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Anglophilia 101

I wish I were guys have all the cool stuff. We Americans can only be pretenders. (Plus, the accent is just cooler than ours.)
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now you see, I'm British, and now when ever i say those things, i'm not gonna be able to hold a straight face, i'll be bloody thinking of this!!!! XD xxx
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I'm British, but I can't say bangers and mash with a straight face. XD Loove Dwight's British accent.
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...No original pressings of Hey Jude :(
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oh, I love that scene!!!! Schultz is simply amazing with the british accent
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I'm British and I'm not understanding what's wrong with 'Petrol Caps'... What else do you call them?
Also, as a Brit, I've got to admit Dwight does one of the best English accents I've ever heard and American do. It's my mum's favourite thing about The A-team :D
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LOL...I just thought it was funny when he said that. ;) I s'pose Yanks call them gas caps; never thought about it. And yes, Dwight does a marvelous British accent.
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That's what I say... I've always called them gas caps and I'm from Alabama lol
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he was so posh^^
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I'm British and I say bangers and mash. Not petrol caps though. I love American accents though XD
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Haha, I suppose the grass is always greener on the other side? :P
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Well, I like being American, and I love the land, but...good grief, they have a lot of pretty people and great accents, and literature, on. XD
But...we have the SCHULTZ, so it balances out. :B
AND he can do the accents! XDD
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I see their Schultz is as big as ours. LOL
hobbnob1's avatar
As a Brit I have no idea what's wrong with either of those sayings :P
MizHowlinMad's avatar
Absolutely nothing; us Americans are just weird about strange-sounding stuff. :D
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Makes me proud to be British!
MewMewItems's avatar
I've never said that in my life XD Maybe because thats more based for north england...... and I really hate having an accent X____X
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Lol, i'm british an i aprove of this poster!
frost-of-fire's avatar
Haha! We do have awesome things over here :)
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