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HP Howler- Instructions



By request from the LOVELY *ravekitten
I present to you a condensed item list for my HP Howler tutorial!

Items Needed:
8-10 pieces of 24 gauge floral wire (or similar wire) about 18 inches in length each
One foot of stiff bow-making ribbon
One foot of "nice" ribbon (silky)
(MOST of these items can most likely be obtained from your local florist or floral shop for little to no cost! Don't forget- Ask nicely and thank them.)

About one yard of butcher paper or cheap large paper
One sheet of 30 1/2 inch by 20 1/2 inch sheet of nice rag (or cloth-based paper) POSSIBLY two- ANY color you like!
One 6 inch by 12 inch piece and Two 6 inch by 1 1/2 inch strips of slightly stiff white or off-white (your preference) paper

Scotch Tape
Glue (preferrably liquid Elmer's school)
Scissors or Utility Knife
A marker or calligraphy pen
Sticky mailing label (optional)

The nice rag paper was the most expensive thing in this entire project- about $5-6! If you think you might make mistakes, get a little more than you need, you can always use the leftovers for something fun later! I tore up pieces of my papers and put them in a little baggie, so when I was done with my "skit", the pieces could be thrown in the air as my exit. (In The Chamber of Secrets, the Howler finished it's message then "bit" itself up to pieces.)

As before, if you complete one- PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me pics?! I want to compile a little collection of my Howler-friends to put in my Harry Potter photo album! ^_______^

Part 1 -> [link]
Part 2 -> [link]
Part 3 -> [link]
Part 4 -> [link]
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Dear sir,
I am a great Harry Potter fan from China and I really like your tutorial. I already finished my own Howler with your tutorial, it was difficult but great. I want to ask for your permission to share this tutorial to our Harry Potter fan forum with my friends. I will add your ID and links of this page to the sharing thread. I will not post the whole tutorial, but the photos of my Howler and at least, I want to send the tutorial to some my best friends in this forum (in form as a WORD document) , that means this tutorial will not be published. Thanks in advance!
With kind regards, 
Psyche von Graf