection :D It was meant to be sky. I hoped that the clouds would make it more clear :7
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wooooooooooww *Mouth agape*
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