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Malice Mizer Fans
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Welcome to Mizer-Fans! THE place on DA for Malice Mizer fans!

AS the text above state, we are a community on Deviant Art where fans of the Japanese Band Malice Mizer can gather and make art and discuss the band and their wonderful music. If you are not familiar with Malice Mizer, check out the general information section and become enlightened. :D

Club information:
4/21- aegnardyh After another long delay.. (sorry guys... ) We have a whole slew of new members!
3/18- aegnardyh new member
2/28- aegnardyh 5 new members! We've broken 100! Woohoo!
2/25- aegnardyh Alright! Two new members, and we've affiliated ourselves with hydeist and o-dai, and th elatter happens to be an american visual band! I suggest going over for a look!
2/24-aegnardyh I am SO Sorry for the long long period in which I didn't update this club. (mercifuldeath here under new username). I've added all of those who have sent notes, and will update the club weekly at the very least. My deepest apologies. I am also reducing the adminship to solely myself, since the other founder has not done anything.  
1/07-mercifuldeath Five new members. Apologies for the lack of updates.
12/16-mercifuldeath Two new members! Also, intensly, I'll have that request sometime next week—I can't work on it durings finals. T_T
12/12-mercifuldeath Okay.. that was a long time since the last update. Sorry, I've been busy with finals prep and such. But we've got a new member!
11/29-mercifuldeath Happy Belated Thanksgiving! Welcome our five new members!
11/26-mercifuldeath Three new members! *gasp* Now we've hit sixty members, woohoo!
11/18-mercifuldeath Hey, we've got five new members and the contest is now over! Congrats to the winner!

Past Updates:
Can be found here…

1. Just be nice and respect everyone's opinions, etc. We're all friends here.
2. Place the club's icon/dev-link in your sig or journal.
3. Have a great time!
4. Not too bad, huh?

How to Join:
Send a note to either the club or to aegnardyh. You can also leave comments to join, but we might not see the comments if the club becomes quite busy. Everyone will be accepted, so please place the icon or link somewhere in your sig or journal as soon as you join. We'll appreciate it lots. And we apologize if it takes us a while to reply or add you to the list, but we will try our best to check the accounts frequently. Thanks! :D

:!: Design Our devID~! Winner! :!:… by intensely

Information on Malice Mizer:
Malice Mizer was a popular Japanese band that set the standard and basis for gothic-style and Visual Kei music in Japan. Their sound ranges from extremely gothic and archaic- with organs, choirs, and menacing sounds; classical- laced with violins, pianos, and other instruments of that sort; as well as techno, pop, and industrial. They have a very unique and varying sound, which is unusual and can be describing as downright unearthly at times. But you see, that is the charm and eternal appeal of the beloved band.

Malice Mizer has, unfortunately disbanded in 2001, and it seems there is not much of a chance that they will come together once again. But we will delve more into that later. The band was founded in 1992 by Mana and Közi after Közi agreed to play bass for Mana after his band broke up. Another member, the drummer, Gaz, joined, but left in 1993 and was replaced by Kami (Feb. 1, 19??- June 21, 1999. May his sleep be peaceful.) The oldest Vocalist, Tetsu also left the band in '93 due to musical differences. Almost after one year of searching, an acquaintance recommended Gackt to Mana and Közi(or Kami, sources not too sure), and they took him out to karaoke to see how well he sung. Gackt also was reported to be innovative, and was able to work well in the band just as if he had joined when Malice Mizer was first born. In other words, Gackt and the band hit if off. After a few more years of performing, Malice Mizer joined the lineup at Nippon Columbia records, moving from their independent label Midi:Nette in 1997. Later after more successful years of music, Gackt left the band to pursue a solo career. Later that year, on July 21, Kami died of an internal hemorrhage and the band has never hired a replacement for Kami, and only used temporary drummers. Then in 2000, Klaha joined the band as the new vocalist. The trained opera singer fronted the band for another year until they disbanded in 2001.

As I have said early, I think it highly unlikely that they will come together once again due to the fact that each member has been pursuing their own solo projects. Gackt as... Gackt, Klaha as Klaha, Közi in his new band Eve of Destiny, Mana in Moi Dix Mois, Tetsu.. doing something indies, and no one is sure what Yu~ki is doing now- but he WAS seen at Klaha's birthday party! =P

Official Links MM offcial site Mana Offical Site Klaha Official Site Midi:Nette Offical Site Eve of Destiny Offical Site… Moi meme Moitie (Mana Clothing Line)

Fansites Project J's MM section.… The Secret World of MM (currently inactive)… Mizer House Scape Mizerlicious… Caliginous A site pointed out by morrigun! Great gallery!

Everything else!
:iconaegnardyh:- The lovely, lovely god of this realm. Or, founder. XD

Members: (124)
:iconpupukachoo: :heart: The first member!
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