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MaleMerida/Reader one-shot - Faerie Tale 

(Merida - Meridd) 


"Faster, Angus!" Meridd yelled out as he ushered forwards his horse to go faster through the vast woodland forest. Angus leaned forwards and picked up his speed and the two now appearing to look like a black and orange blur through the woods where Meridd usually practiced his archery by himself. Meridd took up his bow and arrow and pointed at a tree in the distance as the rode on. Sticking his tongue out to side as he concentrated, he shot out the arrow that wisp through the air and hit targeted tree dead on. "Yes! Got it!" He grinned at his small victory and began shooting off more arrows at more trees in the distance, he never missed one shot. "Too easy!" He laughed in triumph and began tugging on the reins to slow down Angus down to a trot. 

Taking a deep breath of the crisp natural air of the outdoors, he ran a hand large calloused hand through his thick wild wavy long orange locks of hair that was put back in a messy ponytail. "I'd think I'm gettin' too familiar with these parts… Its gettin' too simple for me." Angus came to a halt when he stopped at a small creak and went to get a drink of water. Meridd pat the side of Angus' neck and looked off into the distance with his aquamarine colored eyes. The forest was silent other then the sound of rushing water, birds chirping, and the quiet sound of the breeze wafting by and blowing his hair along with it. "Mum says not to go any ferther' then here…" Meridd trails off as he keeps looking out where the forest went much deeper and was left unexplored by him. "But what could be so terrible about goin' just a little ferther'? That side of the forest couldn't possibly be any more dangerous then this side?" Meridd narrowed his eyes in contemplation. He really wanted to go farther and explore and see what new territory he could mark up with his arrows. New training grounds meant he could hone his skills much more than he was in such familiar grounds where he had always been shooting at.

"What do you think, Angus?" Meridd leaned in to look at Angus in the eyes. The horse snorted which Meridd took as a 'let's do it!', mostly because that is what he wanted to hear from his horse companion. "Mum won't even know where I wus'. What's the worst that could happen?" Meridd gripped onto the reins tightly into his hands and decided to go onwards. "Let's go, Angus!" With a pull of the reins, Angus obeyed and began galloping through the stream and to the other side of the forest where Meridd had been forbidden to go by his parents. The wind flowed through his long locks of orange hair as he rode through the forbidden forest with Angus. Meridd couldn't stop gazing around him and taking in all the wildlife that could be seen everywhere he turned. The forest was as quiet and seemingly as peaceful as the other part of the forest he was in before. Occasionally, Meridd would notice ancient looking ruin parts left for the moss to grow and take over. He wondered what the ruins could have possibly been there for. Meridd found that the deeper he went into the forest the more he was finding to enjoy it. "Why on earth would my parents keep me from this place? Its amazin!" Meridd smiled to himself and gasped when Angus and him reached a giant crystal clear pool of water that had a gorgeous large rocky waterfall that's fresh water was flowing down into the giant pool that was full of waterlilies and cattails on the sides. "Beautiful.." He murmur in awe and went to get off Angus. "You stay here, boy. I'm goin' try to do some shootin' here." Meridd told Angus as he got off and stepped over toward's the water's edge. Meridd glanced down at his reflection in the water and smiled. This place was so tranquil, it even had a mysterious and almost magical aura around the place. There were even some more stone ruins randomly scattered around. The whole place was truly ethereal. Meridd reached behind his back and grabbed his bow and arrows. Pointing his bow into the distance past the pool of water and waterfall, he aimed at a single column ruin. Drawing his arrow back on the bow's string, he pulled his arm back before releasing the arrow. It whisked in a blur through the air pass the pool of water and then through a couple of trees but this time Meridd had aimed a bit off. The arrow flew past the ruined column and hit something else in the distance.

