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Good to see Ruby doing well in contests and showing off how he could surprise the crowd. His last few thoughts on being called talented really paint a picture of him before the start of the nuzlocke. He always seemed so willing to prove himself, had a great pride to succeed. Maybe in comparison to his gym leader father and having a half brother who earned second place in the League made him feel like he couldn't compare, which was why he tried to antagonize Gold whenever he could. 

But this journey, even done out of a bet and spite, helped Ruby for the better. He learned to rely on others to improve when he couldn't do it alone, such as asking Crystal for help in studying or Sapphire in riding a bike. He began to grow closer with Gold and came to see how much more important family is than a bet, calling Norman for help when it made him lose the bet. He swallowed his pride for what really mattered.

And even after losing the bet, he still continues on in order to keep growing and learning more about himself. While he is by no means a bad battler, he's quite good, just a mere whim at deciding to do contests has shown him something he is good at and seems to like doing. This allows him to have more options in life as he fully decides what to do. He's had great development all around and while it may have brought us back around to a PokeSpe reference (always awesome), it's one that feels earned given how far he's come.
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Holy shit I feel u
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