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I'm sorry, Tsubasa....



Step by step for this artwork

Fanart for ARISA series by Natsumi Ando. Do you know the series, guys? XDD If you're shoujo lovers, I recommend you to read it! The story itself is really good :D I wouldn't tell you the manga review, though.... ;P Because it will make I write too long description :) And the girl is cried because it's moments before she decided to fall herself in front of her twins, Tsubasa.

The sketch of this draw is finished few months ago. But I've never have a mood to paint it digitally.... But with internetless condition (see this link for better description) I forced to do something, and I prefer to painting some old artworks. Thanks God, even if I cannot connect my computer with USB like modem or flashdisk I still can install tablet and install software from the CD too :) So this internetless problem is good thing for me to draw something XDD Maybe I should have in internetless condition more frequently :P

I've quite enjoyed the painting process :heart: Especially the hair! XDD It's the first time I've quite enjoyed painting hair.... :3 Usually I'm really lazy to paint the hair, especially if it's long hair :) So I think it's like miracle comes true.... ^^

Time: 2 days
Tools: pencil, paper, eraser, scanner, adobe photoshop 7.0, tablet/mouse pen.
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