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Dragon Zodiac Tattoo

Its the Dragon zodiac!

time taken: 1.5 hours
Mediums: Black ball point pen, photoshop cs3
Reason: was bored and couldn't be bothered working on other stuff

The year of the Dragon: one that brings happiness and good fortune. one of the most positive and strongest of all of the twelve star signs. During the year of the Dragon their will be violent acts of nature, with an electrifying ambiance and things coming in waves. For those considering marriage or starting a new venture or business it is a favorable year.

I really like the Zodiac idea, Im the sheep/ram hehe :D But I always wanted to be dragon T_T

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I love the design.

I would love a chance to use this for a logo for my business. Pleeeaaasssseeee!

Purple Dragon Jewellery Emporium
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Sure thing as long as I'm credited :)
Thank you very much. :-D
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I really like those pattern dragons, beautiful, simple, elegant, and yet awesome and badass as anything with dragons should be. Really nice!
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Thanks very much :) I wish I finished all the other zodiac signs but too busy!
How awsome picture!! :) I wondering that I wanna dragon tattoo to my ankle/ foot so can I use that picture?
My Chinece horoscope is dragon, that´s why.. :) is that tattoo mean / be precisely chineces horoscopes dragon? and sorry if my writing is a little hard to understand becouse I´m finnish and I don´t speak english very well.. :D

thank you anyway and happy weekend!
pest for you wish Mii$ki
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Thankyou :)
And yes you can use this, if you do would you be able to post me a picture so I can see it? Would be nice! :)

And yes this is the chinese horoscope/zodiac dragon.

And your english is good so dont worry! :)
Dude, I LOVE it!! So cool!! Lol
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I hope you don't mind, but this beautiful piece has been featured here: [link] !
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aww thanks very much! :heart:
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Chinese zodiacs ftw! ^^ I'm a rooster.. but my mom's a dragon and boy she has a temper like one xD I like the touch of the dragons around the symbol. Good work!
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scary, my mums a dragon too and it also shows :XD:

Thanks ^^
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haha, that's why you don't mess with them xD

You're welcome :D
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I love designs like this! So simple, yet your eyes can follow the lines for hours...
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I love the simplistic design of this. It's very cool!
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Thanks very much :D
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hey. you are featured in my journal [link]
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oh thanks very much :D
Ive been seriously thinking of getting this as a tattoo because I love this design. Do you think you could do one with the traditional Chinese symbol for dragon instead of the simplified one though?
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If you can find me a picture of the symbol you're meaning then of course :D
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Very nice! It's very flowing, really attractive. If I was going to get a tattoo and was a dragon (I'm a horse...), I'd totally ask you to let me use this.
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