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Horse Isle Pixel Art Game

By mizukoiuchi
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If you love horses and games Horse Isle is your game!! Is the best pixel horse game in the Net! (I made the pixelart ;))

It opened 1st may 07 and now it has more than 6000 users!!

Join Horseisle, is free to play!! ->->->-> [link] <-<-<-<-

Horse Isle is a vast multi-player horse based world. It allows for many players to interact while searching for wild horses roaming the lands. Once you have a horse, you can train it, take care of it, and compete with other players. Although the world graphics are simple 2D, they have been beautifully designed to create an interesting and vast world to explore. This land is completely non-violent. A great place for any aged player to have fun.

Horse Isle also has beautifull flash escenes made by Megosa Go Salazar and beautifull flash horses made by Jenny Stout. More credits of the game here-> [link]
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Out of all the versions this one is the best!^^ I miss the unis and pegs of HI1 but I can live with that!^^

They came out with a Horse Isle 3!^^ Its all 3rd and still MMORPG

Amazing graphics and horses! You build your own ranches, breed, train compete! Landscape and horses are incredible! Also you can do everything even without a sub! They just added exploring Caves!^^

Also if you use my code: 8337 in referral box, you get gs- game money 1k & essence used for unlocking tools to start you off. When I am on I can lease you a fully tacked horse

You get to breed, catch wild horses, explore area, make your own tack and ranches!

They just added animals you can run into!

<a href="https://hi3.horseisle.com/www/?H3R=8337">Horse Isle 3: Infinite Wilds</a>

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add me on HI2 name RedIsAwesome
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even if my user says ArabianMiaHI2 I actually play HI1 XD
and its better than Hi2!
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neet but u do know about the new horseIsle right I play it
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OMG! I go on that game! I'm on it right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love horseisle as well.... but HI2 wants me wanna rip my hair out!
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Horse Isle is AWESOME!
Great job on this!! (:
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I'm glad that you like Horse Isle ^_^ :hug:
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Unless you are Joe or Miranda you DID not make this art they did it is even on their site because they made it.
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Dear, read the credits of the game, I'm the pixel artist, Emma Salamanca :) -> [link]
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Why hello! So your that little perosn hiding away making HorseIsle for us! LOL,you do a very good job! Keep up the great work!
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I'm glad that you like it :D

We are working in HI2 now,I hope that you will like it too :)
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You said it was free right?
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Yes, it's free to play but also you can buy a subscription that will give you some extras in the game ^^
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wow! cool to... hmm.. I was supposed to say "meet you" but...
ANYWAY(!!) Your work with the pixel art on horseisle, is amazing! I love the game, and all the details are just beautiful! :)
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I'm very glad that you like HorseIsle! :D

We are working in a second part of the game, I hope that you will like it :D
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Oh, i've played that! I <3 it!
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I'm glad that you <3 it! :D
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i love horseisle! i'm RoseCheval on cremello. do you play?
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