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By Mizuenzeru
*edit: this is an updated professional photograph of the portrait as it is now, 4/19/2010.
Currently installed: Temple University, Tyler School of Art, Admissions Suite

Final Portrait for Drawing FoundationII, focus: Self Portrait with inclusion of one animal and symbolism through choice of animal and/or color
medium: pastel, charcoal, conte, ink
This piece is generally a comment on the cycle of reincarnation, based on native American symbols. The spider is considered a representation of time and the 'weaver of fate', especially the widow spider due to the red hourglass formation. It also serves as a symbol for eternity and cycles because of the infinity shape of the body. Regarding the image, I placed myself in time's web and struggle to break free of reincarnation's cycle. The figure is situated in a fetal pose alluding to rebirth and vulnerability. The background is dotted by fleeting dragonflies. They vaguely resemble a human shape which pokes at the idea of the spirit, which they are a symbol of as well as ancient truth, which is needed to break the cycle.

size of this image does the real life version no justice... evil evil, which happens to be about 8feet by 8feet and currently taking up a whole wall in my house. haha yeah...
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Apr 19, 2010, 10:45:43 AM
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OH MY GOD THIS IS YOURS!!! I stare at this pice every time I enter Tyler O.O I am in awe. Sooo much talent <3
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I saw this in Tyler when i visited in the Spring. I started there this semester. Are you still a student there?
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Are you a student?
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Wonderful composition. The action flows smoothly from one subject to another, and the imbued symbology enhances the piece. :)
Acerofspadeser's avatar
I bet that took a hell of a long time!
recessiveinheritance's avatar
... woah, that is insane and awesome.
CupcakeVigilante's avatar
...Wow. That is.. very amazing. 8D
Cid-the-Stampede's avatar
That is way awesome!! 8D lol Sorry, I don't know enough about art to give it a real critique, but I love the way it looks and all the symbolism you used. ^_^
morbidcuriousity's avatar
I saw this when I visited Temple and I thought it was amazing and I actually was like "Is that Erica?"

It is truly amazing!!
StarSenshi's avatar
I've said it before, but I think this piece is absolutely incredible. The detail and the symbolism, not to mention the sheer size of it while maintaining that detail... It's just breathtaking. :floating:
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Wow! That's amazing! I wish I could see it at its proper size.
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the idea is amazing :D
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This is absolutely spectacular.

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This is beautiful! I cannot stop looking at it..
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O.O wow i can hardly imagine anyone DRAWING this but the idea itself O.O.... i'd NEVER ever have a concept like this, it's fantastic<3. +favs.
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aw thanks so much! This is secretly like... my favorite deviation on here but everyone likes the anime/cosplay stuff more. oh well right? haha ^^;
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^^cosplay is fun but paintings are just so much more.. fascinating o_o :D
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Jeezus freaking christ, woman! This is absolutely amazing!!
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