Meridd made a frustrated face that he missed his shot by barely an inch but he quickly got over it when he heard a feminine scream. Meridd's eyes widen fully and for a second he thought he heard the cry of a banshee from how shrill and terrifying it was. "Hello!?" Meridd called out with a rush of concern consuming him. He couldn't have possibly shot someone had he?! Meridd started running around the lake and towards the area he had shot and heard the blood-curling scream. "Hello!?" He called out again and was looking around for the person who had screamed. "Are you hurt!? Where are yuh'!?" Meridd frantically scanned his eyes through the overgrowth of the woods. It wasn't until he heard the faint sound of crying when his attention was drawn down by a giant hollow log that had a girl sitting down on the ground and doubled over in tears. However, this was not an average girl because this girl had broad colorful translucent faerie wings on her back! Meridd's eyes were wide and his breath had hitched as he took sight of this weeping lass in front of him in complete silence. You were absolutely breathtaking with your shining (h/l) (h/c) hair and your (e/c) eyes that looked beautiful even though you were currently crying your eyes out. He'd never seen a girl with wings before! What possibly could you be? Meridd's eyes finally trailed down to your right leg where you were holding the sides of a bloody wound that had his arrow sticking out of. It was then he realized what he had accidentally done and he felt extremely guilty. "Oh no! Are you okay!?" Meridd asked as he quickly went to kneel down in front of you. You looked up at him with fear and shook your head repeatedly as you attempted to back away from him by using your hands to pull yourself away.

"G-go away! Don't hurt me!" You cried as you quivered away from his hand extended towards you.

"Its alright, I'm not goin' hurt you." He tried to reassure you but you shook your head more and glared him with the flash of your (e/c) eyes.

"You already hurt me! Go away!" You keep backing away from him until you back up into a large thick tree that blocked your escape. You glance back at the tree and then look back at him nervously. He creeps up to you and still had his hand extended towards you. 

"I know I did and I'm really sorry. I didn't mean too, it was an accident. I hadn't seen you when I shot my arrow."

"Well, sorry is not going to fix this." You complain while a new stream of heated tears pour down your cheeks and down to your chin. Meridd frowns and runs a hand through his wild locks of hair as he thinks of what to do. 

"I know… but we need to get that arrow out of you." Meridd reaches down to his large kilt that went up over and draped over one shoulder and tore off just enough to wrap around your wounded leg. You glared him as he kneels down right next to your leg and was about to grab onto the arrow. Before he could even touch the arrow, you slap his hands away. 

"That's going to hurt!" You cry out at him. He looks you in the eyes and sighs heavily.

"I know but it will only be for a quick second. Just close your eyes and it will be out before you know it." He told as he looked you in the eyes with a sad frown. You furrow your brows and frown. Seeing as you had no other choice then to let this human who had been the one to shoot you pull out the arrow. You take a deep breath and turn your head away from him with your eyes clenched closed and waited for the pain. Meridd seeing that you letting him pull out the arrow, he very gently grabbed onto it and as quickly and painlessly as possible yanked it out of your bleeding leg. You squeaked and started shaking from the ting of pain that came from the removal of Meridd's arrow. 

"OW! T-that hurt!" 

Meridd made a sheepish smile as you opened your (e/c) eyes back open to look at Meridd as he placed the bloodied arrow to the side of him and went to wrap your leg with the torn piece of cloth from his clothes. You winced at the bloody sight but were thankful not to have that arrow painfully lodged in your leg any longer. You watched very closely as Meridd with as much gentleness as possible started wrapping the green cloth around your wound to stabilize it for the time being so it wouldn't keep bleeding. Meridd tied a tight knot into it to keep it from untangling and then veered his kind blue eyes to look up into your own. You were still frowning but now looking at him with curiosity rather than the nasty glare from before.

"… Thank you… uhm human." You said quietly as you glanced down at your leg that was taken care of. Meridd smiled and shook his head with intrigued eyes. 

"You're welcome, um…"

"(Y/n)… My name is (Y/n)…" You tell him with your own small but sincere smile. He looks mystified by your words and nods his head as he takes in your whole unique appearance again. 

"My name is Meridd. I wish we've met on better terms but it is still nice to meet you, (Y/n)." He said and then went to go stand up from crouching. You were still on the ground but you shocked Meridd when your faerie wings began to flutter behind your back as they pulled you up from the ground. Meridd's eyes were broaden in wonder as he saw you floating right in front of him before his very eyes. "Wow! Are you a-… Are you a faerie?" He said in disbelief that he could possibly be in the presence of a creature he didn't even knew existed and only had heard of in folklore. 

You smiled sweetly at him and nodded your head, "Yes… I never met a human before." You say and inspect him with full on curiosity. 

