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Kirishima Eisuke- Miyagawa
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Published: March 19, 2014
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Haha look at this loser //HIT
Joining with my lovely KaizokuHime u v u  <333
It's been a while since I joined groups amg;;; w-what is rp //hit

N a m e | Kirishima, Eisuke

A g e | 16

D a t e . o f . b i r t h | May 30th

Y e a r | 1st

C l a s s | 1-D (class rep)

H e i g h t | 174 cm ( 5'8" )

G e n d e r | Male

L i v e s | At Home

C l u b | Archery

P e r s o n a l i t y . T r a i t s |
Flirtatious | Outgoing | Playful | Comical | Entertaining | Laughable | Frivolous | Ridiculous | Unfortunate | Perverse | 

L i k e s / D i s l i k e s |
+ Baking/ sweet foods
+ Activities revolving around girls in tight yoga pants or swimsuits.
+ Where ever the ladies are at, yo //hit
+ Giving/ receiving kisses But never gets any uhuhuh
+ Chasing girls
+ Dogs
+ Being right
+ Flowers Cause what man doesn't like flowers
+ Kid movies/ Comedies/ Romances
+ Fruity scented hand creams and soaps

- Escargot
- Horror of any sort
- His little sister's pranks
- Being threated like a kid
- Bees? //hit
B i o |
Eisuke lead a pretty typical normal family life growing up. His household consisted of his mother, father, and younger sister. He was born and raised in japan, but moved for a brief period of time, for his father's job. The whole family ended up staying in a small place in Paris, AKA the city of love~ He had to quickly try and adapt to the extreme differences between the languages and cultures, only to fail horribly. This is why Eisuke doesn't go into much deep details about that time, because it's a rather bittersweet memory for him. For one, he had been the social outcast, or the butt of everyone's joke in school. He learnt to be the class clown, using his humour or his 'dumbness' to avoid conflicts or bullying. Better to be laughed at, then to get beat up, right? A side from all that, Eisuke loved the city itself. He loved to explore and get lost for a few hours, unable to ask for directions. He was never afraid of getting truly lost, as he always managed to find his way 'home' in the end. The place had good memories and bad, but it wasn't for very long anyways. Once he returned home to Japan, it felt like all that time spent in Paris was just a dream. With that story of travel a side, Eisuke he grew up in a warm happy household, filled with all family love he could ever ask for (even from his prank loving little sister and doting parrents)
 There is no other memorable moments that Eisuke could think of, at least up until now. It seemed like life was just beginning for him, as he prepared himself to enter his first year at Miyagawa. A fresh start, with a change of school and new faces to see every day. He could finally be who ever he'd want to be, so why not aim for someone completely different then the old Eisuke? Someone cool... suave... popular... with the ladies~ That could work! He made himself a never ending 'to do list', which consisted of a few things such as:  Becoming popular (Especially with the ladies), make loads of friends (Expecially of the female variety) and find himself a girlfriend. (Or two, or three)//hitjkmegumiisoneandonly Other wise, he has low standards of what achievements he should try and reach. Perhaps he'll find himself a goal sooner then later! For now, He's decided to walk into school, and act like a big shot man--... Little does he know, he's only going to be ridiculed all over again for being stange and aloof. 
R e l a t i o n s h i p s |

Can I get to know you more? - 
You're pretty cool/cute! - 

You're like my buddy, buddy! -
 Woah, you're like so awesome!!! 
Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but please don't kill me, I love you baby - 

  Misora, Megumi   ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 
Eisuke had gotten himself into many crazy situations before, but meeting Megumi took the top spot on his list. He was just flirting like his usual good ol' self, not thinking his words would have any effect on the lovely archery president. Boy, was he wrong! In just a few minutes, he'd landed himself a girlfriend! Something he'd always wished for, just... in a situation no where near what he had in mind. Sure, she's got the looks of an angel, but there's more behind the angelic beauty then he'd bargained for!!! She's clingy, obsessive, possessive, and at times-- downright scary. This girl tied a leash around his neck, and killed all his hopes of ever being a popular ladies man-- Yet... he's grown fond of her and is only getting more and more attached to her each day.

