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Azula bonanza
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Published: May 11, 2012
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i'm in the mood for some Azula lovin'

Azula is my all time fave character from ATLA. this sketchdump features Azula in many stages of her life, as seen in the series (some are my interpretation). one here is a preview to what i have in store for her ;)

featuring madzula, minizula, cunningzula, smirkzula, crazula, sadzula, bedzula, loosehairzula, doublecrazula, sidezula, windzula, auntzula, and republiczula.
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xechonHobbyist Digital Artist
<3 Azula!
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Wow. Really nice work. You would have thought it was down by real people
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
oh I'm flattered :blush:
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sunchild22Student Photographer
AMAZING work, Mizz! I just love all of Azula's expressions here!! :D <33
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cynthiacxliHobbyist Photographer
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StromgradeDragonHobbyist Digital Artist
Wowz isang, expert :clap::clap::clap:
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
thanks Miggy! :bow:
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i was always so confused when it showed her hair down at first. How can so much hair go into such a small topknot? :?
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
beats me :shrug:
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megasean3000Student Digital Artist
Madzula really was one of Azula's bad sides ^^;
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Let's see... I recognize every flavors of Azula, except auntzula, and republiczula.
For what I can figure, auntzula is the one in the far bottom(when she was still on probation and was drowning her sadness in sake), and republiczula seems to be the one on top left, if only because her elbow braces looks like the ones in the metalbender cops uniforms. Maybe after Zeiryuu's continuous visits and some moral support from her part, she finally put herself and her self-esteem back together, got fed up of being on house arrest, and decided "hey, Toph founded Republic City's police force, then let's found the country's army"!
That or she opened a lightningbending school here, that would explain how it's so widespread in ATLOK.
mizzizabellaSMS's avatar
mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
yes. you are right with Auntzula and republiczula. how are you so close with guessing my story around republiczula? :XD:

opening up a lightningbending school in Republic City can fit with Azula, and it is one of the recurring theories around lightningbending in TLOK. let's hope Bryke makes it canon though.
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Well that was just guessing really : in precedent fanarts of Azula and Zeiryuu you said that Azula was on house arrest for life and that Zeiryuu was the only one who got to visit her, and who don't treat her like she was a potential a beast or a leper. You also said that Azula was in deep depression and full of self-loathing for her failures, because she lost all purpose in this world.

But now we have an Azula in Republic City, meaning she's not in house arrest anymore and that she decided to move forward and make her own path. So I deduced that Zeiryuu must have an hand in that, first in aiding help regain self-confidence and surely aiding her case in front of Zuko to let her go out her house arrest.

Beside I saw your post about Azula in avatarspirit.net, so I know that you think Azula is to pro-active by nature to just sit down in a place for the rest of her life, that helped a little! :XD:
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
are you in avatarspirit.net too? and what post, exactly? i made a lot of posts already ^^;

and good job on picking up my story through my fanarts; it's the only way i can convey my headcanon-y stories, since i'm not a good fanfiction writer. kudos! :D

and kudos for remembering the kid's name even if i didn't always explicitly state it. Zeiryuu indeed convinced her dad to let Azula work alongside her in Republic City. by that time, Azula is already sane enough, though she has her moments.
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Yep, I'm in avatarspirit.net too, I'm gonna send you a message with my ID(I like my privacy thank you!), and it's not an exact post, it was more the sum of everything you said about Azula, notably in the thread about the possibility of a redemption.

I wonder what was Azula's role alongside Zeiryuu, I suppose she was her advisor, trainer, bodyguard and maybe confident no?
And an horrible thought entered my mind : if she was working with Zeiryuu, that mean Azula was potentially with her when Amon attacked and killed Zeiryuu... :fear:
So in my mind that could only end in two ways : Azula was killed alongside Zeiryuu during Amon's ambush, or she wasn't here during it, or worst was here but survived, and full of grief for wasn't be able to protect Zeiryuu, she launched herself in a personal vendetta against Amon and the Equalists, and seeing that they are still kicking by the time of Korra, that vendetta didn't ended for Azula...
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
you know what, ever since episode 3 (the revelation) i'm conflicted if i'd have Zeiryuu still be alive but her bending stripped off, or let her be killed by Amon for whatever reason. i made the story before Korra aired, so some things are subject to change. if i have Zeiryuu alive, she's the first victim of Amon's energybending. Amon decided to experiment on his newfound ability on the hapless princess, and it worked!

Azula's role to Zeiryuu is more like a personal trainer and confidant. Zeiryuu trains with Azula, and shares her ideas and brainstorms with her. Azula is like Zeiryuu's right handman at times, depending on her mood.

and Azula wasn't supposedly with Zeiryuu at the time of the attack.it was just bad timing that she wasn't with her. and Azula was shipped back to the FN under Zuko's orders after the attack. Suzaku, Zeiryuu's younger sister, is the one with the personal vendetta. the story may change if i decide that Zeiryuu lives though ^^;
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Well, if I may, I would advise you to don't take the "stripped of her bending" route yet : if in the next episodes of Korra it turns out that Amon's "energybending" isn't permanent, or is reversible, it will break all the drama of Zeiryuu's fate.

Although if you want your story to be the more canon compliant possible, her being stripped of her bending, but still alive, wouldn't make Zuko depressive to the point of death, and that would explain how Azula could have been shipped back to the FN.
Because maybe I overestimate her, but if Amon killed Zeiryuu, I don't think Azula would accept to come back to the FN without at least trying to find and punish Amon! I mean during her whole stay in house arrest, Zeiryuu has been the only one who saw her as a human being instead of a potential threat, she's also the one who helped Azula to be a better person. Azula own so much to this girl, I wouldn't even be surprised if she consider Zeiryuu a little like her daughter(like Iroh toward Zuko). And then someone come and kill this prodigy, and she would just obey Zuzu's order and nicely come back to the FN, probably back on house arrest? Sorry, but for me that seems impossible!
But if Zeiryuu has been stripped of her bending, then I could visualize Azula coming back with her to support her, like Zeiryuu supported Azula in her darkest hours, that would be a nice way to pay her back!

Unless she just came back to the FN to plot the retaliation alongside Suzaku, Suzaku storm the northern side of RC, and Azula the southern side(toward the ocean, if the equalists tries to get out by see, she could zap them using the sea as a conductor, more efficient!). One week later, the actions of the Building Companies rised a 120%! :XD:
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
part of the reason why i'm inclining more in the Zeiryuu being alive plot is because of the reveal that Zuko is still alive. with Zeiryuu alive, Zuko doesn't have to go through severe depression that he'll die (he'll just be super pissed at the equalists). and your idea that Azula will help Zeiryuu through this, as a favor returned, is brilliant :D though i'm starting to worry that Azula might be too soft...she's supposed to be more or less same in character, just less psychotic and evil.

i don't want Azula to do the retribution because i might be going into cliche territory. i wanted her sister to do it because Suzaku and Zeiryuu have a very close bond; the first in the royal family for a very long time, and Suzaku is known to be more hotheaded and impulsive ;)
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I think it's time I made a separate folder for all of my Azula fan art. Thank you for this wonderful new addition.
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
your welcome :bow:
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I just now realized...what is the story behind RepublicZula? I know about AuntZula, but republic one?
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mizzizabellaSMSStudent Filmographer
it is a preview of a future art. you'll find out in the future ;)
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AlexGlimes Digital Artist
" madzula, minizula, cunningzula, smirkzula, crazula, sadzula, bedzula, loosehairzula, doublecrazula, sidezula, windzula, auntzula, and republiczula."

XD............. love this:heart:
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