Meridd smiles and shrugs his shoulders, "I've never met a faerie before." He said back. You giggled and went to fly around him as you took in his appearance. He seemed like a tough sort, very muscular, blue eyed, with thick wild fiery orange hair put back in a messy ponytail, and a stubby chin with a slight beard. He was wearing peculiar clothing something green and called a kilt but it was larger then a normal one as it draped over one shoulder. He wore a black shirt under it and had black boots with light fur on them, he also was wearing a thick black furry cape that appeared to be made out of some kind of animal. The only thing on him you didn't like so much but were curious by was the strange device on his back that was made of wood and had string attached to it. There was also a holder on his back that held those awful sharp sticks that had pierced your leg. "You don't have wings… Are humans usually wingless?" You ask as you float back in front of him with a questionable look.

Meridd laughs and shakes his head, "No, we don't. Is that odd to you? To me it is strange that you have wings." He says as he takes a gander at the beautiful flittering translucent wings attached to your back. You snicker at that and glance back at your own wings then at him.

"Nothing is strange about it! But I suppose a human would be curious to something they've never seen before. Speaking of which, what is that awful thing on your back that shot me? Were you trying to shoot me?" You ask and he quickly shakes his head.

"No, of course! I wus' just… practicing. When I shot off my arrow I wus' not expectin' my aim to be off. Nor was I expectin' you to be there to be shot at. I really apologize for hitting you. I would never shoot someone on purpose." He said sincerely and glanced back at your leg that covered up but he could tell it was still slightly bleeding from the fresh blood that was soaking it. "Are you sure you're going to be alright? You still look like you're bleeding a little." Meridd said with concern for your wellbeing. You glance at your injured leg and shake your head.

"With some magic from the faerie pool, I should be as good as new. Faeries heal quite quickly, I don't know how quickly humans heal. Do you have magic to heal yourselves?" You ask as the two of you start traveling away from the hollow log in the forest and back to the lake and waterfall. Meridd shakes his head as he glances up at you as you fly next to him.

"No, we don't have magic like that. We take a while to heal and have to use medical equipment." Meridd explained as the two of you arrive back at the water's edge. Angus was grazing through the grass and caught the attention of you. You were going to reply back to Meridd but you were quickly taken in by the unfamiliar animal. Flying over to him you startle the horse who looks up at you in shock. He wails a neigh and stands up onto his back legs and panics. You being also startled by the sudden actions of the strange animal, you back away in the air and glance over Meridd for help. "Whoa, calm down, Angus! She's a friend!" Meridd rushes over to the horse's side and pet the side of his snout once he lowers back down onto his four legs. You shutter but look at the creature curiously.

"What type of animal is this? I've never seen any kind like it in this forest. Is it angry at me?" 

Meridd chuckles and shakes his head as he soothes Angus who was staring at you warily from his spot. "He's a horse and not at all. He's just never seen a faerie before. Shhh, calm down, Angus. She's just a friend of mine."

You hear him say this again and feel a strange fluttering inside as if your wings were inside of you rather than on your back. You didn't know why but you kinda like this interesting human calling you his 'friend'. You never had a human friend before, of course, you never met one until today. You try to ignore the fluttering feeling as you fly over cautiously to the large black four legged animal. "A horse? Will he let me touch him?" You ask and Meridd glances at Angus who looks back at him. Meridd doesn't think Angus will freak out again so he nods his head and lets you come closer. You extend your hand and gently place it on his head. Angus at first seems uneasy but when you start petting through his mane, he seems to calm down very quickly as he relishes in the feeling of your soft gentle hands running through his hair.

"He likes that!" Meridd exclaims and laughs as Angus's eyes become half-lidded as he pushes his head up against your hand that was petting him. 

"He likes me?" You say with a cute grin appearing on your face. "I like you too, horse!" You chirp in happiness.

Meridd chuckles with his hand to his mouth and shakes his head, "His name is Angus." Meridd inquires and you 'ooh' and nod your head in understanding. 

