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Well now, I haven't used stock images for a while so... I decided to show how I envision Keitaro Garcia and Hansen Tiago, the forbidden couple from my "it's a working progress novel", Recruited. :date: I do so hope you like this, and that you'll check out the book. :D :please: I think they're a cute couple. If you need extra motivation I've been rated :star::star::star::star::star: on average. :D

:bulletpurple: The Mklai are like, sorceresses and sorcerers. Only usually fragile.
:bulletpurple: The Azxli are half-breds, half-human half-Mklai and their purpose is to provide protection for the Mklai in exchange that their race doesn't die out. They're tougher and won't snap under pressure. They're usually very loyal to who they're assigned to, and put their lives in danger for them.
:bulletpurple: The Vze are shapeshifters essentially but with many senses, certain rare powers and the ability to go undetected. The Vze Prince is known as the Zikuqua, and there are two sorts of Vze: those who strive for peace and tranquility, and those who strive to rid the world of all Mklai and Azxli.

:bulletpurple: Here's the [link] :bulletpurple:

:dance: Please read it. :please: I'd like helpful, but not harsh advice on how to better my work, but I oh do so :love: compliments, so feel free! :blushes:

:bookdiva: Here's the blurb:
"17-year-old Keitaro Garcia is a beautiful girl, popular amongst everyone at her school and the top student in all her classes. Her best friend is Amia Barrett and together they share a friendship stronger than anything the world has ever seen. Keitaro is outgoing, a party-goer but also particularly talented in summoning magic and determining characters. That is, until the complicated Jezebel Lucas comes to town, unravelling Keitaro's life at the very seams. As Keitaro's life is destroyed she becomes less social, loses her popularity and becomes an E- student. Amia is unaware of this until one evening when Jezebel invites her to a party, warning her not to invite Keitaro and gossiping maliciously about her. Amia realizes that the accusations about Keitaro are false, however, is it too late? Is it too late to save Keitaro, their friendship and to expose Jezebel for who she really is?

And will Keitaro's warning be heeded before a death becomes apparent?"

Stock I used:
:bulletpurple: Piano Notes: :iconmiss-nefer-stock:
:bulletpurple: Girl/Window: [link]
:bulletpurple: Girl: [link]
:bulletpurple: Guy Closeup: [link]
:bulletpurple: Guy Leap: [link]

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aw, thanks for using my stock :) :+fav:
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:D That's absolutely fine. :D You look exactly like the main character to a book of mine, so yeah. :D