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Fensassin's Creed - The book
It was a sunny day, clear skies an azure blue. Sunlight fell on a slightly shaded forest road, wagon ruts deep and fresh, showing it was well used. However a wagon was not what occupied the path now.
A small creature, smaller than a fox, but of the same form padded along the path. A hood covered the small canine's head, robe falling over it's back split near it's hind to allow sandy colored bottle brush shaped tail to stick out freely. A leather belt secured the robe, a few small bags of various materials hanging from the sides. Bracers were tied to the canine's front legs, and the backs of it's hind legs.
All in all, the canine was a strange sight. Plodding along, head perked as figures loomed ahead on the road. Quickly, it jumped into the brush along the side of the road. After a bit, two human soldiers passed by, casually chatting. They wore teal armor, shields upon their backs carrying the symbol of a boars head, tusks long and sharp. They passed by the small canine's hiding place
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Nother Sketch Dump by Mizana Nother Sketch Dump :iconmizana:Mizana 0 0 Alisterwolf - Commission by Mizana
Mature content
Alisterwolf - Commission :iconmizana:Mizana 4 0
.::Leap::. by Mizana .::Leap::. :iconmizana:Mizana 4 3


Gathering Ashes Chapter 3
  Ambrosia had always been familiar with death. As a bounty hunter, she had been raised with the idea that anyone could die: family, friends, and even unlucky clients. In a job as dangerous as her own she knew better than anyone to be prepared for the worst. She had steeled herself for misfortune. At any moment her death was imminent and she knew it. At one point her will was updated regularly, but now she had no one to leave her possessions to; it now sat in a folder in the back of her closet, slowly collecting dust.
    With all the preparation that had gone into dying, she was almost disappointed to open her eyes to a ceiling of dark clouds. If this was the afterlife, she was severely disappointed; her head was pounding with an approaching migraine and her bones felt like they had been melted down and twisted into pretzels.
    A dark gloom hung in the air. The soft pitter-patter of rain had increased to a near torrent. She could see it splattering onto the concrete, louder than it
:iconsolarcharm:Solarcharm 3 5
Gathering Ashes Chapter 1
     Warehouses. It always had to be warehouses.
     It wasn't that Ambrosia didn't know why they were there. She knew about the sudden influx of people the lonely town of Birchwood had received many years ago, which spurred the construction of shops, apartments, and, of course, warehouses. Unfortunately this popularity had lasted as long as the average fashion trend and soon, for reasons that no one was quite sure of, people began to trickle out. The town was left with too many buildings and not enough people to fill them. Workers lamented the loss of their jobs, landowners grumbled about how the buildings would now merely take up space, but no one bothered to get rid of them. So they sat, unhindered by passing time, as the world moved on without them. Their sole inhabitants were rats, dust and graffiti.
     Or at least, that was what the general public believed. The buildings, which were so forgotten that they seemed to fade into the background, were home to another group of reside
:iconsolarcharm:Solarcharm 3 7
Gathering AshesChapter 2
    Upon further inspection Ambrosia found the mysterious alleyway creature to be rather disappointing.  
    The cat hissed. Its ginger fur bristled as it stood its ground, positioned defensively on a top of a trash can. It seemed unafraid of the fire in her hand.
    “Shoo!” Ambrosia hissed back.
    For a moment it seemed like the cat was going to listen, but then it let out another piercing screech and lunged. Ambrosia was too surprised at the sudden assault to react. She felt claws rake across her cheek and before she knew it her butt connected with the concrete and the fire in the hand was lobbed halfway across the street, burning a patch of paint from a closed storefront.  
    Oops, she thought with a grimace, scrambling to her feet. She turned just in time to see a ginger tail disappear into the alleyway. For a moment she thought about chasing after it to extract revenge, but the idea was quickly dispelled. There was no point in wasting time chasing after a
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If you're reading this, you've found my DA page somehow, or even saw this journal in your DA messages cause you watch me. I'll keep it short. I'm not really active on DA. If you want to see stuff from me regularly, please see my Tumblr account:

I post doodles, stories, random stuff, and whatever there, so go check it out~ I only reblog things I find actually interesting, so don't fear having your tumblr feed filled with stupid stuff after following me~


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