"I like Angus then! He is a nice horse. I love meeting new animals, especially ones I've never seen before. It seems I'm coming across a lot of newness today." You say and go to stop petting Angus who looks somewhat disappointed that you stopped. You look back and Meridd and then fly over Angus and him to hover over the water of the lake. "Time to heal this pain…" You trail off and float lowered down to the clear water. Meridd watches in astonishment as you begin concentrating and a gorgeous radiant light starts glowing from your hands. Meridd and Angus both watched with wide eyes as you lowered your glowing hands into the water and the whole lake shimmered with the same brilliant light from your hands. Meridd leaned against Angus and kept watching in silence as you imbued the lake with faerie magic. Cupping the enchanted water that glowed in your hands, you begin to pour the water over your wounded leg. The magic illuminated even brighter when it touched your leg before dripping back down into the lake that was beginning to fade back to it's original color. "That should do it!" You say as you glance over at Meridd who was still gawking at you. Never in his life had he experienced something so beautiful and magical. He was left in even more bewilderment when you untied the kilt's cloth from your leg and threw it off to the side of the lake. Your bare leg was shown and there was not one sign of any harm done. The magic had completely healed your wound from the arrow's damage. 

"Astoundin'! How'd you do that!?" Meridd leaned off of Angus and went back to the edge of the water. You flew over in front of him and smiled brightly.

"Magic!" You exclaim and giggle as you zip around him before stopping back in front of him after a few spins around him. 

Meridd shakes his head and laughs, "It's brilliant!"

You nod and then suddenly grab his bow from his back and begin twisting and turning it around in different angles as you look at it with confused narrowed eyes, "What is the point of this device? It hurts people. I don't like it!" You scoff and were about to throw it into the water carelessly but Meridd grabs it away from you before you do.

"Hey! Don't do that! That's my special bow!"

"It is called a bow? I still don't like it." You frown and cross your arms stubbornly while floating in front of him over the water. 

"Well, I like it. It's my special bow. My Father gave it to me when I was a just a wee lad. It means a lot to me." Meridd explained seriously. You don't get why he would like something that hurt people, it was dangerous and very unneeded! 

"Why would you like something that hurts and kills? I don't understand humans. I hear they destroy everything they touch with such weapons like this. Its barbaric." You tell him with a sad frown. Meridd glanced down at his bow and shakes his head disagreeably.

"I do it for fun and I don't hurt people with it. Not all humans are bad. Archery can just be for sport not always for hurting or killing." Merida replies, though you feel doubtful of his words. 

You 'hum' and then sigh heavily. "If you say so, Meridd. Though such a weapon has hurt me even when you weren't trying too. Faeries are not fond of humans for their violence towards nature and others. All nature has life and meaning which many humans disregard without a thought. You're not like that are you, Meridd?" You float closer towards him, so you were very close face to face. He seemed uncomfortable at such closeness and couldn't fight the blush that tinted his cheeks, making his freckles more prominent. 

"I-I… No, I don't condone violence but I don't think archery is bad. Archery is my life." Meridd replied and slightly backs away as you keep coming closer and closer towards him, almost dangerously close. You stare at him with slow blinking eyes that showed off your sparkly (e/c) eyes that shimmered in the light. He couldn't tear his own eyes away from your eyes that were enthralling even almost enchanting. He never felt so drawn to someone before, you were like a siren calling out to him that he couldn't ignore. Liking someone romantically was something he put way low on his priority list but you somehow were making him feel strange things he never felt before.

"Close your eyes." You whisper to him in a quiet voice. He stares at you in wonder and hesitantly obeys as his blue eyes flutter close. You lean in and very gently place a soft kiss onto his lips. It was very short and fleeting but sweet as a flower in spring. He shutters at the kiss and his eyes immediately snap open to see you flying across the water and giggling. He placed his hand onto his kissed lips and stared at you with widen eyes that you just kissed him.

"Why did you just kiss me?!" Meridd exclaimed in a mixture of shock and disbelief. 

"Because I think you're cute for a human. Even if you did shoot me. I forgive you now." You say as you dance across the water, your bare feet just barely grazing the water's surface. It was just enough to leave a ripple in it's wake. Meridd was mystified and part of him hungered for more and he didn't even know why. He never felt such tightness in his chest and that funny feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"T-thanks but c-cute? I'm not cute! I'm…-"

"Handsome? Tough? Adorable?" You teased and flew back over to him and circled around him again. He was just about to answer back as you flew back in front of him and tilted your head as you stared at his blushing face.

"Tough… I like that one. I'm tough!" He answered with firmness while trying to sound gruff and able-bodied. You put your hand to your lips and giggle at him as he tries to puff out his chest and put his hands on his hips as he raises his head to look big and tough like he says he is.

