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Swan Song

Swan song

Its the feeling I get at this time of year. Summer is leaving, cold and darkness are coming closer. Comforts seem small compared to the loneliness, and events just seem heavier.

Yes I have S.A.D and depression, which I fight on a daily basis.

"Swan song" is a metaphorical phrase for a final gesture, effort, or performance given just before death or retirement. The phrase refers to an ancient belief that the Mute Swan (Cygnus olor) is completely silent during its lifetime until the moment just before death, when it sings one beautiful song.


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Gorgeous, expresses the sad mood perfectly
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Lovely expressive work Paula.:hug:
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So gorgeous, yet so sad
mizdestiny's avatar
:cries: yes it is sad
Thank you for liking it :huggle:
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Aww, sweet and sad... Lovely work! :heart:

Thanks for using my stock! A thumb and link to your work will be added to the stock description :)
(Sorry for the late reply)
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You should live where I do then, we don't have seasons down here. It's the middle of December but it has yet to get even a little bit chilly! It's such a disappointment this year, I went to church yesterday and I didn't even need a sweater! It's a beautiful image, seems to convey that sadness can thrive even among beauty :(
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It was unseasonably warm here yesterday too. But its didnt spoil Christmas a bit. Thank you for the lovely comments :blowkiss: and Merry Christmas :iconcip13:
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It's beautiful. :hug:
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mizdestiny's avatar
:excited: I really like that response, thanks :bow:
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Wow this image oozes emotion and feeling.
mizdestiny's avatar
Thank you very much :blowkiss: Its how I feel at this time of year
JanieceBby's avatar
I'm speechless! This is very beautiful!
mizdestiny's avatar
:bow: Thank you, it has that effect on me too :giggle:
Vampire-Echidna's avatar
This is beautifully done my friend. The contrast and tones give it that really nice dream like effect. I love the reflections. Swans are beautiful and powerful animals. You have shown it in such a beauty with this amazing image.
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Thank you heaps Kyle :love:

I love the misty, ethereal atmosphere that makes it so dreamy.

I chose swans because they mate for life, and leave. Both human aspirations and fears. And having a single swan remain was both a comfort and a sadness, since it should leave with the others but hasn't done so yet.
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swan songs is teh name of a Hollywood Undead album :3

Seriously this is amazing i love how its really emotional and makes you feel lonley and cold. how did you do this??
mizdestiny's avatar
Thank you, and really? Cool

Its just photoshop, a mouse, some stock and extra painting. I work with LOTs of layers so I can place objects between them and through them (ie feet, swan)
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Very beautiful ^-^
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