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Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)Double Delicious Cake: But only half the calories! (2)
My Bio
Dunno what to write...everything important (more or less xD) is in my devious info.
If you have any questions, just ask. I won't bite... not right away. :)

Sorry guys. Everybody who asked until now (7.5.2012) will get their comissions and other works, but for now I won't take any new comissions and so on. Too much work :(




Annotation: I won't draw cats or other animals with hair-do!!!!!!!!! x_x

Current Residence: somewhere
Favourite genre of music: Metal, Rock, Alternative, but Charts as well^^
Favourite style of art: Many things...depending on the theme of the pic ;)
Personal Quote: "Let me think 'bout that for a minute...ehrm...NOOOO?!!"

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Tangled, The Lion King, Passengers, Lego Batman, the Hunger Games, Shawn of the dead, Hott fuzz, Avatar
Favourite TV Shows
Voltron Legendary Defender, Better Call Saul, Game of Thrones, Orange Is THe New Black, Moonlight, Bones, Boston Legal
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Bastille, InnerPartySystem, Zola Jesus, Samael, Disturbed, Sabaton, Soil, Bullet for my Valentine
Favourite Books
The Lux-series, the Luna-Chronicles, the Warriors-series, Wolfsaga, Silverwing-series
Favourite Writers
Jennifer L. Armentrout, Marissa Meyer
Favourite Games
God of War (I,II,III), Dante's Inferno
Other Interests
drawing, writing, listening to music, doing stuff with my friends : P

New Speedpaint

New Speedpaint

Hey guys! After a lot of Voltron related stuff I finally decided to make a quick little speedpaint. I'll upload the finished piece right after. Here's the link to the video: I hope you like it more than the Voltron stuff I recently uploaded. I know it may sound stupid to be affected by this, but one of my not-anymore-watchers commented on a Voltron drawing that they'd stop watching me now because I don't upload any more Warriors related stuff. To me it sounded like they were disgusted by my recent art. :( I'm really sorry if more of you think this way... But you know, I'm a hobby artist. I don't get paid for my art - for me it's just li

Devious Journal Entry

Devious Journal Entry

Hey guys! Since I'm totally drowning in work and homework and stuff I'll need a bit longer to upload a new comic page and fanart. :( But I started a new piece with Tallstar and Jake today and recorded some of the coloring process of Jake in a speedpaint. Here's the link: I hope you like it, eventhough it's not much. :) Have fun watching! I'll bee back with new uploads as soon as I can!!

First Speedpaint!!

First Speedpaint!!

Hey guys! As I promised, here's my first speedpaint about how I draw cats. Hope you like it~ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nuZLBXFO_Q

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AnnaAnnulikStudent General Artist

Your art is so cool

luvwarriorsStudent Digital Artist

Mizu-no-Akira, i have a really good question lol its a question about your opinion in warriorcats

Who is better for Crowfeather?Feathertail or Leafpool or Nightcloud?

Who is better for Dovewing?Bumblestripe or Tigerheart?

Who is better for Graystripe?Silverstream or Millie?

Who is better for Firestar?Spottedleaf or Cinderpelt or Sandstorm?

Who is better for Brightheart?Cloudtail or Swiftpaw?

Who is better for Lionblaze?Cinderheart or Heathertail?

Who is better for Jayfeather?Halfmoon or Briarlight or Cinderpelt or Poppyfrost?

Who is better for Berrynose?Honeyfern or Poppyfrost?

Who is better for Gray wing?Bright stream or storm or Turtletail or Slate?

Who is better for Clear sky?Brightstream or storm or Starflower?

Who is better for thunder?Star flower or Violet dawn or Acorn fur?

Who is better for Mothflight?Micah or Spotted fur?

wow sorry for so many questions,but i want to know your opinion hehehe

Hey, I just wanted to say that you’re really an amazing artist! I love your drawings so much! Don’t ever give up on them!!!
Starstriker-K9Student Traditional Artist
Are you alive? Sorry, it’s a weird question but still.... you haven’t posted in a while. Neither have you written an update on your journal. I’m starting to worry.
XxBlossom-1003579xXHobbyist General Artist
As far as I know, they’ve moved to Instagram. Their last update there was before New Year’s Eve. (2019)

Do you Take requests?

Guys, this is something that has been on my mind for a while... There are only 24 Red Wolves left in the wild. I learned this at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, on my vacation. Please raise awareness for these creatures! Here's the link to their website:

These animals need our help. Help me help them... before it's too late. Send this to all your friends who care!