"You're so funny, Meridd." You tittered and fly up and hug him. He almost falls over from the unexpectedness of the hug you were giving him. His face was almost as red as his wild mess of hair. "I like you a lot." You tell him and place a quick kiss onto his cheek before backing off and grinning widely at him. Meridd looks embarrassed and scratches the side of his red cheek while glancing away from you sheepishly.

"I… I like you too, (Y/n)." Meridd admits and wasn't even being in the slightest dishonest. He just had some kind of odd attraction to you and he couldn't understand it. He was feeling for a faerie in the woodlands. His parents would never let that one down if it were ever spoken nor would they believe him. After all, the possible bachelorettes he's been through, each and every one of them were nothing but nuisances. Meridd wasn't looking for love but instead it seems love has come to track him down and it was hardly ever the way he'd expect it. He wouldn't quite say he was in love with you as you only just met but there certainly was something that drew him in and made him want more. 

You smiled warmly at him and nodded your head. "I'm glad I met you… You're a real nice human."

"And you're a real nice faerie, (Y/n)…" He replies with a playful smile of his own. You keep smiling at him until Meridd looks off into the distance and frowns as he sees the sunsetting in the distance. "I'm sorry…but I really ought' to be going now. My parents are expectin' me home before sun down."

"Ohh…" You reply with a dispirited look falling upon you. "Will I ever see you again?" You ask Meridd hopefully as you fumble with your hands in front of you. Meridd smiles sadly and shrugs.

"I hope so. I'm not sure." He confesses unsurely which makes you frown deeply. 

"Oh… well, okay then. I wish you well, Meridd. Thanks for being my friend." You tell him and fly over and place another soft kiss onto his lips. Meridd didn't know how to respond and internally panics but it doesn't last long as you pull away with sad eyes that made his whole body tense up. "Be careful where you shoot from now on. You might shoot a faerie that'll curse you next time. Consider yourself lucky." You say with a small teasing smile. He smirks back and shakes his head.

"I will, I promise."

"Thank you. Goodbye, Meridd." You waved him a goodbye and left him in a stupor once you magically vanished and transformed into a much smaller faerie that was the size of his hand. His mouth was agape as you blew him a kiss goodbye before flying off into the forest's trees. Meridd kept watching until you were out of view before murmuring breathlessly in awestruck wonder.

"Goodbye, (Y/n)…"


Meridd couldn't get you out of his mind when he got back home. The only thing he could think of was you and if he could ever meet you again. Thankfully, his parents hadn't found out about him going into the forbidden parts of the forest that apparently were teeming with faeries. He first thought faeries were nothing but fairytales that were told to the children but now he saw that they were truly real and now he was especially worried that he might of been captivated by this one. Faeries were known to be tricky and maybe even deceitful, he hoped he hadn't been tricked or even worse cursed by you. You seemed kind and innocent enough, maybe helping you after shooting you made you change your mind from setting a horrible curse onto him. He internally shuttered at the possibilities of what a faerie could inflict on him, he was sure it would be nothing worth finding out.

Meridd sighed as he laid in his bed. He had just had a tiny war with keeping out his three wee little devils a.k.a his sisters from running amuck in his room that evening. Groaning to himself, he plopped down on his bed and imagined what you would be doing right now. He pictured how you danced across the water so gracefully, it was truly a sight to be seen. Sighing a bit longing, he tossed and turned in his bed and was annoyed that he couldn't get you out of his head. 'I'll visit her tomorrow. It couldn't hurt to see her one more time." He thought to himself agreeably with his mind. He let out a drawn out yawn and closed his aquamarine colored eyes and let himself drift off into sleep. That night he dreamt of a certain beautiful faerie kissing him in the bright day of the forests, but this time he was kissing back full of passion that he never knew he had for anything but archery. It was then he wondered if he fell in love with a faerie that day, the faerie named (Y/n). 

Meridd woke up to the light that was cast down through his window and in his face. He groaned groggily and put his arm over his eyes in annoyance. 

"Rise and shine, Meridd! You can't sleep forever on me!" A familiar voice chirped. Meridd panicked and almost slammed his head into the bed's headboard as he snapped his head up and his eyes open to see you sitting at the edge of his bed with a large grin plastered on your face.

