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Hadula | reference sheet

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- Origin / Early life -
Hadula was born as an only child between strong father and clever mother who were alpha (boss) in the ordinary gray wolf pack.
Unfortunately his siblings all died before they be born.
But this lucky child - Hadula was born with an ominous sign - the black markings under eyes. This marking is believed as a "sign of the devil" among animals. But his parents decided to grow him up regardless, since he is an only one and faint hope for the next boss in the future.
However their unsuccessful birth and the "devil child" of them gained the distrusts from other wolves. At most this happening became a good chance to attack, for hostile wolves who wanted to rob the position of the alpha (boss) from Hadula's father.
At the dark night, Hadula's father got a surprise attack from some hostile wolves and be killed silently.
It may be a lucky thing for little Hadula to not see the death of his father directly, Hadula doesn't understand that his father doesn't exist anywhere in this world now, and keep believing that he will return to him someday. And his mother doesn't dare to break this dream of young child, even she is sure that it is forever unfulfilled dream.
After these wolves started to control the kingdom, Hadula's mother and Hadula himself were exiled from their pack to the worse place which named "Magical Forest".

- Surviving life at Magical Forest -
This place "Magical Forest" is a dangerous place where most animals hate to approach. It's filled with weird red trees and grasses which has magical power, also many devils who came from the underworld live and lurking in this forest to hunt the souls.
It was a cruel treatment than the quick death as Hadula's father had, for Hadula and his mother to be sent to this place. Wolves were sure that Hadulas are gonna die soon by lack of foods or being "eaten" by devils.
But even in such a hopeless environment, Hadula's mother didn't give up to grow her precious son. In the deep sorrow of losing husband, she tries to hide tears from Hadula and search enough foods for him.
She made a small nest for herself and Hadula, as to hide him from devils at outside. If it's allowed to do for her, she wanted to stay with Hadula wholetime to protect him from the awful hands of devils, but for searching foods, she had to leave Hadula alone in the nest to go outside.
As always she didn't forget to make a promise with him - "don't go to outside alone before mommy's back." Because she was sure that it's like to send a frail rabbit to the herd of hungry crocodiles, to send Hadula alone to this forest. And as always Hadula responded to her request with agreement. It was hard for him to spend boring time in the small nest wholday instead of exploring and adventuring the mysterious and new wonderland for him! But as much as he loves to explore, he loves his mother and didn't want to make her mad by his selfish behavior.

- Encounter with devils and acquisition of magical power -
After days where Hadula kept protecting the promise and spending boring time, he starts to think that there are no dangers in outside too as he could spend long days safely in the nest.
In that day, Hadula promised with his mother as always, but inside of him, the unstoppable curiosity and active mind of baby is wriggling.
As soon as he saw mother has gone from his sight, he goes out from boring home and starts to explore the wonderful crimson forest. Dive into red grasses, chase the little bugs and peep the depth of woods with excited-frightened mind. "Wow! It's so fun to adventure this place! What mommy was worrying about? I hope I could realize the pleasant of this forest earlier!" He goes deeper and deeper into woods, as many "toys from nature" invited him to go further.
Suddenly a big and black object has appeared in front of him. Yes, it was the devil- but he didn't recognize about it. This stranger animal has a tender smile towards him, and invited him to play. For Hadula - this poor baby who didn't have siblings and friends, this stranger was like a first friend and believable man in this mysterious place.
Not only his kind smile and words, but also he had a very wonderful skill which Hadula never saw. This stranger could do everything with only his one finger by magical power. A little baby's eyes twinkled by amazement and wonder. "I can share this power with you if you joined me, little baby." a stranger says. Of course, there were no ways to refuse for Hadula towards this new, wonderful friend...

Her son never returns from that day he broke the promise.
She keeps looking for Hadula even now, there are still hopes until he is eaten by devils completely...

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His reference sheet is updated! Please check the new reference sheet to see the latest informations about him!

Hadula | reference sheet by Mizuki-T-A  
ANTI-WHITEFANGProfessional Digital Artist
How have I just realised the devils mark exists. God dammit lucio!
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Hadulais so cute😍
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I love this character so freaking much! <3
I hope to see more of them >3<
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Mizuki-T-AStudent Traditional Artist
It makes me happy you like him, dear.😂
I'll try to make more pictures of him, thank you! ^^
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BDCarusellartStudent Traditional Artist
Wow! So cool! I like this caracter page! And Hadula is still cute! The storry is really good! (Beautyfull storry about a poor little wolfcub who surwiwe the starange Magical forest, :,3)
I like to read your storyes in the description! I feel the athmosphera and the hole word of the drawing! ^^
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Again, his story is so fascinating and endearing to me ;w; I really want a good ending for him nnngh >.<

I really must say I like the way you arranged this ref sheets. It's very informal, clean and pleasing to the eyes n_n 

And I like how your described the story in the description too! It is simply summerized, easy to read and understand. Well done~ 

Awesome ref sheet for your sweetest pooch >w<
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I love him.
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Awwww, poor Hadula! This makes me want to know what's happened to him after he was snatched away though! I feel so terribly for his poor mother, not knowing what became of him. :( I love so much learning more about all of your characters in these! Your art and writing are so beautifully done (I wish my handwriting was half as nice as yours haha!) :hug:
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Nice to see better ref
His story is so amazing!!
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Mizuki-T-AStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy his story. :D
Also your new icon looks so neat!
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You're welcome and thank you, my friend bought this icon for me^^
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So cute :3
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This is so cute. 
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looks like the dogz game
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Lovely character~ <3
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yay! now I can draw hadula the hatter!
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Hadula is just so cute >w<
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I love you your oc!♥♥♥
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Aww thank you! >w<
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omg XD
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