Vera, Reynes  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Well this meeting is embarrassing above all things! Though Eisuke is getting used to this. She kind of found him injured, from a bad fall down the stairs. If those pretty ladies hadn't been there to see it-- oh, he's so mortified. Anyways... she seems rather kind, and motherly! Besides that, he hasn't had a chance to really impress her with his lady winning skills! He'll have to do that! Maybe he'll get the chance now that they're hanging out after school. On with the lip sync!!

Kayo, Izumi ♥ ♥ ♥
Leave it to Eisuke to need style advice! Izumi was like a sign sent from the holy skies above to help him get his shit together. She's giving him advice on what clothes he should wear for spring break, and she's being quite polite about it. Not really into the whole sunny palm trees and pink flamingos. At Eisukes request, Izumi is even giving him love advice! Well, it's actually turned into 'life' advice at this point! She's earned his trust, and there's nothing he wouldn't be able to share with her-... maybe. He still thinks their meeting was fate.

 Nijimura, Yakumo ♥ 
These two had quite an odd first meeting, that's for sure! Eisuke had been hoping to see a beautiful busty unsuspecting lady to pop into his view, but instead he had met with this guy! At first they were both a little strange in their own way, but Yakumo had help Eisuke flee from a pack of teenage girls. Angry... teenage girls. Those are the worst kind! The hiding place was a school vent, that was far too dusty! Leave it to the kleaning krew to take care of it! No chore is too little or too small! But boy are those spiders far from small!!!

Mikori, Aki  ♥
This girl is a real cutie, that's for sure! She's super sweet, and helped Eisuke return those library books that he offered to bring for those girls. Come on, they should of at least given him a phone number! Anyways, they're also in the same class, and get along well! Eisuke can count on her to help him with his student rep responsibilities! He hopes they can have a great year together, and hopefully get through all these assignments.

Kojami, Banri 
Eisuke thought she was TOTALLY into his performance of suave seduction, but he thought wrong! Maybe he embarrassed her? Still, every lady deserves a reminder of how wonderful she is, so he regrets nothing! She's making some guy really lucky, I'll tell you that much! Oh, and she likes books, that he's sure!! Maybe he'll get to take her to the library haha, that's be fun!

Kaisei, Kairi 
This girl is super adorable and cute, and perhaps just as odd as Eisuke himself! She's so far the only who hasn't been weirded out by his behaviour, in fact, she encourages it! The duo who gets odd looks, though Kairi is cute enough to get away with it. Those guitar lessons are going to be a total blast, he's looking forward to it! And signing all those autographs haha~

A d d i t i o n a l . I n f o |
 :bulletpink: Cannot speak any french, but heck-- he'll try if it impresses you omelette au fromage :iconimsopervyplz: //swoons
:bulletpink: Is actually very lonely dispite being a total clown and trying to seek attention that's why he can't wait to make /actual/ friends heh
:bulletpink: His wittle sister plays the cute adorable angel, but she's always pranking him and further helping any public embarrassments.
:bulletpink: He's constantly being turned down/ not taken seriously by women~
:bulletpink: Considers himself the 'cupid of love' but can't even shoot and arrow straight
:bulletpink: Trying to learn to play the guitar Cause ladies love the guitars, right~?
 :bulletpink: Is the master at-- doing most common household chores. Mr.Clean V.eisuke 2.0


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Juuri-No-SekaiHobbyist Artist
Eisuke kun hehehe /// :iconkissingplz:
Notice me senpai ////
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EHEHEH he's here for you and Fuyu booboo :
Senpai has noticed you ////
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Isa1234567Hobbyist Artist
He is so cool! Nice artwork, you did a nice job! Big Fool Emoji-1 (Thumbs Up) [V2] Anime Emoji (Oh yay dance) [V2] Taiga and Minori (I miss you hug) [V1] Haruhi Suzumiya Emote - Thumbs Up Yato and Hiyori (Snuggy) [V1] Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Double kawaii wink) V6 Racing Girl Emoji (Lovely Wink) [V3] Ryuuko Ryuushi Mifune (Moe and feeling love) [V1] Bunny Emoji-83 (Oh you) [V5] Froggy Emoji-59 (Being kawaii) [V3] 
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awwww, he's such an interesting character :love::love::love:
and amg! xD I bet it's fun to hang out with him! <33
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eee thank you /// so is your boy~
LOL if you don't mind him hitting on all the ladies, then maybe xD <333
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maang, thank yuuu :iconshaplz:
omg, that's the fun part! <33 xD
aaaaaa wanna Rp?? ovo
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hey there im new to the group! and well i'll be joining the archery club hopefully our kids will get along ^^;
now Seijūrō don't be shy and present yourself

