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Boku no Hero Academia: Todoroki Shouto

My newest obsession!! I really love Boku no Hero Academia and I can't wait for the anime it'll surely get someday :D I want to draw more of this series if possible :iconkissingplz: I'll also try to post more on deviantart since I feel bad for letting it rot away like this but I've just been so busy in real life I haven't been drawing that much over the years OTL

But yeah if anyone's ever read this series, please let me know your favorite character *u* I love Izuku, Bakugou, Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida (in no particular order) but omg everyone's great I love them

Edit: submitted to the wrong group, sorry!! >_<;
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The ice and flames are amazing

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Nice job on drawing Shoto. :)

I'd say Izuku, Shoto, Ochako are a few of my favorites. I was somewhat like Izuku when I was an early teen: nervous, introverted, and pretty geeky but also hardworking and friendly. I overthink a lot. I grew out of it a long time ago, but I do recognize a number of my traits in him.

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Yaaaasss! Peppermint boi deserves all the love!

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A fine piece of art!
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fire and ice. cool
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very terrific work
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Kokkoiiiiiiiii!!!! 😍:D
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Ahh! i was reading the manga and found you... HHH THIS IS AMAZING
But uh, i dunno, my favorite characters are Todoroki and Katsuki lolol
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From where it's going in the manga, it seems likely that Izuku won't become "The Greatest" in the conventional sense.
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This is my phone wallpaper now
I love it :heart:
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*Reads the description* This actually does have an anime now! :D Thats how i found this series! ^^ I could link you with the first episode if you want ^^
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wow that's great Deadpool icon 
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This is really good!
I just recently got into this series and I love it.
My fave is definitely Todoroki and Midoriya is great too!
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Splendid fanart. I'm thoroughly enjoying the superhero trend. One Punch Man and My Hero Academia are receiving recognition. :clap: Character designs are creative and storytelling is light-hearted. The hero costume reveal at UA was glorious. I practically like all of the characters.
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Same here, I'm really enjoying the superhero trend in animes lately too (Tiger and Bunny was also good :D) And agreed, the costume reveal at UA was amazing, I love everyone's outfits! Especially the fact that costumes continued to change designs even after that. Gotta give props to Horikoshi-sensei for thinking these things through ^u^
Working on a website where we release coloured versions of My hero Academia  every week on Sundays ,get in touch if you are interested (3 guys working already check my page for a sample of what I expect) , we will use this website to promote n advertise ur deviantart page and what ever other pages or comics u r working on 
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Beautiful Artwork! Cute Emoticon Blushing  The pose and the expression are wonderful :heart:
I haven't heard of this manga until now, your art is really getting me interested though!
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Thank you!! :iconaawplz: This manga is REALLY good! I hope you read it someday :D In fact, the anime adaptation has been announced recently so it might be an ideal to catch up now while you can haha.
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You're welcome Mato Hugs Yomi 
I'll get it on my phone, keep me busy during class :excited: ... I hope the anime doesn't come up too soon tbh, I'm a .. medium speed reader I guess :D
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No worries! That's probably better than binge reading like I do haha ^^; Let me know how that goes~
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