"(Y/n)!?" Meridd almost screamed as he stared at you with wide eyes that were full of disbelief that you were actually sitting in front of him in his own bedroom.

"Rise and shine, sleepy head!" You snickered as you stared at his hair that was even messier than usual. His hair literally looked like a fiery orange bird's nest! He ran his large hands through his hair in embarrassment to try and smooth his hair down a bit but it hardly helped. 

"What are you doing here!? How did you find me?!"

"I followed you, silly. You told me you might not come back. So I took the initiative to make sure we see each other again. I don't have many friends in the forest other than some other faeries but they're nowhere near interesting as humans like you. Plus, I really like you! I didn't want to say goodbye forever." You tell him and frown at the possibility of never seeing him again. Meridd blushes and hides himself from you with his covers as if he was afraid you'd see his bare chest and pajama pants he was wearing. 

He smiles nervously and replied, "You followed me, huh? Well, it is good to see you again but you really shouldn't be here. If my family sees you they'll freak." Meridd says worriedly but you were too focused on his blankets that were shielded in front of him to care. You smirk menacingly and lean forward and yank his blankets away from him. Your eyes widen and your mouth drops a bit as his bare and extremely well-toned chest and abs were clearly there for your viewing pleasure. Meridd's face goes as red as his hair again and he was about to panic and grab for the blankets again but you stop him as you place your hand on top of his. He looks down at your hand and then your face with surprise. "Meridd… You're… you're really handsome. You shouldn't be afraid." You say quietly as you look him over and then up to his eyes. He stares and finds himself lost in your eyes again. He couldn't find words to say as you sit in front of him and very gradually place your soft hands onto his bare chest. You feel the firmness of his muscles and the softness of his skin and find it to be a perfect combination. This human was making you feel strangely and you found yourself liking it. You liked Meridd a lot and you didn't find any reason to not show it. What was holding you back?

"(Y/n)… I d-don't-" ….

"Shhh…" You hush him and lean in and press your lips up against his own. He feels a warmness rush throughout his body and without even registering what he was doing, his strong muscular arms wrapped around you as you kiss him. It was just like his dreams were playing out in reality. The rebellious side of him wanted to reject this and run away but another part of him that was full of passion wanted this more than anything he could think of. Very slowly and with much uncertainty with what he was doing since he never actually kissed someone before, he begins to kiss you back. Immediately, he feels a heightened sense of wanting as he was kissing you. He wanted much more, he wanted more intensity. You bring your arms around his shoulders and run your hands through his long wavy orange locks of hair that were softer than they looked. Meridd licked the bottom of your lip for entrance and you opened your mouth and let him have access. Still being unsure, he went with the flow of it and began intertwining tongues with your own that danced together just as gracefully as you had on the lake. He tighten his hold around your waist and pulled you in as he deepened the kiss.

Letting out a low guttural moan, he send shivers down your spine from the sensual noise. Both of you were reveling in each other and savoring the taste that was only described as either Meridd or you. You run your hands through his thick locks and lean in as closely as possible as you kiss more roughly when Meridd gets the hang of it. You were just as new to this as he was but both of you were finding out that you were both amazing kissers. "(Y/n)…" Meridd moaned into the kiss as he flickered his tongue in your mouth and dominated your pink muscle. You also moaned and kept kissing him until you both needed to separate for oxygen. You were nose to nose, staring deeply into each other's eyes. You smile at him lovingly and he can't help but smile back.

"I think I might like you too much, Meridd. I don't think I'm ever going to leave now." You say to him which makes him chuckle and lean back in to kiss the side of your jawline, making his way gradually to your soft lips.

"Is this the curse of a faerie?"

"I'd consider it more of a faerie blessing." You mummer and giggle a little from being slightly tickled by his little stubby beard as he kissed your lips passionately. He still had his strong arms wrapped around you and the two of you just peered into each other's orbs comfortably. 

"I don't mind if you stay but my parents are never going to understand this."

"I certainly think they could very well try." You reply and then lean forward and rest your head against his chest and listen to the wonderful rhythm of his heart beat. He hugged you back and rested his chin onto of your head and the both of you remained like this in silence for a few minutes.

That was until Meridd's sisters came charging in screaming at the top of their lungs. Meridd gasped and pulled back as he stared wide eyed as the three little sisters that were all staring at Meridd and you with large eyes. "You wee little devils get out of here!" He shouted at them and they giggled and started singing together obnoxiously loud.

