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This is my new website I'll be using from now on to host all of my works. It's mobile screen responsive. Feel free to view it. 
Going to offer KICKSTARTERS crowdfunding supporters and businesses advertising space in PHONEMAN call 4 justice™ promo comic. Here is a look at one of the pages to give you an idea of what your ad will look like for supporting the PHONEMAN call 4 justice™ project.
  • Listening to: Sir Mix alot baby got back
  • Reading: comics
  • Watching: Ren and Stimpy
  • Playing: Mortal Kombat
  • Eating: pizza
  • Drinking: Root beer
If you have Facebook and don't care to help a artist, please like my fan page at…

B) Aaron
MRB is back like Sir Mix-A-Lot and getting ready to bring back the flavor of the 80's and 90's! Enjoy! B) -Aaron
EPXGames is having a contest to give away FREE PROMO CODES FOR THE BEST DEATH SCREAM YOU CAN DO! For more details on the contest click on the link…

Here is a game trailer with new updated features added to the game. Enjoy :)

Night Whisper Lane GamePlay Trailer featuring me as the voice of Victor. Enjoy :)

My Audition for Night Whisper Lane. Enjoy :)
A look at some of the new in-game play features. Enjoy :)…

Here is my audition video for Night Whisper Lane. Enjoy :)

Night Whisper Lane GamePlay Trailer featuring me as the voice of Victor. Enjoy :)…
Night Whisper Lane is coming soon.

For information please check out the website at… for more details.

Here is the latest news.…

More news and in-game images.…
Got a question for everyone reading my journal. What do you think about Traditional art Vs Digital art? Which one is better? Do you think they are equally matched when it comes to making wonderful works of art, or is one favored more than the other? The reason I asked these controversial questions is to find if any is true? I was talking to some of my art professors about my paintings and art shows. We got to talk about how some art show groups may have this feeling that one art style is more preferred than other. To make a long story short, IS THERE ART DISCRIMINATION? If so, then WHY? I feel that art is a wonderful thing in all forms and takes work to achieve these works of art,in Traditional or Digital. So I'm asking you the viewer, how do you feel about my questions? Any truth to them?