Just Opened My dA After 7 Months
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I just opened my dA... After 7 months! It has been awhile, isn't it? Sorry I am focused on my school... And forget to do my work :P

Recently, I was busied with these Vocaloid things. I make a song using FL Studio and Miku, but the result is still a little monotone. With a luck, I can finish this song. So pray for me :)

I cannot speak Japanese, nor write and read... So I use Brilliant Days. lyric... Originally sung by DaizyStripper. It is a beautiful ballad song. But my effort to use the lyrics ended in a version that completely different from the original...

But after a while, I can make some good melodies even it cannot match the original (using FL is so hard). I hope you will like it. I also planned to make a PV for my song. So I asked my friend to do some drawing for me. And then I will use Windows Media Player to make a PV using a those pictures <3
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