"Meridd has a girlfriend, Meridd has a girlfriend~!" 

"Get out you buggers!" Meridd shooed them out but they didn't leave as they were now staring at your wings.

"Is she a faerie!?" One of them asked in awe. "Meridd has a faerie girlfriend!" Another one teased and began giggling with the others as Meridd grabbed a pillow and began swinging at them to get them to leave. 

"Get out and stay out!" Meridd yelled as he finally was able to get the three girls out of room, all three of them giggling loudly as they fled. You were bursting out in laughter as Meridd was furiously blushing and running his hand down his face in embarrassment. "Now mum and dad are SO going to hear bout' this."

"What's wrong with that?" You ask and jump up from the bed and walk over to Meridd. He turns to look at you and sighs. "Isn't this how your human fairytales go?" You question him and go over and hug him. He looks down at you and can't help but smile crookedly. 

"I suppose this kinda is like a fairytale… I'm just living one."

You smile up at him and he smiles back. "Happy ever after?"

"Happy ever after." Meridd repeated and leans down and presses his lips up against your own again. The two of you kiss and are completely unaware of the three sisters that had run back into the room and were watching from under the bed.

"Ewww, gross!" 



"Uh oh…" They murmured and squealed with laughter as they went charging back out of the room with a furious blushing Meridd chasing them down the hall with a pillow in his hand. You laughed and followed them as you flew after them and watched as the wonderful chaos truly began. 

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Being someone who does archery, can I say that when you're shooting barebow (meaning, there is nothing on your bow to help you aim) you NEVER aim with the point of the arrow. If you do, your arrow will not hit your intended target, but rather hit way above it. I'm only saying this because it kinda irritates me when people who don't do archery pretend they do. I'm not saying that your like that, just telling you what's up.
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Oh, well I do apologize if it offended you, as it was not at all my intention. I can honestly say I am completely ignorant to how archery works, as I have had never done it before in real life. Writers cannot be entirely knowledgeable in everything they write about, and can really only do their best to write about certain things to the best of their ability. Sure, I could've probably researched archery beforehand and made this story much more accurate, but I did not do that due to mainly not thinking about it at the time. Still, you informing me about this error, can at least help me avoid making another mistake in the future if I go writing anything to do with archery again.
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Naw, I honestly forgot I ever commented that. Why I got 'offended' by something as small as that is a mystery to even me. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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I'm thinking about writing a 2nd part for this one-shot. I would ask if you would like that, but I have the distinct feeling you readers would be very open to this suggestion of mine. lol XD
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I cant wait to see more of you creative intellegence! don't rush perfection either. Btw, im totally planning the wedding between Mer, and I!! 😍😍😍
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Ahhh! You're simply too kind for words~! Chiyo Bursting Hearts Icon Tohru hugs Kisa-chan [V1]

You do not understand the incredible level of appreciation I have for people who don't rush and beg me to write and update! Truly you are one of the regrettably underappreciated genuine silent heroes of all the writers in the world. Yescrying Bless you. :iloveit: :worships:  lol
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I love you too XD! I'm making my very own love story for my friend :iconcelticmoonbeam: You should check it out.
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I'll try too! I can't promise right away but it is on my to-do-list! :D
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I WOULD LOVE IT ACTUALLY. THIS WAS ADORABLE! IT IS SO AMAZING (you can see it because I'm yelling)
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*giggles* Thanks! I had a feeling nobody would really have an issue with the suggestion!
I've had quite a few people prior ask for more of Male Merida & Reader-chan and well, I feel more inclined to writing a 2nd part now! Rentarou Nodding Icon 

It's okay, I like yelling too. XD Britney Spears - Aaaaah 
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Reader-change is literally so adorable.

But not quite so as the triplets!
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Great story, the triplets are so mischevous! Love~!
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I love the triplets! SO CUTE!
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Dude! This was so adorable!!! XD
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When I watched the film Strange Magic, it made me think of this (maybe because there's a faerie and a character with a Scottish accent, I don't know) but I was focusing on the scene with the Strange Magic song and thinking "Wouldn't it be so cool if there was a sequel for this where the reader takes Meridd flying?" Just a thought, anyway!
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Thank you for writing this!! I have been searching for THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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