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thank you toby fox for my three new children

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yay i found sombody else who likes undertale and deltarune! :)
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Its a shiny artist. Its  t h i s  rare.
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I absolutely love this! Pixel art is hard to get right, especially if you animate, so I'm in love with thisssss kris icon v.3|| ftu Fluffy Clap Deltarune 
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im listening to field of hopes and dreams while browsing deltarune stuff

(lol whats ur opinion of it i think its awesome)    Susie relaxed and comfortable deltarune 
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I love this pixel waaaaaaaaaayyy too much- like I freaking love it a lot. 
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Wow, I love it! Keep up the amazing work! <3
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I love this gift but Ralsei still confuses my brain... I mean ultimatly it doesn't matter which gender he is but he is a he right? I mean looks like a girl in every aspect... I am so confised xD
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i assure you, just because he looks like a girl does not mean he is one.
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yea... another trap xD
no I like him he is fluffy
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They all look so good in this god. Ralsei my fluffy prince boy
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Ralsei is so cute!
The power of fluffy boys shines within you
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