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[f2u] birdcage

so uhhhh. that ending huh

this pixel is free to use!! all you gotta do is:
  • leave a fave
  • link back/credit me somewhere on your page or use the code : thumb771818813 :
  • don't make any edits besides resizing or cropping
it won't work great as an icon on DA (pixel is 100px when DA's icons are 50px) but you can crop it on kris's head or the birdcage i guess

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Kris icon F2U:iconsaysplz:....I'M GONNA EAT THAT FUCKIN PIE.
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At the end your character, named Kris(Your actual name you chose doesn't matter), grabs his own soul and brings it out, throws it into the birdcage, and then grabs a knife, becoming what is known as "Chara."
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Chara is good meh boi, she is kinda like a second judge. She punished them for the PLAYERS actions. Because we killed everyone.

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As far as we know, we’re going to be a birdcage in chapter 2
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Agree, at least the wagon has wheels, we can move around with that.
And yes it will still be awesome gameplay because Toby
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That would TRULY be the most exciting gameplay from Toby Fox.
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betcha the chara reference is a trick to rile up the internet
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Yeah, Kris is just gonna wake up.
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Yes! This is amazing?
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Yeah um... that was... an experience?!?!?!?
I don't know what to say, I am afraid!
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It seems to me that their will be more game coming out later, since it says chapter.
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oh most certainly. toby has already said that the deltarune version released was a demo and will be releasing the full game at once when its finished- but we still wont know the full story for several years.
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Yeah, it can take some time to work on it.  I wonder if he is still using Game Maker to create it.  I been trying to make a game as well, but programing is not always easy.  every asset gives problems and one has to figure out how to solve it.
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fun fact, u can still control the heart after it been locked in that cage
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the animation is so well done! love how smooth it is!
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