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From Chin To Tail...

First off: Do you think I should put the mature-filter on, or is it okay just like that??
Anyways... some new Warriors-fanart, this time with Scourge and Tigerstar, 'cause I kinda neglected them...they're not my favorite-characters :/
This is one of the most famous scenes with Scourge; the moment he slices Tigerstar open from chin to tail (which explains the title I chose for this pic). I'm not sure about what he said in the English version of "Darkest Hour", 'cause I only have the German version, so I hope the translation of what Scourge said is close to the original. :) If not, just write the right quote in the comments ;)
I hope you like it^^
Next projekt I'll work on is a new comic-page of my Warriors-fancomic :)

Character's and story (c) by Erin Hunter
Illustration (c) by :iconmizu-no-akira: ...ME! :3
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tbh? I don’t get why everyone hates scourge so much he’s probably my favourite villain lol but that’s just me

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I always saw your pics in Google, they are awesome!💖
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You are my inspiration, Mizu! I have loved your art since I discovered it, and it has served as huge inspiration to me. Thank you for being so amazing!
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This is stunning! I'm a HUGE fan of your art!
AlliDrawsTooMuch's avatar
Ok I'm sorry but FireHeart's/FireStar's (haven't read the book when he becomes leader ;-;) face is funny XD awesome drawing!
ArnarTheMelon's avatar
Holy jesus, this scene though. I new it was coming but it was somehow so shocking. To see the almighty, big, feared, strong Tigerstar get killed in a single blow by a cat around the same size of an apprentice. Just like that.
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I love your art, you are such an amazing drawer! I wish I could draw like you.
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wow..... I'm sorry, I don't know why, but I cried. Really Sad Something about the combination of the song I was listening to, and the art. I just don't know. I love warrior cats so much!!!! GIF Adventure Time - Claps Your style is awesome!! btw, the song I was listening to was
 "Paint" by The paper kites. llama cancan Jammin' 
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so you can steal it?
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I think firestar just shit on himself XD
Scourge is honestly my favorite character. We have some things in common. Not that I'm saying I'm sadistic and that violence has become my protection, but because he was innocent and pure. Then da da here comes his asshole siblings who scare him half to death with that lie "Unwanted kits get dumped in the river." He wasn't raised with the right attention, he was constantly being pestered and beaten and neglected so much so that he ran off. Doing so gets him into a pickle. Tigerpaw for example. That wasn't a very pleasant encounter. Then Tiny took off back into the city where there weren't any other nice cats. He learned that by expressing dominance and taking everything by force, aggression and violence, was how you got what you wanted. Kill it be killed. Lose it, you'll die. Run off, you die. He was now seeing things from a negative but selfish view. Ruling a gang of cats was more of a coping mechanism because he felt important there. He was. That's pretty much it. That's why I love him because he's been blind his whole life. He never had the chance to choose.
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This is awesome, one of the mostly acurrate drawings of Tigerstar death 
Bored-Cat-Child's avatar
I love the perspective... ^-^
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I like how firestar a face is like

grubbymutt's avatar
OMG , this is beautiful 'v' 
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Firefart just in the background like "OH MY GOD"
FairyBox's avatar
This picture is awesome!
even though I do not really like scourge XD
liightnerd's avatar
//I really enjoy how you captured the emotion in this scene. The look of shock is very accurate on Firestar's face, and I enjoy that you made it that Tigerstar's claws are stretched out like that '3'
oO-inkywolf-Oo's avatar
Scourge don't want none of your nonsense.
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lol firestars face :3
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