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The second AU  Fanfic Contest is officially up! Here’s the rules:

-No nsfw allowed
-Any story genre is allowed
-You can focus on any character from the series (even who already died)
-Word count between 1k to 3k
-If you don’t have a tumblr account please send in your fic the link of any of your other social media account (twitter, DA, etc) so i can credit you

Submit you fic to until September 2!

(The pic is from last year’s winner C: )

Smackjeeves | Tumblr | Nuzlocke Forums Patreon

Patreonsmack by mizj


*ahem* Well, this is the journal i'll be using to update all the news about my patreon! For now, the current rewards are:

$1 - Access to the next week's pages on my smackjeeves, early access to any nuzlocke art
$2 - Access to the storyboard of the next DA update, access to concept sketches of the series
$3 - Access to the patreon exclusive colored update (a week earlier than DA's b&w update!) and to exclusive sidestories
$5 - Request anything nuzlocke related (art, extra comic, sidestory, dumb sketches)

They're all cumulative btw! This means that a $3 reward will automatically give the $1 and $2 rewards as well!
This space is always open for suggestions/critiques as my goal is to always improve my patreon in order to give a good experience for y'all :la:

Edit 02/12/17: I've decided to improve the current rewards for a better patreon experience! If you check them the $1 and $2 are both with new weekly rewards! The $3 reward will also get an improvement very soon, so stay tuned :D
Edit 04/14/17: Hey, i'm currently getting feedback about new improvements on patreon (especially regarding introducing new rewards) so if you please give a read and feedback i'd highly appreciate it!
Edit 07/02/17: Introducing the new $5 reward! I also plan to improve it over time like i did with the other rewards