Wardrobe SALE!! Scandinavian Designer Brands!

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:bulletred: Clothing Sale! :bulletred:

 photo _MG_7413_zps7aebff00.jpg

I am cleaning up my closet, which includes a lot of great Scandinavian/European designer brands,
sizes vary from small to medium..
(european 36, 38 and small 40)

Note me for more detail about the items as well as shipping etc!
:heart: First come first serve! :heart:

:bulletred: Costume Sale! :bulletred:

I am once again cleaning out all my trunks full of stock related
props/costumes & accessories.. and decided to sell a few of them,
and I'd like to give you guys here at DA a shot at them first, before
I post them for sale elsewhere...

- And I will start listing elsewhere also very soon...
So be quick if you're interested!

Click the images to get more info!

:thumb301228570: Gorgeus Black Maroon Gothic Choker - SALE! by mizzd-stock

Feel free to help me get props & items by donating!
(you can always donate to get my existing exclusive packs! mizzd-stock.deviantart.com/gal… )

:pointr: Donate via Paypal here:

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Can I please send 20 Australian dollars? My PayPal wont let me pay USD :(
mizzd-stock's avatar
Yes sure you can, I take any currency :)
oh my oh my oh my!!! I saw that gown and wanted to bad to get it! will look forward to seeing you in it! :)
mizzd-stock's avatar
Yeah me too, it is quite expensive, so I don't know when I will be able to however :)
Well i Hope it's quite soon! :)
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I was the first donator! I was just about to note you!
mizzd-stock's avatar
:aww: Thank you SO much dear! You are the best :smooch: :love: :heart:
CaseyBelle's avatar
You're more than welcome! I may try to make another donation next month if my finances allow me to.

I'm working on a book of the classic Grimm & Anderson fairytales with my own art illustrating them for the children of my family and friends, and perhaps to sell; so, needless to say, I'm extremely anxious for you to receive this gown and I to receive the stock photos!!
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:aww: Thank you so much dear :love:
Oooh I can imagine these would look perfect for that project :nod: :love:
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That dress is gorgeous. o.O
Athilea-Majiri's avatar
I want to help you get that so badly....but more then that I want that dress. It's so pretty.
mizzd-stock's avatar
:aww: You are very sweet :love:
CaseyBelle's avatar
Oooh might have to try to contribute to this costume. Fairytale stocks are my weakness... hence my dA name :giggle:
mizzd-stock's avatar
:aww: Thank you so much, I appreciate that :love:
Yeah me too.. medieval and viking ages are my favorite historian eras :love: :D
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Your outfits looks so awesome!! I can't wait to see the new sets with the new outfit!
mizzd-stock's avatar
:aww: I am so glad you like them :love:
Elchanan's avatar
You are welcome!:hug:
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Yay! I so can't wait to get access to the Absinthe Fairy exclusives?! All of your stock is gorgeous as it is. I know you have purchased a green wig to go with the costume but I think at least one shoot would look beautiful with that pretty red wig you've recently used in your Fairytale Princess series also.

Anyway, was just a suggestion. And as a previous Absinthe Fairy donator, I'm super excited to see the exclusives!
mizzd-stock's avatar
Ahh yes I am too :)And I do plan to do several stock shoots with the costume, so no worries :D
mizzd-stock's avatar
Agh I forgot you! sorry, I will add you asap :love:
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