 umm well hello there kid guess we will be club member so please take care of me *bows* even do your my kōhai... :icontogaitosmileplz:
...oh I forgot to say my name didn't I?? umm ... my name is Seijūrō Aono please to meet cha!! :iconsatoshipeaceplz:
MizumiHisui's avatar
Welcome to the group~! I hope your boy meets a lot of people heh uvu

eisuke hey hey! Sure thing, I'm sure we'll have a blast in archery! as long as my arrows don't go the wrong way or cause injuries *clears throat* Oh, right *bows too* and I'm kirishima, eisuke! Let's get along! :iconsatoshineplz:
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i havent had the chance to rp that much but im slowly trying to ^^

Seijūrō: :iconsatoshihehplz: ahahah hopefully i don't get harm... but yes lets train together!!
bubbIe-tea's avatar
bubbIe-teaStudent Digital Artist
adghjkl-- s-such a cutie !! :iconalaughplz:

m-maybe you would like to rp with my chiyo? //)v(\\
MizumiHisui's avatar
asdfgh chiyo is the cutie ///

And ofc u//v//u they're both in first years and in the archery club! How do you prefer to rp~? ; v ;
bubbIe-tea's avatar
bubbIe-teaStudent Digital Artist
notes and skype are fine~~
if you prefer skype, mine is ypetrosanu
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litheruhHobbyist Digital Artist
this guy :iconcannotevenplz:  so sexy

do you maybe wanna rp? xD
MizumiHisui's avatar
Wahhh t-thank you ////
ofc I would love for our boys to meet *Q* is notes okay~?
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litheruhHobbyist Digital Artist
no proobb :iconsupertighthugplz: 

sure sure notes is fine if you prefer that xD 
i prefer skype but notes is entirely fine :iconmingplz:  //slapped
MizumiHisui's avatar
Notes is better for me ; v ; and lit is perfect~ I can send a note heh
Though I don't mind giving you my Skype~ I'm just rarely on, but maybe we'll catch each other some time to rp xD?
it's the same as my username here ///
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litheruhHobbyist Digital Artist
note sent and skype added~ xD
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aaaaaa he's a cutie wowow ;w;

Kumiko: Good job on getting class rep, Kirishima-san! :iconigetit-plz:
MizumiHisui's avatar
eeeee /// Thank you /) v (\
Though I believe it's your girl who's the cutie here :iconlazeplz: <3

Eisuke: Thank you, Akimoto-chan! It was all made possible because of pretty girls such as yourself~ :iconflynnwinkplz:
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//dies thank u omg  ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ

Kumiko: What do you mean, I didn't vote for you. But good job on winning, anyway! :iconjunesplz:
MizumiHisui's avatar
//// you're welcome <33

Eisuke: Such a lovely girl youuuu-.........................................you didn't? :iconchiepokerplz: 
Such beautiful rose, but your thorns are oh so very sharp;; You wound me, sweet flower;; A-Arigato :iconsulkplz:
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sorry if i reply late, my cat keeps trying to lay on my keyboard ;w;

Kumiko: -What the heck the class rep is so weird why did people vote for him.-  M-Masochost? :iconduudesrslyplz:
MizumiHisui's avatar
That's okay >w< I have a tendency of replying really late actually /// andIlovecatsahh <3

Eisuke  More wounds to my poor loving heart...*dramatic* But this is ALRIGHT! I shall strive to be the best class rep I can be, and impress you ahahahahahaha...haha...ha...  :iconfree6plz: *cough*
yumeuu's avatar
she keeps biting the keys she's so weird omg

Kumiko: *Huffs* Good luck. It's going to take a lot for a pervert to impress me. :iconmochizouplz: Being a class rep doesn't seem very easy, either. 
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